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Torment's reach infectious

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I just realized that targets in the AoE of torment reach create a new AoE behind them, the result being a uber powerful move when you have a few enemies waiting in a line. I mean, I just had a 20 hits and 21 crits on two rows of maybe 6 packed enemies, including two instant kills of fresh enemies at the end of the lines.

I don't remember this ability was self replicating before 3.0, am I right? Or maybe it's just my save, which seem to have some rare minor glitches like the wall of fire doing next to no damage or some mobs changing race. If not, this completely change the power of the already powerful monk, and mine already seemed quite stronger than any of the companions.

Any thought about this?

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I suggest reporting this in the tech forums, along with a saved game that exhibits the issue and your output.log file. QA will pick it up.

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