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  1. A well written plot and an imaginative world will not be worth **** if gameplay is **** and if the game is littered with bugs especially when those bugs do things like break mechanics, break missions or - worst of all - are game stoppers.
  2. Nuclear war is so 1950's bro. Gas masks and air/water purifier. That's where it's at 'cos biological is the way the cool kids do it nowadays.
  3. Of all the things that sucked about combat in NWN2, the screen not shaking was what bothered you most?
  4. @ Tuco Benedicto - Yeah, my bad. I clearly can't write worth ****. What I was trying to say basically amounted to I enjoyed Diablo because of it's gameplay, the story coming in it's case sort of like a bonus. Yes, it didn't have the complexity of Planescape but it was excellent regarding it's focus - combat and loot. So it isn't necessary to complain about it as it is possible to have a game for which gameplay received primary attention and also has a well done story that serves that game's purposes. Yeah, I don't think I managed to make it any clearer what my point was, so I think I'll
  5. Untrue. You can choose the color in which you want to **** up the galaxy. Which is a slight cosmetic difference in narration. And its not like the trilogy has some wonderful choices and consequences that are marred in the last minute by a lackluster finale - it was always always a narrow rail road from day one. You're preaching to the choir. I was merely being derisive.
  6. Regarding the story vs. gameplay thing going on around here I really liked how it was done in Diablo (the first one). It was clear that the story was in the backseat as gameplay and mechanics and what not took precedence, but even if it was pedestrian at it's core (basically kill the big evil), it was made atmospheric by simply having little bits of lore strewn around that added to the experience. Of course Diablo doesn't compare in style to what Eternity is supposed to be, but I think it helps illustrate that you don't need to spend massive amounts of time and resources on making an excel
  7. No. But there could be a quest where you have to remove a curse from the PC but nothing trivial like vampirisim or lycantropy, rather something like being cursed with testes growing on the soles of your feet and along with flat feet.
  8. I belive stuff like this usualy has the nasty tendency of removing focus from properly designing less important aspects of the game such as combat.
  9. Color coded for your (in)convenience since they're basically the same ****, make nearly 0 sense, invalidate every choice made in the entire trilogy and are unlocked in relation with a completely stupid feature probably aimed at forcing you to play multyplayer so as not to grind like a buffon. Also basically ripped of the endings of Deus Ex. edit: I didn't play the supposedly end-fixing DLC since it's highway robbery even it's free and also very inteligence insulting.
  10. Such a system was used in Venetica but there you controled only one character and armours were rare, I only used about 4 armours in the game and one of them I think was necessary to finish the game. So - 1 character, very limited number of choices, largely the opposite of Eternity, in short no. If it must be done, do it Arcanum style.
  11. Good & evil, yes. Know however that the angels are mercyless in their kindness. Also this*: http://i50.tinypic.com/33xgahs.jpg *giving credit where credit is due - taken from oglaf.com - (warning:NSFW)
  12. Couldn't this be done simply by dropping the classes and making a skill based system? With something like S.P.E.C.I.A.L. and a sufficiently diverse range of skills you could basicaly turn your character into whatever you want. Or think of the pre-Skyrim Elder Scrolls system where you choose main skills and secondary skills that get variable bonuses and still retain acces to the rest only at lesser values and maybe harder to raise in the beginning.
  13. Get Sean Connery. Failing that, get the Sean Connery sounding guy that narrated Majesty.
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