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  1. I think anyone paying that kind of money is going to want their item to fit in... and none will have stupid ideas, if i was paying $5k on an adventuring party i know dmn well i would make sure it worked with the game, all of the people backing are fans of this type oif game and wouldnt want to ruin it.
  2. The same holds true for a paladin. You have no idea how it would be designed NOR exactly what hte priest will have. Also, I think we already proven that the paladin and the priest are NOT mechanicly the same. But they have of yet to decide upon a single paladin class have they not?? whiles they have for the barbarian so obviously they feel the need for it to have it's own specific class, whiles most agree that paladin is a cleric in heavy armor. so get over it!
  3. You're misrepresenting my posts, likely lumping me in together with other posters. I'm not dead set on the existence of a mechanical class in order to provide for a roleplaying niche. As far as roleplaying is concerned, I'd be perfectly happy to play a fighter in a knightly order for the same roleplaying (though not a temple soldier, because those are substantially different from each other). But mechanically, you could make as strong an argument for paladins as you could for barbarians, to cherry pick one of the specialist classes. The barbarian is traditionally identical to the f
  4. Well im with the majority on the view that bard is a rogue subclass.... and as they have already stated wizards can wear heavy armor and use a broad sword if u so wish, then the same will go for the priest/cleric, paladin would be a subclass... you cna make it - seems most onyl care aboutt he name PALADIN- even though its he same- you can cover a turd in golden wrapping paper, but it's still a turd
  5. I'm in the same boat. I'm kinda curious to see the artwork that sprung the discussion. How was the armor? With a window like Power Girl costume or something like the Scarlet Witch costume? I'm in the same boat. I'm kinda curious to see the artwork that sprung the discussion. How was the armor? With a window like Power Girl costume or something like the Scarlet Witch costume? it really wasnt bad at all imo...
  6. im at the $100, but will most likely up to the $140 before it ends, it hink the physical are good how they are as postage and physical costs come into it.
  7. Pretty much, yes. Potential is there, and that doesn't change depending on social factors (which stem at least partially from it). Again, look at the top athletes or any sport there is. If a female PC is the top performer among woman, then the male PC is hte top performer among males, and should still physicly outperform the female PC...if you want to be realistic about it. And you still have to keep in mind that those athletes were not raised the same way. Diet, exercise, leisure activities, etc., diverge between boys and girls very early. For example, the suggested caloric
  8. Perhaps someone shouldn't bring ridiculous, feminist ideals into the thread then??? just maybe?? m'kay?
  9. Ever heard "form follows function?". Social roles are not just a product of someone thinking "hey, this would be great". There's practical reasons behind it. Now I know some may think that the following will be chauvinistic/insulting. It is not. It's how things are. Physical prowes has no bearing on the individuals worth, so if anyone thinks I'm demeaning women or something, that is only because they place so much worth in physical attributes themselves. Do women think men are worth less because they aren't as good at multi-tasking? Do you hear us ever complaining about it? moving
  10. It's more due tot he weaker arms, not the ovaries!
  11. Demon souls!!!! i completed that game, one ofthe onyl games i have bothered to complete over the last 5 years, due to the challange. very unforgiving game
  12. money system is fine, but why not throw in a gem to sweeten the deal... people still do such things now.
  13. i think the current stretch goals are fine. Additional content and larger and more polished game is what it is about.
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