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  1. I just finished the game, and I think the way I approached the game should indicate that a change to the system, or the way it is presented to players would be an improvement to the overall game. I have played many of these old school isometric RPGs, but still went with Normal Diff for my first play through. I'm a completionist, definitely a "min-maxer"... so I generally win games via preparation, finding all the goodies and having everything synchronized just right, rather than relying upon luck of completing a battle and/or losing my mind micro-managing each battle with retries for several hours (user preference). How odd I found it as I won last night, that I never really enchanted anything! I beat the game with 150K gold left over, but the combination of the underwhelming loot I found, plus the underwhelming enchantments kept me holding onto my limited enchanting supplies thinking that I should CERTAINLY wait to use these until I find something REALLY good. Now, I've not seen what the real answer is yet, but it indicates my second point: presentation. I added the base buffs to an item or two in the game, but never did I add what I think may have been the best enchantments... the two groups at the bottom. To me, seeing "IMMUNE" appear over the heads of things all throughout the game made it seem like adding a fire enchantment to a sword might mean some creatures would be immune to Eder's main weapon. Plus, the loot was underwhelming enough as it was... would I risk ruining the best I had found so far? Surely not. And lastly, there was the enchantment section to add damage based upon the TYPE of creature. I remember reading through a few a going... well... guess I'll have to wait and see what creature type I start running into or having trouble with at the end of the game... Don't want to be wrong there since I can't override that decision once made, don't want to be wasteful and again since loot was rare & underwhelming, you don't want to do the WRONG thing. (Even after playing the whole game, I bet I'd be unsure as to what all creatures WENT in each category anyway). So there you go. Definitely one of the top things that went through my mind on my mental checklist after beating the game was the crafting system. My takeaway was that maybe that's why I found so many gold weapons (which I never sold, always saved in stash to be safe) -- perhaps I was meant to make a fire sword, electrical sword, sword for a dragon, sword for humans, etc. and switch them in and out? This is why there are multiple weapon slots, perks to increase the quantity of them, and perks to improve switch times? In closing I agree with the sentiment I've seen a few times in this thread that crafting needs to be "tightened up". But so does loot, and so do the spells. Less quantity, more quality would be a good start. For me none of the three systems really felt like they had any "oomph". Good story, enjoyable game and will play again to learn to make better use of things, especially as I bump up difficulty -- But was certainly hoping for some more "oomph" overall, than what I got.
  2. When attempting to bind some keys (mainly I was clicking on them to see if it gave info or a tooltip as to what some were) I pressed ESCAPE to back out of binding it. It told me Escape was already bound, so I clicked cancel. Then, underneath that was an unclickable warning dialog asking me about saving the changes. I had no option but to ALT-F4 the client. I believe the key here is I had just started up the game, so my Always Save was equal to "No" still. And the underlying UI is trying to move back a page from me pressing ESCAPE, plus providing the rebinding warning simulatenously... locking things up. Progression of pics below is sequential for you---
  3. OP is actually lucky for Kickstarter and FB deciding how many levels there would be. I think I heard before they were going to make the endless paths, endless! Whew, good thing we stop at 15 now. I was scared.
  4. Ye-ow. Again, just picked it up from you having said, "your chosen level" in the first post. Pretty easy to misread either the way I did, in my defense. But I gotcha. They set up their tiers as they did initially, and that takes the greatest priority for shaping things moving forward. I'd be negatively impacting others and their tiers no matter what, with such a change. You and I are good, and for all intents and purposes the we can even consider my suggestion retracted. In closing, I'll just say If there's still talk of other tiers being cooked up still... something different that could be had at $100 in the physical goods dept., consider me interested. Thanks everyone for your input.
  5. I'm It seemed the implication in your post was that you were pledged at a tier significantly less than the $3,000 and were saying you'd want them to give you everything the $3,000 tier had, ignoring the other tiers. That did seem extreme to me. I'm not sure what else you want me to let go. From my first response to you, I even said you might be right. I have tried to make it clear that I welcome any disagreements, but just don't want my carefully thought out idea simply dismissed because the first to reply disagree. I'd just like Obsidian to have the ability to check it out is all. I've been thinking about it since Day 1 when I pledged. And you're right, all the projects are different and for whatever reasons (Previous KS Projects setting the bar, personal situation, faith in Obsidian, etc.) I'm at where I'm at. Tried to be upfront there too. I'm just telling them how they can get more money out of me and trying my best to keep it fair and in-line with the framework they've already laid out.
  6. We are all taking a leap of faith - how far that leap will take you depends heavily on your personal 'disposable cash'. I would like the $3,000 level and all its shinies, but sadly I can't. However, I'm not going to ask to have more included on my chosen level, which would only diminish the value of the tiers above me. Sure. Of course. But to make your point you painted an extreme. To make my point, I used 3 other successful KickStarter examples.
  7. Well, for starters you seem most sore about about the beta access key. I'd like to point out I wasn't requiring them to include it. I'd rather prefer they didn't, since I don't care about BETA. I just presented my question as flexibly as possible, with room for them to work, and room for everyone to voice opinions / suggestions, was all. Next well, I don't really think we think of Collector's Editions the same way. I think in fact, with digital distribution mechanisms as pervasive as they are nowadays for PC Games, requiring online activation, etc. anyway... giving a "Collector" boost to what you get when you purchase the physical version is what helps holds interest in having it. I know it does for me. I don't think anyone is purchasing these kits for future resale value. I start to feel wasteful when I can have the same thing I'm paying $60 for, pre-downloaded and be good to go at midnight of a release. I mainly have chosen the $65 tier so far since a lot of the neat digital bonuses + justification in helping Obsidian out came in to play. But, it's there I'd like to make my point. My desire to help Obsidian out via this pre-purchase, with no review of the game, nor contractual obligation for them to make good on promises, or a product at all for that matter sort of "cancels out", or "calls it even" with my desire to spend big to get upper tiers. And if you look at other KickStarts: Double Fine Adventure, WasteLand 2, and Project Fedora's $100 Tiers, you can see that they get it. They know you're taking a chance on them to make their product a reality, especially the risk.... Spending @ those tiers should be really exciting. They're a bit better, than what I've seen offered here so far. I can't help but look at Double Fine's 11,500 backers @ $100, or the 5,218 backers for WasteLand 2's $100 and feel like Obsidian might have a little more to gain with the right adjustments. Again, this is all just an opinion, I respect everyone else's, the need to preserve value in all other tiers above & below, and also will happily remain pledged @ $65 and, continue to consider spending $140 on something I haven't seen yet.
  8. @dlux: I agree. Hence why I did call for not repackaging, or changing the collector's edition in any way. Notice, the $140 tier includes the T-Shirt, Post Card and Special thanks from the $100 Tier. So, it would be the same Collector's Edition. @SqueakyCat: Yeah, thought of it but didn't want to call myself out. However, I did research & think about it before posting to see how bad it could be. My logic was the following: The 2,241 backers currently @ $140 paled in comparison versus the 45,000+ backers that were currently below the $140 tier could be enough justification to offer another mid-level tier. Even if you go only $65-$110, that's 3,903 backers to gain vs. 2,241 @ $140 Tier... But it's not like the $140 Tier doesn't offer other incentives to stay. (Which I carefully indicated should be the case). But, you're still right. We don't know and it could be a loss. I just think more options for getting exactly what you want for the most you'd be willing to pay is one of the greatest things about kickstarter and was hoping to apply it here as well. We'll see.
  9. As a collector of games foremost, and a wearer of T-Shirts second... I have been hoping to see my "sweet spot" for a physical collector's edition of this game appear for about $100, like my other two KickStarts. Currently the $140 Tier is understandably $140 due to the inclusion of things that aren't of high interest to me: PROJECT ETERNITY T-SHIRT SPECIAL THANKS IN GAME CREDITS THANK YOU POSTCARD FROM THE DEVELOPMENT TEAM I see comments expressing interest in a similar tier, and stronger interest in the Cloth Patch & Cloth Map, than the T-Shirt. I have kept an eye out here, and scanned the forums for a post like this and didn't find it, so here you go. The $80-$110 Physical Collector's Tier (You determine price): I think this tier would fit well within your current structure and obviously not require any creation of additional product/repackaging you weren't already offering. It would certainly get a pledge bump from me. Maybe others too. So for clarity, it certainly should include: COLLECTOR'S EDITION BOX CLOTH MAP OF THE GAME WORLD PROJECT ETERNITY CLOTH PATCH PREVIOUS REWARD TIERS DIGITAL FUN PACK, NOVELLA, MISC. EXTRAS And, at your discretion, optionally include or remove the following to set the price from $80-$110: SECOND DIGITAL COPY OF GAME FOR FRIEND BETA ACCESS KEY Thanks for your time and no problem if not!
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