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  1. BG1 approach personally. Sarevok wouldn't have been the same without his deep booming voice for the few lines he did speak. At the same time, most lines should be text only.
  2. Options should all be toggles in the "Difficulty" Menu under options. I like my enemies hitting hard on harder difficulty, while not suddenly becoming monstrous tanks. If my enemies can kill me in a single blow, I should be able to do the same (within the limits of context, I would not like this for a boss, for example). I'd like it. To me choosing how difficulties work is an awesome way to allow player freedom. If I played my mage, I'd want my enemies to have more resistances, so I'd have to strategize around them. I wouldn't want everything to have over 9000 HP, taking infinite arrow
  3. I'm willing to disagree on the throwing of classic literature. Classic mythology perhaps, but not history as a whole. There are many feats in history itself done by people who were not god touched in any way more than a person in a myth. Genghis Khan, was a great conqueror, conquering most of Eurasia in his life, and was not born in the vein of vast wealth or abilities beyond the average man. I believe that a man who has enough willpower and who happens to find himself in a situation (protagonists in many stories, real or fictional), can go beyond a person born and bred into greatness.
  4. Well production beards are always awesome, but sometimes I feel sorry for the devs... Voted yes anyway because the alcohol in blood says so.
  5. I voted BG but in agreement that DAO's UI is good. Multiple windows are not important, but a minimap is always good. Everything should be optional though, and a toggle key to hide the UI for those epic screenshot moments.
  6. I voted No No Yes... I'll explain why: I voted no for the first because I don't want to categorize choices in a binary manner as stated by members previously. Choices should always have a shade of grey and doubt, and the trustworthiness of a person should be judged by the player (and possibly party members) based of both their personal feelings/conclusions as well as evidence. There should be acts worthy of both terms, true evil, and true good as well as more neutral choices, but they should not be limited to black or white. Essentially a full morality that reflects real life (The Witc
  7. Personally? Boss Fights: Legendary enemies should hold legendary artifacts, but they should not be push overs. Lore reference: Lore references should be a way to find them, though they should be extremely hard to locate without unconventional thinking, or while fulfilling a great challenge (clearing an entire haunted fortress and being rewarded with a single weapon or armor piece). Morrowind's still my favorite example with daedric armor.
  8. I'd rather not be the Chosen One. Coincidence brought me to where I start the game, nothing more. The reason? Mary sues are tiring. [spoilerS FOR GUILD WARS 2] Look at TraHURRRn in Guild Wars 2. He totally steals your story, multiclasses (when it's not possible) gets magic artifacts, destined to lead armies, etc etc. He stinks so bad and he infiltrates and steals your story. There's no gratification. [End Spoilers] I like starting small and making the legend myself.
  9. A tutorial before the start of the game... And you have the option to select whether or not to go through it (puts you to the end of the tutorial, or the start of the game).
  10. Big fights only. That or completing a zone. Like say you were doing a map, and you avoided everything through wit... You should be able to kill everything and get the same exp.
  11. Culttttttttssss. But seriously, hoping we'll hit at least 5m. It does cost a looooot to make a great game of this scale.
  12. I'd prefer a BG1 approach over a BG2 approach. There's still a sense of exploration there.
  13. DT, Penalty system (basically people who aren't trained to use their armor effectively), and Multipiece. I always hated % reductions or DR. Essentially armor is useless at the cap (and there is always a cap), and would require the creators to either lower the cap on light armors/robes and keep the best armor maxed just to give them distinction. Lord knows this doesn't work if you want specialties for classes that have to do with armor (lets say, a warrior using armor more efficiently doesn't get that benefit in the endgame because his armor itself already hits the DR cap, thus his benefit
  14. While I'd like to see this myself, it is extra work for something not considered important. Would be neat feature though, us lefties always get left out, or even screwed over (Wii Zelda games had to rewrite Link as right handed because the majority of people are right handed, when he has always been historically left handed).
  15. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! Here here, variety is everything. Fat, skinny, tall, short, ugly, beautiful, scarred. I want it all~
  16. It's disheartening to see. After playing DnD tabletop and online with friends, as well as playing BG1 and 2 (as well as NWN1 and 2) to this day in Co-Op, I have to say it's an experience I wouldn't want to do without. The honest truth is, even if it was just like BG1 or 2's, I'd still love it for being there. When you RP with friends, you draft character backgrounds together, integrate each other's ideas, and everyone feels special and part of a good team. That's the one feeling I can never get when I play alone, though I mostly play alone in many games (even MMOs). Basically, I th
  17. Too many good ones, but I went with Justin Bell. He has potential, and though I love Morgan and Soule, the costs might be too high for a KS project. Oh I know what you mean. Planetary Annihilation only managed to hire one at the 2m mark, and that's for an RTS (generally less tracks than a fantasy cRPG).
  18. aaargh.... the bottom line is that perhaps localization WON'T increase pledges but definitely help to sell the game later on! we help obsidian to establish an ip which hopefully generates them millions upon millions so that they can do an even bigger and better sequel. imo this ain't gonna happen if there are no proper localizations. in this regard fan translations leave a sour taste. I agree that localization will be vital to the long term sale life of the game. Unfortunately, as a person who understands English perfectly, this doesn't affect me too much.
  19. To be frank, the biggest point of importance to me is the modding tools. The tools will greatly expand the number of hours we can get from the game, as well as show off the skills and commitment of many great modders. However I do still want co-op. Why? Because BG1-2 had it, and NWN1-2 had it. Granted NWN had a vastly improved version which, to me, is more of a second game/expansion pack/not high priority goal. I can't stress how much fun it is to actually play with your friends who love these RPGs just as much if not more so than you do, after going through it in SP. If you've ever playe
  20. I find myself wanting MP. I loved playing BG2 both in SP and MP, as well as NWN/2's custom campaigns. I don't expect anything, but think it's something that would be awesome. The SP experience comes first though.
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