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  1. Goths are all about being seen to be goth. Hence that doesn't just involve them; it involves other people. Hence I feel happy calling them idiots and losers.
  2. Ok I understand that some people don't like generalisations, and there are always exceptions. Not in this case: 1) All goths are idiots. Poncing about in dumb make up and stupid chains while going 'life is pain man.... yeah.... ooh look at me... i don't care... look at me' is annoying. Do us all a favour and kill yourselves already if life sucks so much. Having had personal experience with clinical depression, and knowing many other people who have too, I can say it definately does not make you want to put on stupid black clothes and make up and moan constantly about how painful life is. It j
  3. Whenever I get to thinking things are bad for me, I usually end up concluding, 'well at least I don't live in america'.
  4. He made Bubba Ho Tep with him as Elvis beating a giant c0ckroach up with his bedpan, I'm sure that's got some stealing potential
  5. Finally it's revealed. Who said duh inturnet make yoo stoopid? http://www.filerush.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=941
  6. I think the people are usually male because if you're a shy female, you will still get hit on, and it's typicall the male's job to do the courting. Yeah I know some girls will go up to guys.... but generally it's the other way around. These males sometimes have idealogies like the want sex to mean something rather than sleep with anything that comes their way, but often it's just because girls reject them for the more confident type. If a girl is a virgin into her 20s, I'd say most of the time the reasons are that she's chosen to be that way, rahter than have the situation forced upon her.
  7. I don't know either ramza. I do know that the media like to portray an image of everyone first having sex when they're between 16-18, and anyone older than that being a freak if they're still a virgin. Which is quite frankly rubbish, I know loads of people who are in their 20s, 30s, even a few in their 40s who have never had a girlfriend (yes, these people are inevitably male, it's the sad way our society is structured), and they're the nicest people I've ever met. Not sure if that's what you meant, but anyway.
  8. In case anyone's interested: teatime.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/ads.wma This is a version of Take 5, all improvised apart from the basic theme. I couldn't get the http right so you have to copy and paste here and add www at the start Unnamed This again is improvisaion over chords that I had been working with before Improvisation And this is pure improvisation, a case of hitting record and playing what came out at the time... you can probably tell my mood at the time (not a good one).... Anyway....
  9. Meh. I'd say more or less everyone over the age of 18 has a tale of so called 'love gone wrong'. And most of the time it comes down to f*cking.
  10. And another one bites the dust....
  11. what do you tell a woman with two black eyes? nothing, you've already told her twice. I apologise in advance but I'm feeling in a controversial mood.
  12. You have permission to lick my face, if I see a picture first, and it's done in a humane manner.
  13. "I need an open minded whore" is a nice song lyric.
  14. Lucasarts are too buys cancelling innovative and interesting games to make sh!tty star wars games (kotor 2 possibly excluded).
  15. Volourn reminds me of shadow paladin, and that really is not a compliment. What I'd like to know is why Darque hasn't responded to me
  16. So Volourn are you female? I always figured you as male.... there's some stereotypes for you
  17. There's an Ultima V or VI (cant remember) remake for dungeon siege that's looking very promising. They just went to E3 and showed developers (and lord brittish) their work as well.
  18. Darque's female? I didn't know that.... she's often been the only person to support me when I'm in the middle of flames, from the old interplay boards to NMA to here.... wow... Darque, are you single? Aside from her, I guess MCA to talk about Planescape.... Puuk (does he even post here? He's registered but I've never seen a post) because he's a pretty cool guy (I saw on a warez board that one of the regulars has a quote from Puuk about being a PC gamer and how much he likes games and stuff as his signature.... anyway...)... kumquat3 because he seems nice.... I guess i I were feeling part
  19. Taris was good, and the rest a disappointment. It would have been better to save the bigger planets until last IMO.
  20. Just read an interview where they said planets will be roughly the same size as KOTOR ones. So that's two areas per planet? Wookie planet apparantly consists of some tree houses and a swamp. Artifacts have been lost for thousands of years... where could it be? Oh yeah, it's at the end of this swamp. Please, don't do this obsidian.
  21. At least its not Star Wars themed Pornos like "Wookie Woman" and "Empire Mama." Wierd, he just PMd me a different plot, it's about someone called a Vault Dweller trying to discover the lost light saber that he requires for his father to survive long enough to slice off his arm.
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