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  1. I didn't know she was fired from Interplay - what was the reason, if I can ask, Feargus? I remember she posted on the BIS boards saying she was leaving, but the post was deleted two hours after it was posted.
  2. Then why did u bring PM into the discussion? When exit asked u this you said it was becuase i insulted ur feelings earlier in the thread. So basically you were WRONG in that earlier post and made an intended smartass remark to exit. So if i get banned for breaking the rules, so should u? I already got a warning by one of the mods, did u by chance send teh proof? Well I certainly PMd a mod about you sending two unwanted messages to my inbox, both of which contained (broken) links to images. And I don't understand the rest of your post. I replied to your insulting me by saying you had
  3. You didn't, but you did try to insult me earlier in this thread, with which 10 seconds later was followed up by a PM and an attempt at sending me some disgusting image - which didn't work, I might add, since the link was broken. I felt it was relevent in any response I gave you to mention this, as well as make public that you've tried again to send unwanted spam to people, like I believe you've been doing to Hades_1 as well. And, like I said, the admin was notified, and I suspect the only reason you're not banned is because you couldn't get the link right.
  4. I fail to see what relevence this has with the content of this thread. I would suggest keeping your childish quarrels private and not making attempts to pull the rest of us into issues best kept amongst yourselves. It was in response to pooperscooper's response to me earlier in the thread. Thank you for your suggestion though.
  5. True, it was just Megatron, and I withdraw the accusation. I found the other thread I was thinking about, it was the first page of the DAC one but it was done before the forums were opened and I read it in the wrong way. All I have to deal with at the moment is POOPERSCOOPER trying to send me his favourite images (and failing most of the time), and Llamagod trying to start another insult throwing contest. You can try, if you like, but I'm sure you'll get bored eventually.
  6. Thank you POOPERSCOOPER for that lovely PM proving to me I was completely wrong about your maturity. Admin notified.
  7. Can you link me to the offending threads? I wasn't aware of any of this, especially not at the Codex. http://www.duckandcover.net/forums/viewtop...ccca79080d2aac7 "meh. I'm mostly spamming, they seem to take pride in there post-count on other forums so fight fire with more fire or something. Cheers. edit: I'm pretty pwning those boards. 100 posts in under a day, number 1 poster. Pity there's not much conversation, but it's allowing me to HOME MY TALENTS as a ****. Seems to be trickling into other forums where I've calmed down though so watch out or I'll rip your nipples off.
  8. We're divided, certainly, because I don't agree with POOPERSCOOPER's tone. I feel highly embarassed (as a member of this community) when a developer, much less a CEO, takes the time to talk to fans, and is treated without respect and with contempt. I'm on these boards because of the quality games Feargus, MCA, and the other Obsidian members have made in the past, and hopefully in the future, not to insult them at every turn.
  9. Actually Tayl is correct, there is a plan. From what I've read on the DAC and RPGCodex forums, certain people are competing with each other to have the highest post count in the forum, as well as seeing how long they can flame and insult before they get banned. It's not too hard to work out who, if you just think to yourself, 'which people would do things like this', then you'll work out, well, who is doing it.
  10. Found them : the guinea pig films http://www.mandiapple.com/snowblood/ginipiggu.htm gives an overview, and the official site where you can buy them if you're curious: http://www.guineapigfilms.com/
  11. I love Audition - it's just bizarre. Not exactly scary, but the girl's cute voice when she's sticking him with all those needles....."deeper deeper deeper" *chuckle* I found it amusing when she was taking his feet off, then threw one away and it hit the glass door. I find japanese films slightly twisted and disturbing - in a good way - I enjoy them - more so than a lot of mainstream western productions. That or I'm just on a world cinema phase right now Though I bought the Japanese versions of The Ring and its sequel and a spin off, after seeing the american version, and was very disapp
  12. Gromnir having sex?! 'Oh baby we is liking this.....dont stop.... it makes us happy...... yesss.....we is there, ooooh......my precious...!' turned into gollum
  13. gore can be done well. The goriest scene I have ever seen in a mainstream film is in the first 10 minutes of Ghost Ship. it involves about 50 people dancing on the dance floor, and some piano wire pulled taut from across the room. It's the type of thing that would make people leave the cinema. In non mainstream, the 'goriest', or most shocking, films ever made are usually attributed to the Japanese 'hamster' films (I think they're called hamster, can't remember). There are about 5 of them, and they're just.... its like one of them is written to be like a snuff movie, and these two guys kidnap
  14. Whilst a slow trickle of sales doesn't mean much for the immediate company, I would have thought that a few years on someone might pick up on the fact that word of mouth made the game keep on selling to a respectable number as time went on - and so a sequel would sell much faster than the original because the people who slowly got around to buying Fallout 1 and 2 or PS:T would be quick to buy a sequel.
  15. IU thought the texas chainswaw masscre remake totally sucked, but most remakes do, especially when they involve hollywood. The remake totally removed a lot of the cool stuff from the original, like the unlikable character who also was disabled, and replaced them with typical hollywood whores pumped to the brims with collagen and silicone and whatever else is the fashion these days.
  16. This is slightly off topic, but any movies that can do that are great, IMHO. Anytime the 'hero' that you love is really kind of a bad guy/gal, I find it great. You find yourself rooting for a real jerk. WTF? Well like I said Robert Englund is someone i'm a big fan of, he's played Freddy Krugar for 20 years in films who is a character designed to have no redeeming features at all..... implied that he rapes little girls then kills them when he was alive.... yet I love the nightmare on elm street films because I always want Freddy to get those teenagers! EDIT: And about that film May,
  17. The best recent horroy film about werewolves is Dog Soldiers. It's actually got a similar dark sense of humour to Fallout. 'May' is also a very good recent horror film, very anti-hollywood, in that the hero of the piece is a) female, B ) doesn't wear make up, and doesn't look and dress like a **** c) is a virgin in her 20s d) kills people horribly .... yet you still end up liking her. REcommended. Both Dog Soldiers and May are British films (and I picked up both on DVD on the recommendation of Robert Englund, my idol. WELCOME TO PRIME TIME, BITCH!) The scariest film that I've seen i
  18. Let's not go over why PS:T failed - in IPLY's terms anyway - again. I believe its long term sales are prettyh good as people talked about how great it was. And saying 'the setting was wierd, thats why it never sold' is making it meaninglessly simple.
  19. THe setting is secondary to the actual game content. I'd love to see an RPG done that takes the same ideas that PS:T had, such as story detail, moral ambiguity, loads and loads of interesting dialogue, etc. In the climate of 'we want money SCREW QUALITY' that most game companies - at least, american ones - have, I doubt we'll see it. But it's the reason I'm on these boards, since MCA is working here, so there's a chance. KOTOR2 holds no interest for me, but I figure if I bug these guys enough maybe, just maybe....
  20. dungeons green -> doctors -> rotten? I don't get it....
  21. on the topic of the complete opposite character split, there's actually a game in development where you play the detective searching for the killer, and you also play the killer. it's by the people who made The Nomad Soul (omikron) which was also a strange but good game.
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