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  1. Here's the proof. A big interview and feature in a magazine (EGM). MCA is lead designer. Taken from, of all things, a warez forum Link If you look closely at the magazine scans you see them talk about the obsidian team members. EDIT: my opinion is disappointment, but not surprise. I'm hoping that soon Obsidian will return to the values that were behind PS:T, or the fallout series, and make a PC RPG out of it (which, I should add, I don't think will be KOTOR 2...)
  2. A female designer might be useful at bioware to bring some realism to those godawful romances they put in their games.
  3. I don't believe in God. I believe in Roger Taylor's quote on the subject of religion: 'I dont like religion, it tends to f*** people up'. End of story.
  4. Thanks Nightblade . I haven't got anything special planned, though my gaming birthday wish is Fallout 3, complete with only turn based combat and gore, starting solid development within the next two years, the sooner the better. Or any game as deep as Planescape.
  5. The game is out on consoles as well as PCs. I now will have nightmares of BG3: Dark Alliance. What a horrible bastard child that would be.
  6. For real world RPGs, Shenmue on the consoles is pretty good. Kind of overwhelming, as I believe you can enter any and every door you see in the streets.....
  7. This is not flame bait, though I can see it easily being seen as such. I was wondering how the Obsidian developers see developing a game for consoles as well as PC. Do you see it as a compromise to get your 'name on the map' and get more money? Something of a sell out to the PC RPGs you're best known and respected for? An inevitable step? This was sparked off by reading the gamespot article about independent devs, and Feargus saying wanting more control over the company's direction.... I assumed going console as well as PC was a choice forced upon Obsidian by the current gaming market (or biow
  8. they should do another one off with sean connery like they did in 1981 or 82.
  9. Ok so now the thread I was viewing has been deleted. What? Why? It was the 'are you making fallout 3' thread. No explanation - just gone.
  10. Yes, we know Microsoft is TEH SATAN!!! If you actually posted with some semi-logical points, it'd be worth awell thought post. Instead, you get... damn no ignore list. Well thank you. Damn I guess I'd better rethink my entire life now you made that stunning, insightful and.... well, gosh darn it, just magnificant reply. Have you got a fan club? Can I join it? Wow. I'm just lost for words. The way you said TEH instead of 'the', like rearranging the letters a bit? And then putting it in capitals? That's making it imply that a stupid kid wrote it, right? Man that's just so clever. I've ne
  11. I do hate consoles. They suck. I've had a few in my lifetime, the most recent being an Xbox and Gamecube. The gamecube is actually pretty good. But the Xbox is s***. MS buys up all the good PC licenses and makes them be buttf***ed - recent examples, Deus Ex, and the forthcoming Thief game. KOTOR would have been superior if it were PC only, but since I thought the game wasn't great anyway and I don't like bioware, it's pretty inconsequential to me. The only decent game I played on the xbox was Halo, and that was half of what it should have been due to MS buying out Bungie. I hate MS, I hate EA,
  12. This looks positive but I'm afraid if it's in development for console as well, a lot of the true 'RPG'ness WILL be compromised, as it always is to appeal to the 'mass market'.
  13. If done well it could be great. Unfortunately seeing how the Bards Tale license is being treated by Fargo, my hopes aren't raised. If Wasteland goes dual platform, that will essentially kill it.
  14. Seems the IPLY shareholders - at least one of them - is getting pissed off at Hearve's fraud and deception. http://forums.interplay.com/viewtopic.php?t=39424 He's threatening legal action against Hearve for funneling money off IPLY to Titus, and Heave won't reply to his emails. Whilst it's a relatively small thing at the moment, only a forum thread, I'm hoping the day will come when we see that bastard broken.
  15. EA aren't idiots, they make a lot of money. What they ARE is a load of hated money grabbing bastards who I would love to see all burnt to death. I despise EA and the way they have absolutely no respect for anything other than money. But I wouldn't call them idiots. **** does seem to be run by idiots, though, AS WELL as being bastards.
  16. I don't know, I think BGDA2 sold and is selling well. Though they've got no talent left there so even consolers who'll buy any old crap may steer clear of their future products. And why in gods name they want to hold on to the Fallout PC license is beyond me, I guess they're doing it out of spite.
  17. I agree MCA and JE would be the best 'new generation' people to work on Fallout (the 'old generation' being Tim Cain and Troika guys). I am worried that **** don't want to sell the license, this tells me that unfortunately they're not just about to go bankrupt. i'd pay good money to see that hellish company die.
  18. If their project is KOTOR2, it's probably going to be console first release, and also optimised for the xbox given how microsoft will be releasing it and it's a big name title. i would hope that afterwards they'd focus on PC only RPGs. I can't imagine microsoft ever letting a game as niche (and as brillaint) as PS:T onto a console, nor that type of game working on the console (isometric, loads of text etc)
  19. has Obsidian got any plans for things after Project X? Whether it'll be a PC or console title? Or haven't Obsidian thought that far ahead?
  20. How'd you get made moderator all of a sudden?! EDIT: question answered in PM. There's no way to delete a post though?
  21. When I was younger I found Ghostbusters 2 really scary, with the picture guy,
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