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  1. I'm free! :ph34r: We need more smileys like that one as well....
  2. What I take offense to is console games that are ported to the PC. They suck at least 10 times as much as they did on the console as a result, regardless of base game quality. Recent example: the Xbox game DE2 (which Ion Storm still won't admit isn't great.... which gives me nightmares about thief 3, or 'thief deadly shadows' as the drones at eidos are calling it)
  3. Depressing really. I guess it will have the same consolised simplifications that all console RPGs do, and will be a lesser game for it. I want a good PC RPG
  4. Josh, if you're working at Midway, do you have much contact with Tom Hall and John Romero? Tom Hall made one of my favrouite RPGs of all time, Anachronox - if Midway would fund a project like that for him and you to work on...... sigh.....
  5. I'd like to see another game with PS:T's depth of detail and plot, and NPCs. MCA works here, I am certain with a decent marketing campaign the game could, and would, sell. Just takes someone to take a risk. Also if MCA is reading this, how does it feel to be credited to be the driving force behind one of the greatest CRPGs ever written? :ph34r:
  6. Setting is broadly irrelevant, though I'd say the typical dragons and dwaves setting is overused and leads to a generic world. What concerns me more is the disturbing lack of any decent games on the PC for the past few years on a commercial level, and I think that's directly linked to the consoles and lazy publishers and developers who think, the type of quality they put out on consoles (pretty poor IMO) will work for the PC fanbase. If consoles had good games on them I wouldn't bash them but most of them are s**t (lets see if there's a swear filter...)
  7. Judging by the avatar, it is. So Josh is working at Obsidian? I thought he was working at Midway on Gauntlet..... EDIT: Hello Josh if that's really you, glad to see you're still working on RPGs, even if they are (spit) dual platform ones. Hope you got over interplay ruining all your hard work there, though you're at a better place now....
  8. Upload won't work for me, I thought of using IPLY's URL to lnk it but figured that site won't be around for much longer, heh......
  9. Hello. So that's not the real J. E. Sawyer, right?
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