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  1. Anachronox is fantastic. THere's a period of adjustment as you start to play as it's different from a traditional PC RPG, but the amount of love put into the game shows from every angle you look at it. The characterisation is equal to that of PS:T and the cut scenes have not yet been bettered in style and direction even though the game is 3 years old. KOTOR tried to emulate the 'unique NPC' thing that Anachronox had first, and came way behind. I'm also convinced bioware was trying to ape Anachronox in many ways with KOTOR as parts of it are similar (but inferior). I can't recommend it highly
  2. I'm glad that he gives Anachronox the credit it deserves, as a title on par with PS:T for characters and story and atmosphere. It's one of the greatest PC games ever made, along with the Fallouts and PS:T. I also like how he acknowledges the FO fans to be the criminally insane things that they are. I worry a little about him saying getting PC RPGs approved by publishers is hard these days - does this mean Obsidian is going to be a dual platform developer? I don't see the future of PC games, especially niche ones like RPGs, as being part of retard publisher's lineups. We're heading toward th
  3. Here's a question: for those who worked on PS:T, how would you say the depth of NPCs and story relates in KOTOR 2? Is there any comparison? Also what will the differences between the PC and Xbox version be, or is it too early to comment? I feel that the interface and inventory on the PC could have used a lot more tweaking, and (I admit a bigger task) the PC could have coped with a lot of the levels being merged together just fine.
  4. I read in the gamespot preview, the main character has.... LOST HIS MEMORY. Don't you think this cliche is a little overused?
  5. Tea... an hour with you and my camera... and I could have something great - I might even win a ribbon. until I go home again... which seems to be farther and farther in the future, I can't do anyting about posting pics of me... but I think missy still has the website with my pic on it. ... I just don't know the url. Sounds fun.... is photography a hobby of yours then? If you want to come to england I'm usually available
  6. It's OK, I realised a few days after putting up the picture that people go through and click 1 just for the fun of it. But now where's your picture, hmm?
  7. Well I don't have many photos of me online, about 10 months ago I submitted a picture to..... hotornot.com. Yes I know, etc etc...... what I learnt from that experience is that I'm rated mostly a 1! Well here you go. Here ....its so cold here in england.... what messed up weather... EDIT: I've just realised that this sounds like a totally lame attempt to get people to rate me. Its really not, in fact feel free to click on 1 if you're compelled to rate at all.
  8. Has this thread been done already? I'll post a picture of me, for those morbidly curious, if others post theirs. You first.
  9. ABout kumquat3, yes he was definately wrong in removing Briarious' post, it wasn't Bri's finest hour though for all we know he still means what he said. I do know that I haven't seen a single post by him anywhere since that incident, which is kind of sad (in a distressing, not pathetic, sense). We're all human. But I thought the way Rosh handled it was terrible. Kumquat3 is basically a nice guy, he gave the community inside info on FO3's status, and he made a mistake, that didn't deserve the torretns of abuse from Rosh, being labelled a 'moron' on all his posts that ROsh gave him. Rosh treated
  10. With regards to NMA I think that there is a limited amount of ass kissing that takes place, though nowhere near as much as some other places that might have been discussed in this thread at some point. I don't think Rosh should be an admin, becuase he comes across as a bully to me, and the event that solidified my opinion of him was the way he handled Kumquat3's de-modding a few months ago. I don't think I'm alone in feeling like this, in fact that kumquat3 thing sparked off the same debate on NMA. It's something I associate with a lot of the DAC/RPGCodex crowd unfortunately, though I'm sure
  11. Missy's Lair sucks. If you paid me enough I might post there for a few days but it'd have to be a decent amount of money. I've been part of, and seen, quite a few of these places where girls build up their followings of flirting geeks and then deny that they exist, felt stupid whilst participating in it (if I wanted to follow a girl around at least do it in real life so there'd be some chance of a pay off), and felt sorry for others doing it as to me they're just making fools of themselves. There are a few females who I know online who I like, but there are a lot more of them who see that inte
  12. Well the difference is there, and for the record I was never that beat up about being 'forced' to be a jedi anyway, though the game as a whole wasn't that great. The difference seems obvious to me. It's like in any RPG, say in Fallout - you can't choose to be a supermutant, the game FORCES you to be a human, for vaious reasons including plot considerations. That's the base line of the RPG, you buiuld up your character from that, and you hopefully assume that the game from these ground rules is up to your choices. Whereas in KOTOR1, you were given the ground rules of your character, i.e. he's
  13. I don't think Rosh should be an admin at NMA. I've said it before, have no problem saying it again. Many people agree with me. That doesn't invalidate the Mistress Lair thing which is a different argument.
  14. Fair enough, I may have to watch it again. What I remember of it though was that the film started with a close up shot of Scarlett's butt in see through panties, and that's not a good way for a film to endear itself to me unless its a porno... the sexual chemistry I remembered from the scene where they go to a party or something, and Johnson's all dolled up with her flashy hair etc and keeps giving sly glances to Murray as she's singing some song about love and how all she needs is that one guy or something...
  15. Cabin Fever sucked because of the teenage/young actors in it. I have a problem with all kid actors, namely, I don't think they can act. Like Scarlett Johnson. Cabin Fever was good at the end when it kind of took the piss out of the kid actors by showing how they'd completely missed the point about the '****' at the beginning of the film. Lost in translation - well like I say I watched 3/4 of the way through. I picked up a few of the themes Khan mentioned, namely confusion and loneliness, but I also was picking up some sexual tension or chemistry there which disturbed me. I hate the way hollyw
  16. Well put Khan. Did you like Lost In Translation? I like Bill Murray but didn't watch the whole film because I was really annoyed by the 19 yr old girl actor in it. I also wasn't sure whether they were saying 'hey these two should get together, even though he's the age of her grandfather' or not.
  17. Here Kind of disappointed that the game will be more of an expansion to the first rather than anything drastically new, but we'll see. I'm more interested in Obsidian's project after KOTOR2 anyway. Also it says you begin the game as a jedi, at least this gets rid of the problem of being 'forced' into a jedi during the plot.
  18. Since KK is dating one of the people who weren't fired from BIS, perhaps she could give us an update with what's happened with interplay? have they gone bankrupt?
  19. I never said I know much about your personality, apart from the bits I've picked up from reading the occasional post by you and seeing the site you choose to run. I am merely giving the impression I am left with every time after visiting your 'lair', and the reasons why I am always put off it. Bah, I'm off to listen to some Queen.
  20. I go there about once every 6 months for 5 minutes, usually after reading about it somewhere and thinking 'oh it can't be that bad'. I have a problem with the type of internet female who has her following of worker males, the problem being it makes me feel sick. Whenever I go to mistress lair I see that it is where all those horrid things gather, and can't imagine why anyone would want to spend any amount of time there without becoming one of the many adoring drones that these girls seek to boost their faltering egos.
  21. Every time I go to mistress lair I'm struck with a feeling of extreme nausia and have to click out of there ASAP. If I wanted to read about soppy, boring and whiny girls' weddings I'd go to.... no, wait, I can't see myself ever wanting to read about soppy, boring and whiny girls weddings.
  22. It seems pretty certain to me when the Obsidian guys are actually interviewed in the article, you can read it in the scans.
  23. I bought the DVD of kill bill and was disappointed to see the crazy 88 scene was still in black and white. So I downloaded the japanese version, and it's so much better seeing the whole thing in colour.... there are also extended scenes elsewhere in the movie, like when sophie is in the car at the end her other arm is chopped off. Why was all this censored in the western versions of the movie?
  24. If KOTOR 2 is anywhere near the calibre of PS:T or Fallout, I'll...... well, I'll be surprised. It's a mass market game, and that means take it down to the lowest level. Sad but true. I'm waiting for the opportunity to prove a publisher that an intelligent, deep, so called 'hardcore' RPG can sell well given the right marketing.
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