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  1. Haha, I like the bioware jokes....
  2. Will comics work? Sure. Something funny....
  3. I'm really down at the moment. Anyone got any jokes they can tell me?
  4. I don't, though I'm not explaining why since if you haven't got the point by now, you're never going to get it.
  5. Here I thought it was satire at first, but now I think this guy is serious.
  6. Thanks Eldar. I've uploaded a new track, this one messing about in wierd time signatures (try dancing or tapping your fingers to this.... ). If anyone is annoyed by me bumping this thread when I upload a new track, let me know and I'll stop. If you can't tap the rhythm for a sustained period of time, but enjoy listening to the piece - my job is done! I was trying to take odd time signatures, mix them up in one piece, and make a coherant piece of music out of them.
  7. I've added a new track, also the style of the site is more or less finalised, though there are some things I'd like to do that my current knowledge of HTML and CSS is preventing. Let me know what you think of the new track (actually it's old, but newly uploaded), I have another piece that's in a similar 'epic' style to the new one, it depends what people think whether I upload it or go with the shorter, easier-to-listen-to pieces. It's 30mb... :| EDIT: I'm also trying to get a guestbook set up, but no luck so far.
  8. I read some KOTOR fanfiction and NWN fan fiction on a users website linked from their profile on this site yesterday. They shall remain nameless, but..... shiver. NWN fiction?
  9. It seems to me, that Jedis SHOULD be uber powerful compared to guys with blasters. If KOTOR2 has a guy with a pistol in your party as powerful as a force wielding jedi... that's just stupid, in terms of context, even though it makes sense in terms of playability.
  10. Seems like they've still got the crappy framerate. Nice animations mean nothing if they're done in 2 frames.
  11. http://www.3dgamers.com/dl/games/swknights...hrough.mov.html DOn't know if it's already been posted, couldn't see it...
  12. It's kind of electro-pop. Hard to describe really, I recommend the album. I did my site from scratch in MS Frontpage, and then went into the HTML to hide things like my email address, sort out the background images and the menu that highlights when you move the mouse over... Frontpage puts a lot of rubbish into the HTML code but I'm unsure what is safe to remove at the moment. Plus, it's handy the way you can highlight a paragraph in the webpage, click 'html' and it will go to the code with the same part highlighted that you did on the webpage so you can orient yourself. EDIT: the site cou
  13. After reading the new posts in this thread, I've come to the conclusion that goths suck. Oh, wait, I knew that anyway. Anyone who misses the irony in these people claiming to be non conformist and unique and 'themselves', is an idiot.
  14. I was thinking the same thing. But I never visit guestbooks on other sites and just think they look amateurish. Maybe a comment system for each track - do yout hink that would be better, so you could leave comments about specific pieces of music? EDIT: Is there a way to manually set up a comments system, so that next to each track there'd be a 'comment on this' and a mini forum there? or do i have to pay for one of the big forums (most of the features of which I wouldn't use)
  15. I've worked on the style and layout a bit more based on what people have told me and what I think - any more comments? I think it's an improvement.
  16. Yes the album Bone, I have listened to it but admit I haven't bought it. The lyrics are good as always but I found the songs all a bit samey... Tim Booth said he wanted to make the tracks more 'dancey' than James, but I felt there was quite a bit of disposable stuff on there in terms of songs and melody. One of the reasons I like James is because their songs and tunes are pretty different. As to the film Shine, I haven't seen it... I don't believe in the whole 'struggle for your art' thing. I enjoy playing Rachmaninov, and I can play it as well. Some parts are harder to learn than others,
  17. Actually I have. I like Rachmaninov a lot, and have been learning his 2nd piano concerto for a while now when I've had the time.... I might record some of that later today.
  18. My avatar is from my favourite album, 'Pleased to Meet You' by James, a British band that broke up in 2001... it's a very dark album, and the black and white image of a straight faced man looking straight at the camera is a really appropriate image for the album, that's all about the darker things in life.... I actually think MCA would really like it, given how he doesn't like happy endings. My signature quote is actually from a track on the album, 'Getting away with it all (messed up)'. I'm glad you like the site and the music, music is an outlet for me these days and I'm glad I can use it
  19. Good advice, and changed to size 16 from size 18.
  20. What do you think of the font size? Plus anyone know how to get a hit counter working on a website?
  21. Try refreshing the links page. I agree I need something on the main page. I'll have to get a photo or something. But mainly it's about the music, for now at least - a promotional tool really and to see if anyone's interested. I just upgraded to 100mb webspace so over the next week I'll be uploading quite a few tracks. Hmm, maybe I should add that to the main page.
  22. i was definately going for the sparse, easy to read look.I hope the colours don't clash too much.
  23. http://www.teatime.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/ I've just set it up. It's not finished, but since it's my first real attempt at a site... any glaring errors please let me know
  24. Right, well my experience with goths are people who ponce about in dumb clothes desperate for attention. If there are people who label themselves 'goth' because of their views and beliefs, in the same way people label themselves 'christian' because of their beliefs and views, that's fine. If you dress up like a f*ckwit that's a blatant scream for attention because you don't have any personality traits that distinguish you from the norm that you claim to be so different from, prepare to be labelled as f*ckwit. You can believe whatever you want as far as I'm concerned. Like someone else said, we
  25. I like the 'it's a dark game' quote. The more like PS:T the game gets, the better. My main worry is the game length, as KOTOR was far too short. If they wanted to make it that length, they should have reduced the number of planets so at least each planet felt like a planet rather than, for example a tiny swamp with a few treehuts in it.
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