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  1. Watched it on youtube. Far to much auto dialogue, like the last DLC (and the main game). Nothing added to the ending(s). Like the time I had to change a fuel pump on my car youtube saved me money.
  2. Did you watch the trimmed down western release? Because there are two movies really, they mashed them together and left out a lot of stuff for the western audience. It's based on my favorite period in history, so I quite enjoyed it. But the 2010 miniseries Three Kingdoms was better (of which the Red Cliff part is 10-12 episodes or so). Cao Cao (the "villain") is a much more nuanced and interesting character in that. I watched the theatrical version that is on netflix. I enjoyed Zhuge Liang (Takeshi Kaneshiro) the most in that movie. Especially his scenes with Zhou Yu when their talking battle strategy. I am sad to say that I watched Highlander 2 Renegade version also on netflix…none of my problems with that movie were fixed.
  3. Watched Red Cliff today. A John Woo movie. I’m going to watch the Wachowskis (can’t call em brothers anymore?) first directed movie tonight. I love Clint’s movies. Pale Rider, Unforgiven and Heartbreak Ridge are some of my favorite movies of his. Plus Clint has the only westerns I liked besides Tombstone which Val Kilmer made that movie as Doc Holliday.
  4. This was the response from the head guy at BioWare Montreal working on ME to a question on twitter asking whether the new ME will go in a more shooter direction. It sounds rather vague. What exactly does "the quantities may vary" even mean, in regards to what was asked? I think he's making a cooking analogy. The quantity of ingredients will vary. Instead of 2 tablespoons of oregano, he's using 1. So yes, it's vague. He's essentially saying "more or less." Hopefully he doesn’t use cayenne pepper. I never thought cayenne pepper should be used with oregano they just don’t go together. Like oil and water.
  5. I can see it more as a collaborative effort: The Unbelievably Green Duo With Yoda trying to help the Hulk get his anger in check, as Bruce is on the precipice, the plunge down towards the dark side seeming a certainty... unless Yoda can get through to him. See Disney has the opportunity to make a meat sandwich here. Joss Whedon could direct what would become known as the greatest movie ever made. We’ll call it Joss Presents Star Wars vs. Marvel, for now. It’ll star Edward Norton as the Hulk and Frank Oz as Yoda. The movie is just the Hulk fighting Yoda on a planet. No one else is in the movie but a dancing Twi'lek in Jabba's Palace. That’s it, that’s all there is to it. And it well be a meat sandwich in movie form.
  6. After seeing the prequels by Lucasfilms I’m ok with this. Well I’m ok with this as long as I get a Yoda vs. Hulk crossover, if not I am completely utterly disappointed. Why buy Marvel and Lucas if your not going to have Yoda fight the Hulk? It would just sound pointless to me.
  7. I have two major complaints about Mass Effect 3. The highly over used auto-dialogue. Every time I turned around Shepard went on and on without my input. My femShepard said things I would never have picked for her to say (like flirting with Vega while in a relationship with Liara). Especially her interaction with Ashley, my femshep hardly ever acted in character or personality I gave her in ME1/2. My other problem was the really (really) bad clichéd ending(s?) for Mass Effect 3. Everything that can be said about that crap ending has already been said. Only Shakespeare (or maybe ?) could come up with something new about that failure of an ending. Besides those two things Mass Effect 3 had a crap ton of bugs. Mass Effect 3 had so many bugs I had to look on the game box to make sure that Bethesda wasn’t responsible for the QA. Why did my Shepard change guns after every cut scene? Why did I lose ammo powers after cut scenes also? Freezing up and shutting down of the game happened more than Dragon Age 2.
  8. I was just curious what would people prefer, a level cap or a game without a level cap. Dungeon and Dragons Heroes had no level cap but I can’t remember any other game that removed the level cap.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IowVM027p3A All I have to say about the Eagle Eye is that the Gamestop wired controllers don't work with it. Edit: there's also the FragFX Shark 360.
  10. I’m enjoying the demo (especially since it works on my old laptop) going to get the full game once I get a replacement power supply for my desktop.
  11. Indeed, any game that only gets played once is a sucky game. And then no other game out there is likely to get close to having the insane replay value that all Obsidian games have. As far as "just playing again"....I suppose that's a worst case scenario if an NG+ feature isn't implemented but I very much would like to see the option to carry some of the hard earned goodies into a new game rather than starting from scratch every time. After all gameplay is nothing more than a roadbump to slow you down on your way to the next epic bit of story and pondering the next philosophical issue as you are faced with the next difficult and interesting moral choice. Missed the point of “once and done.” Its not that your only going the play the game once, its that your only going to play that character once before moving on to a new one. If you plan to play again that is. Thank you. I do feel bad…but it isn’t about this poll. I found out that I could use camphor oil to shoo cats away. It works but I think I heard a mouse last night.
  12. Which type of replay are you more interested in? New game plus where you can beat the game with one character and start the game over with the same character (Baldur’s Gate did this). Or more along the lines of once you finished the game you need to make a new character (Dragon Age: Origins like). Or a game that never ends (Elder Scrolls).
  13. Boob plate? The guy has a whip that’s something to be excited about. Or just maybe hopeful about ether way he has a whip. Whip it, whip it good type whip. I wonder how many times I can type whip in a post today and still be on the subject of the post…
  14. I always thought that Quest 64 had an inventive spell system. Very lite on the RPG features but the spell system was fun to play around with.
  15. I'm only 26! Honest! That said, the poll should be redone, with much wider brackets. Also, it should ask us to list our most hated games. Because there are some we all really hate. Ultima 8 and Dragon Age 2 are at the top of my most hated list. Also Oblivion and Diablo 3 I want to forget ever happened.
  16. 29 I have 5 RPG’s, that I can at any one time consider my favorite RPG, in no particular order. Planescape: Torment (loved the story and setting) Baldur's Gate 2 (loved the story hated the setting but the combat was much improved) Icewind Dale 2 (loved the customization and story hated setting but the combat was much improved) Fallout 2 (loved the story and setting and the combat was much improved) Dragon Age: Origins (loved the story/setting and the combat was great) I’d like to give thanks to these as well. The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 1/2 Ultima 7 Diablo 1/2 Neverwinter Nights 1/2 Now if someone could just make a game like Icewind Dale 2 in the Darksun setting or even Ravenloft.
  17. I liked in the original Diablo finding books of firebolt level 1 or level 2 but I'd be fine with Individual Spells. It was fun hunting for that upgrade in some dungeon but it’s not necessary. I've never played a cleric outside of Darksun so I lean more towards Arcane & Divine going to all magic users. I also hated having to rely on a god for my spells, it just felt to much like begging. I support Mana Pool or a Power Point system like being a psionic in D&D or something new. I don't consider most MMO healers to be clerics also. I say this and played a Priest in WoW for about five years. Edit: I thought Fallout had a good system with its action points. Maybe an action point system like that were everyone has action points to spend on spells/attacking or even non combat skills. Could even set that up in a dialogue system were you had to use 2 action points just trying to bluff or intimidate.
  18. My legs fall asleep in the bathroom to much as it is thank you...then again maybe I should stop taking the Kindle Fire to the bathroom with me...
  19. Doesn’t Australia have laws preventing “Hard realism” games from being sold? Goin’a have ta vote ESRB-friendly Realism for my Australian mates then. If that’s not the case I’ll gladly go with the “Hard realism” instead.
  20. They are preparing five classes right? What about something like the kit system in BG2 along with Shadowrun skill-based system. Say everyone can see the weapon or tools or non combat skills but the classes would have less points needed to learn those skills? Classes could be like this with the kits Fighter Berserker Warrior Samurai Monk Musketeer Rogue Thief Assassin Ninja Gunslinger Spy Caster Mage Healer Temple Scholar* Guncaster* Illusionist Ranger Scout Bounty Hunter Archer Sniper Animal Tamer Tech Specialist Engineer Demolitionists Gun Inventor Renaissance Specialist Armour Those are all the ones I could come up with off the top of my head. I added the gun classes since it looks like there well be guns in the setting. Tried to have one gun kit for each class. Edit: Added last ranger kits. Moved the Scout down to Ranger class. Added Spy for Rogue.
  21. I spent more time messing with the class system in BG2 and ID2 then doing the story lines. Or going back into BG2 just to see if I can solo the story with my toon. My thinking was more along the lines of… “Hmm maybe I could try this party build with everyone starting out as rogues just to switch to mage, cleric, warrior etc. etc later on.” Something like that would be awesome to see again.
  22. Voted yes because I always liked the idea of simple firearms brining the common man and spell casters to an even footing. On the D&D firearms thing this is what Tom Costa had to say... "The information on early firearms in D&D varied from edition to edition of the game and among campaign settings and the level of detail that you ask for is generally just not there. Combine that with the fact a lot of players don't use firearms in their D&D games even if they exist in a setting, and there just hasn't been a lot of time put into rationalizing a comprehensive and consistent system." And I've never used a gun in D&D...yea just because we have guns doesn't mean they'll be commonplace. The Romans had cement, which was completely forgotten for like fifteen hundred years before someone discovered it again. Who says the same couldn't be true for gunpowder in this world?
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