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    What can I say about me? Well, I love RPGs and actually play in honest-sit-at-a-table with-other-real-people Star Wars pen and paper RPG and ran a Stargate one. My favorite pet was a chameleon and I had a pet snake named Mr. Rogers. I am a huge anime fan & I cross stitch. In other words, I am weird.


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  1. What is really sticking in my craw is the exclusivity contract Epic is forcing. We got away from that for the most part, so you could buy console and PC games around the same time. I also am sick of games as a service, so I end up with a game a few years after it launches I cannot play...even it was single player. Heck I would accept a disk for PC game with one of the less cringe worthy DRM solution's. I also personally do not like the UELA for the Epic store, and I have have had enough issues with the MS store to be really leery of using it (they triple charged me for an upgrade from Win
  2. I tried a fire godlike first, and then relized I had manged to make a duplicate of certian avian god like.
  3. Space......what is between my ears

  4. I know there are supposed to be separate combat and non combat skills, but how do you want to handle leveling them? In the history of games, there have been two main ways to handle character advancement. There have been games like D&D that had fixed levels you take as you gain XP. Most of these systems restrict you to a path, so a fighter can never be as good as diplomacy as a bard. Further mixing classes is restricted, or has consequences (like XP penalty) if not balanced correctly. Sample rules: http://www.d20pfsrd....ter-advancement The next system is something like World of
  5. I like how Wod handles their attributes. You have 3 groups, and you pick a primary, 2ndary, and tertiary. You get different points per primary, 2ndard and so on to drop into you stats. So you could pick the mental stats as primary, and spread the points around...then pick physical as last...and by dumping all your points into dex still have a good dex score.
  6. I played the role of the bugger, and voted "other" on everything. That is because I feel magic should be accessible through several methods. The priest - through rituals to channel your soul's power, and higher powers. Basically you pray a lot. - Spells per day The monk - through mediation, vows, and movement to focus your chi you can work magic. - Basically you do Ti Chi for magic. System like Diablo III where you build up Chi and spend it, though there should be non-combat ways to build Chi The wizard - through studying the magic that came before, you learn arcane rituals to work ma
  7. One more, thus duly appointed to the Obsidian Order. This one humbly requests the title of Lady Darkwatersong Eleven Bard of the Order.
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