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  1. That sounds REALLY cool, I might just try that out. Does the sneak attack thing apply to auto-attacks only or also to spell damage? Also, since I, too, want to play as Orlan 100%, what do you prefer, Hearth or Wild Orlan? Finally, would you mind giving some advice on stats & spells that are must-haves? Some do's and don'ts? I have 0% experience with wizards in this game except some microing of Aloth from time to time.. I remember "Slicken" was super good.. is this still the case? I should say that I don't really min/max this playthrough. I'm going for a smaller party size (only
  2. I was in the exact same situation as you and recently started playing again on a new run. The game is really solid now. They clearly did a lot of great things in the patches. The cross-class talents is something you should consider if you want a hybrid. It is not proper multi-classing, you'll have to wait until PoE2 for that, but still really cool! I play an orlan wizard with high sneak. I picked Apprentice's Sneak Attack at level one, allowing me to pretty much play like a rogue. This talent allows me to open with a really powerful ranged attack (always get a sneak attack when attacking f
  3. They said that the game's setting is comparable to late medieval/early renaissance era. Coin and currency should be a part of the world. In some undeveloped parts of the world bartering may be more natural however. I voted for both.
  4. I hope there is variation. I'd prefer if some areas are bright and high fantasy esque, like LotR elf or hobbit villages. While other areas are dark and gritty, like PS:T and NwN:HotU.
  5. I voted: "Just a regular guy. Right place at the right time." I like the Half-Life approach. Gordon Freeman was the right guy at the right (or actually wrong) place and time. He isn't really special, he kicks ass because the player kicks ass.. no super powers that are explicit to him. He gets a lot of help from friends and equipment.
  6. Although this art is reallly good, it's not really a portrait, no? This type of art would be great for narrated events, or even as cutscene replacements, but not for a portrait. BG and NwN1's portraits are more focused on the character's face, which makes it much more personal I think.
  7. I agree with this guy. Unless they implement it in some new, awesome, innovative way: No
  8. Agree with OP! Maybe it's not necessary to be able to ask unnamed NPCs about useless information, but I think some NPCs should be talking encyclopedias to some extent. The guy in the smoldering man bar in PS:T who tells you about all the other planes and stuff is a perfect example of this.
  9. I'd rather have them focus on important stuff. I wouldn't want their beards to come in the way of developing and stuff.. :>
  10. Dude you sell the poll alternatives so bad... no one wants a "thin and wiry" UI. Call it "simple and minimalistic" and I'm sure it would be closer to 50/50. The NwN1 UI doesn't look very pretty, but there is nothing wrong with the style. I wouldn't mind seeing this style implemented in a good way. I'm a web designer/developer so I think UI is really important, but this poll's options doesn't do the discussion justice.
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