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  1. No, I disagree. The ideas of people on this forum aren't by definition worse than Obsidian's own ideas, and Obsidian's ideas aren't automatically great. Stupid ideas should be discarded, great ideas should be used. The origin of the ideas doesn't matter, and if it is the forum which makes Obsidian realize an idea they had wouldn't work that well that's only a good thing in my opinion.
  2. No, I definitely don't expect this game to be just as good as the old games. I expect it to be good, of course; it's made by Obsidian, I'd be terribly surprised if it wasn't. But I'm not going to expect it to live up to the games it is claiming to be inspired by, for those truly are some of the best RPG's ever and assuming that this game will live up to their name just seems like a great way to set myself up for disappointment later on.
  3. Well, the name is obviously merely a placeholder, but I think the logo might stay, seeing how it's also present on those t-shirts and such. And really, I don't see the problem with that. I like it.
  4. So what now? I'm certain we shall not return to the Infinity Enginge, so will we be seeing an entirely new one? Seems rather expensive. Guess we'll just have to wait and see what they come up with.
  5. While I have definitely seen some silly suggestions in the Kickstarter comments, I don't see much of a point to making a thread about it. Yes, asking for a full voice over is silly. But Obsidian has been in this business for years and is lead by some clever people. Surely they too are aware of such things. Forgot how awesome Xan was.
  6. Hmm.. Can't say I've ever played a game in which I enjoyed crafting stuff. Still, a lot of people swear by it so I'm not opposed to it or anything. It's just that I would not care at all if it was not included and likely wouldn't make use of it if it was. Unless Obsidian comes up with some kind of revolutionary crafting system which truly blows my mind, that is.
  7. I'm a pessimist, so I can't help but think we'll end up with 2 to 3 million at most. I really want it to be more, though, so I voted for 3 to 4 million regardless. Sometimes, you just have to believe!
  8. While we definitely need to be penalized for letting our characters die, as it prevents us from just fighting battles KotOR-style and not caring what's going on as long as one person is still standing, I would very much like it if we were not penalized for it in the same way we were in Baldur's Gate. Yes, having a companion just die and not getting him or her back after the battle is definitely a suitable punishment for carelessness. But dragging all of their equipment and such back to a Temple and resurrecting them there was just a chore. It wasn't difficult, it wasn't interesting, it was just something you had to do. I found myself reloading simply because I didn't want to bother doing so. And at later levels you could just resurrect them yourself at a moments notice, which made the whole thing a bit pointless. So I'd like to see some kind of creative penalty for death which isn't just some kind of boring inconvenience.
  9. And now I no longer have to say anything, because this post truly says it all. Especially those last few sentences. If I'm playing as a mage or a bard or some other class which isn't very likely to engage in physical activity very often, I'd very much like to be able to have a character which is slightly on the plump side, or skinny without being athletic.
  10. No, no, definitely not. This is nothing but an inconvenience which adds nothing to the game, in my opinion. I hated how I constantly had to make my way back to the dungeon exit in Daggerfall simply because I had managed to gather twenty thousand gold coins and exchange all my money in banks for letters of credit all the time..
  11. Quite right! I do adore KotOR II, but at some points I really did feel like I needed to retcon some of my earlier statements, so to speak. For example, there's that moment on Peragus where you first feel the Force again. I knew nothing about what had happened, so I was like "Cool, let's continue." When I found out why the Exile lost her connection to the Force, I felt such a response was most unappropriate for the personality I had in mind for her.
  12. Yes, actually. I've never played a game which involved psionics before and from what I've read about them they really do seem quite interesting. It is not, however, a top priority. If Obsidian feels there's something more important they should spend their time on then this idea can be dropped at a moments notice without me really being disappointed.
  13. If by "house" you mean something like the Baldur's Gate II strongholds, then I'd prefer no house at all. Those always felt like a massive waste of time to me. The only kind of "house" I'd like to see is something like the Ebon Hawk, a location central to the plot where you find yourself returning often because you actually have something to do there, not just for the sake of going.
  14. Interesting. I actually disliked the descriptions and such in Planescape, as I no longer felt I was truly conversing with someone, so I would very much like the dialogue done in the style of Baldur's Gate II. And I would also like to see the return of the percentage chance to succeed. Just knowing that you will succeed no matter what is boring, and not being aware that matters could have been handled in a different way sucks even more. Seeing that there was something you could have done which you simply were not skilled enough to do always makes me want to play through the game again with a different character.
  15. I'm still waiting for you to set up that Paypal account, but once you do you can be sure I will be throwing some money in your direction. I still consider Knights of the Old Republic II to be either the best or the second best game I have ever played, and I would love to see what you people can do with an original IP and without a developer breathing down your neck. The best of luck!
  16. Well, I would definitely love to see him return. Mask of the Betrayer was excellently written. The question is, how much money would this cost? While it would be nice to have him on board, there are a lot of other things which one might want to consider spending money on before getting him back, especially seeing how we already have some top notch writers.
  17. I definitely don't hate the traditional races; quite the opposite, I like them all quite a bit. But in my opinion, this is an absolutely marvellous occasion to do something new and intriguing. This is Obsidian's own game, finally! Their chance to shine and create something truly spectacular. It'd be a shame to waste that opportunity and just fill the game with the same Elves and Dwarves we always get.
  18. My favorite RPG romance option ever is actually Visas Marr. Because nothing happens during the game. It is clear that she does have fairly strong feelings towards you and you're able to treat her well in response and make some comments to other characters indicating that you're on board with the idea, but it builds up very slowly and never has that "Oh my God, I love you!" moment. Even at the "climax", when she asks to sit with you before Malachor and the two of you look upon eachother, it's just something which is very subtle and emotional. Much, much better than all these Bioware romances where you have X talks with someone and then get in their pants.
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