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  1. My man Zinke is likely interior of secretary. Not a total win, given his abortion stance ( of which he has no influence here) and his take on oil and gas...but he did call Hillary the anti-christ. For that, I salute him.
  2. Media is still getting a grip on what it means to be trolled. Sometimes I'm rolling my eyes at Trump, but most the time I'm laughing with him.
  3. A wall is a great idea, given the U.S and Mexico are exchanging our two worst commodities - drugs and weapons.
  4. Can I ask you a question, do you not believe Putin has numerous reasons to interfere in the elections of various Western countries? His objective is a failure but that doesnt mean they wont interfere He has reason. Given the political climate of the EU, he certainly hasn't been effective. Not even a little bit. That Merkel would co-opt a U.S media narrative so readily is more disturbing. But then, we know how reliable German media is based on their reporting of last new year's eve.
  5. Frau Merkel is now on the fake news bandwagon and blaming Russia for the world's ills. Not creepy at all. http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/741960/russia-angela-merkel-germany-election-cyber-attack-plot-us-official-cia
  6. You've played Prey 2017 and Prey 2 to make the comparison? That's some impressive time travel and dimensional shifting. Well let's be honest, it looks ****e compared to the original bounty hunter angle.
  7. He's at Bethesda now, he worked on the new Prey. So he's at Arkane then. Working on a watered down version of the original Prey 2. Sad!
  8. So is the latest frothing-at-the-mouth paranoia over Trump answering a SK phone call justified, or is it much ado about nothing? Shouldn't the media pace themselves here? They have 4 years of scare tactic to dole out. What happens if he does something monumentally dangerous, and we all yawn because the New York Times has cried wolf 500 times already?
  9. *checks Twitter* Yep, that's what's happening, lol. I await political analysis from spheres outside social media to understand the implications, but some of the Merican right will align with this victory.
  10. I wish I knew more about this topic, but I think he's right in implying we live in a time of immediate, and highly reactive global politics. It's not unreasonable to think Trump's victory in the US will embolden the right in Europe. -edit for clarity.
  11. I dunno. I watch that and all I see is tryhard profundity from Kojima.
  12. Given the SJW culture that has quite frankly infested the state, be it their universities or the bay area, I'd personally lie about being Californian just like many lie about being American when they travel abroad. I mean, who wants that stigma?
  13. I could totally go for California seceding. They've been brilliant in electing a celebrity governor. Because celebrity matters the most in CA! Genius level decision making from the left and right in CA. So yeah, please do detach, like some regressive cancer from the rest of the country that values logic and free thinking, and isn't mired in Hollywood celebrity.
  14. Sam and a neocon talk Trump. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8vLXYVJrxI Not exactly his best showing. Even though I voted Trump, I always thought Harris offered the most intelligent rebuttal. It seems to be eroding. Also, Trump called Taiwan, and now we'll have WW3. Just going by what CNN said.
  15. Vietnam war is a wrench in your logic there. We can't be certain women would only be drafted in a desperate situation rather than a politically misguided deployment.
  16. More natural than it is to women. Allowing gender politics to overrule biology is reckless and immoral.
  17. I wouldn't force women to fight in the first place. There's no equality on this issue, men are natural killers, women are not. If they volunteer, that's a different story. This. I thinking drafting women is uncivilized for a number of reasons. If they want to fight, ok, but they have to be placed in suitable combat situations. Front lines or close quarter combat, they just wouldn't be as effective. Also, women combatants would have much more to lose if they were captured by the likes of Isis.
  18. Andromeda animations seem unfinished to me too. But a clear step up from this.
  19. "Hitchens and Harris are religious fanatics worshiping the state." I was dumbfounded when I saw this retarded analysis by a so called intellectual. It's the debate equivalence of calling someone nasty, taking his ball and going home. That's the best he could muster. Compare this to Sam Harris' willingness to engage with his opponents one on one, and Chomsky seems like a joke to me. At least politically.
  20. Donald looks outright lascivious there, lmao. Romney is a mistake, he must know it. I wish Trump had picked more outsiders, but wth, I'm not surprised. He's relying on some regulars.
  21. Trump's comment on flag burning was his craziest yet. Then I find Hillary supported the same thing? Get me off this planet. At this point I think everyone wants him off twitter when he's actually pres.
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