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  1. They couldn't even scratch that guy. Brothas need to work on their jabs.
  2. Cali is a wonderfully diverse state given the length it runs on our coast, but that traffic and air quality in the LA area...no thanks.
  3. Probably the best short and to the point example of just how thoroughly stupid that guy is. Maybe we'll be lucky and he'll go back to his queen. Late night talk show hosts are an unbearable lot, even the ones like Maher who actually have brains. But Oliver takes the cake. God is he annoying.
  4. There's almost zero chance that would happen. Trump came out in a couple speeches in support of the LGBT community.
  5. It's kinda funny seeing Donald's youngest son awkwardly tailgating his dad. He looks like he doesn't want to be there.
  6. RIP Obamacare. Number one reason I voted against her. I hope it can be fixed.
  7. I don't doubt Clinton has more up her grimy sleeve, but mass voter fraud seems unlikely with a substantial lead. We'll see tomorrow.
  8. Lol, who's the sore loser now you selfish b*tch.
  9. You mean we shouldn't keep indoctrinating our youth according to leftist social values? That's crazy talk! Trump just got Pennsylvania. It's done. These are same people who called everyone who disagreed with them racist...lol. Suck it.
  10. If the pendulum swings this far right, the democrats need to be doing some soul searching.
  11. Michigan is neck and neck. Damn. This is crazy.
  12. Well, swaths is a vague unit, but you really think he hasn't offended chunks of those groups (as hard as it may be to step outside yourself, anyway) ? I think the average person can detect trolling and flamebaiting better than the mainstream media can. I'm not defending him as a person, but you'd be crazy to take half the sh*t he says seriously, racist or otherwise.
  13. I don't know. I have to believe the republican party has been sufficiently cowed at this point, that they have to rethink their hard line stances. Trump will disagree with them as much as the dems. It's gotten them nowhere in the last 8 years.
  14. The spin by major media outlets going to be really desperate if the orange magistrate takes this.
  15. The population of the US is not evenly distributed. That's why we use the EC system. But not every state is winner take all.Yeah I know... But I don't understand why you can not just take the entire population of the US as one and then go by percent? In Merica, only the coasts count. The vast wasteland in between is populated by heathens and rednecks.
  16. It's the conservative retirees against the Puerto Rican immigrants in Florida. Get your walkers out and vote!
  17. Lulz. Also, poor Janet Reno was cursed by Trump saying he'd never be elected in her lifetime.
  18. Keeping a private server was illegal and she never had to answer for it. She got a break where others haven't. If there's no criminality, then great, but there was still deliberate negligence. Also, I can hardly wait for for Chelsea to run and we get yet another Clinton in office after Hillary's done. Why break the streak? They've been so good to America.
  19. Communed with Eleanor?? What in the actual f*ck?? They will say anything to gain favor.
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