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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CDkWN1-BwE I sometimes put on one of his lectures if I can't sleep. The way he drones on in an unexcited monotone about power structures. It's comforting. I was talking about Zizek. I feel Chomsky still has intellectual credibility and is as a rule clear about the things he says. Zizek just blabbers on and on, hits on something true at a rate of one sentence per hour - just enough that you can't call the mental ward to take him away. Chomsky is a senile, biased as hell nutter at this point. The stuff that guy blames on Britian and the US is ridiculous. Sam Harris was right in dubbing him the godfather of the regressive left. A shame their debate never happened, Harris would mentally eviscerate this guy. In a calm and soothing voice.
  2. Guys its seems fatuous to keep objecting to the recount now, I was watching an interview with Sanders and he said this is perfectly legal and the Republicans may ask for one in NC? Lets get this recount over and done so we can move on to addressing other issues. I cant see even if Hilary wins these states how does this even change her standing in electoral colleges. She has already won the popular vote but Trump will still win the overall election Ah Bruce..it's about reputation and ego. Hillary will do anything to undermine her enemies, She is a sociopath who demands to get her turn. This is all about dismantling Trump's cred. That's all this is. The actual vote count is not her goal. Let me be clear: her behavior now is PRECISELY why she was not elected.
  3. You have to hand it to him, he's the first troller in chief we've ever had. I seriously doubt he cares about the validity of these statements, he just does this as a tactic and to mess with the media.
  4. Why would the left associate with this guy? Are they trying to be angry hipsters? What Trudeau said is baffling.
  5. Shill Stein is as corrupt as anyone else in Washington. So much for a third party.
  6. This fake news crap from the media is going off the rails. It's completely reckless. A decent take on it here http://fortune.com/2016/11/25/russian-fake-news/ And yes, I recognize the irony of my post.
  7. When Trump doubts the results, it's a threat to our democracy. When libs and independants do it, it's perfectly ok. I am so over the media shilling for the left.
  8. Proportional states' votes in the EC would be more likely, but still not that likely. You'd have to have some sort of simultaneous adoption else you'd have, say, California going proportional while Texas keeps giving its votes to the R candidate wholesale which gives the R candidate a big advantage. I know a couple of states do it anyway, but they're small states. Complaining about the EC is a bit like complaining that someone with more wins finishes behind someone else in a football league or the Golden State Warriors not being NBA champions despite having the most wins. It is what it is, everyone knows the rules beforehand and while it may not be a perfectly fair system, it is balanced. I was kinda agreeing with you until the last three words. It's not, in any way balanced. It's a way of effectively discarding, perhaps 80% of votes. (Made up number. The actual percentage may be worse) I don't understand why Americans who vote aren't more up in arms about it. Because it makes sense. We'd have 4 states choosing our pres every single time without the EC. With all due respect mate, we don't want to be Sweden.
  9. She won't be running again. The dems would be fools to back her.
  10. Good lord. They show a complete lack of humility and self reflection.
  11. I fervently hope the right in Europe steamrolls over the sycophants that have no respect for their individual culture. Each country there is a treasure, not something to be sacrificed in the name of multiculturalism. Hrm, just out of curiosity, what would that sacrifice look like ? Heh, guess we are lucky here in Canada, can't really see much of a culture to put at risk You're right, there isn't much culture in Canada. Just look at your PM. There is in Europe though.
  12. I fervently hope the right in Europe steamrolls over the sycophants that have no respect for their individual culture. Each country there is a treasure, not something to be sacrificed in the name of multiculturalism.
  13. I hope France leaves the EU. Also, the hilarity of Obama and the left warning people of fake news. Lol. They've done nothing but benefit from fake news by mainstream outlets. That scumbag can't get out of office soon enough.
  14. It's downright humiliating the dems lost to a guy like Trump. They need to quit making excuses, and most of all, purge the Clintons who do nothing but make excuses for failure. So funny we were all lecturing republicans a few years ago, that they need to reassess their values and their message - and it's true. But it goes for both parties now.
  15. I recommend Sam Harris' podcast on this with Andrew Sullivan, no matter your stance on the election. They let emotion get the better of them is spots, but still very insightful. https://www.samharris.org/podcast/item/the-most-powerful-clown At least they bring up more nuanced arguments than the media clowns.
  16. In all honesty, this is a dangerous precedent. It's one thing to claim outrageous things on social media, but to carry it over into the real world is delusional. This is like cyberpunk politics.
  17. Yeah but destroying public property, attacking people and causing a public nuisance? It's illegal. I know it's a small minority of meatheads doing this, but they aren't helping their cause. Plus, where the hell do they get off claiming they don't use hate speech?
  18. For the mainstream media, this is the beginning of the end. All I've seen is them doubling down on their canned narrative. They can't adapt. A bunch of sellout clowns.
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