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  1. There wouldn't be if he was republican.
  2. You gotta love these grandstanding idiot republicans. If Trump gets elected they're in a really bad spot.
  3. Obama is a half-witted fool. We do not want Russia as an enemy right now. This shows how reckless and idiotic the democrats are behaving. This type of statement makes it hard to take anything you say seriously. It undercuts your entire argument. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2016/10/12/jill_stein_hillary_clintons_declared_syria_policy_could_start_a_nuclear_war.html http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/cia-prepping-possible-cyber-strike-against-russia-n666636
  4. Obama is a half-witted fool. We do not want Russia as an enemy right now. This shows how reckless and idiotic the democrats are behaving.
  5. Hillary demonizing Russia is reckless and stupid. Any sane person, either left or right cannot deny that. She shows worse temperament than Trump in that regard.
  6. Why do you think this comparison works ? Because Beyonce is a hypocritical tool.
  7. Stick to your kiddie exercise programs.
  8. I see it now. Every single criticism of Hillary will be labeled misogyny by the press. We have two more months of it, and they're going to lay it on thick.
  9. Yeah, we don't do that here. We limit both terms and power of our presidents for pretty good reason. This current cycle is a great example as to why. When Billary gets elected, then an untold number of migrants will be let into the country, after which we won't see another brand of liberalism for at least another 4 to 8 years. We're not talking democrats, were talking Clintoncrats.
  10. Yeah he's scattered as hell. Can't stay on target to save his life. Jesus. Hillary and her degenerate husband will be running my country for the next four years. Again. Off to heavy drinking.
  11. Her health is a whole other issue the press tries to sweep under the rug, and one she's clearly lied about. Even her supporters have to admit you don't pass out on a balmy summer day and have to be tossed into your medi-van like a sack of potatoes unless something is seriously wrong with you.
  12. That just helps his cause as an outsider. The more republicans and dems works collectively against him, the worse it is for them.
  13. It's hard to ignore Hillary lambasting Trump being sexist when she ruthlessly defended lying Bill for doing pretty much the same thing. At the end of the day, Hillary's transgressions as Secretary of State are far worse than Trump sounding like a cad with his buddies.
  14. The dems will eventually have to lay off the "muh raycism and smexsim" charges and assess Donald's proposed policy changes. Might behoove them to try that before he's president.
  15. First we had basket of deplorables. Now from the recent wiki leaks, bucket of losers. Lol. Can she burn any more bridges? http://www.theamericanmirror.com/wall-street-speech-hillary-threw-americans-bucket-losers/ You're supposed to appeal to your voter base, not demean them.
  16. The very first rape case involving the 12 yr old shows Hillary to be pure, concentrated evil. There's tape of her joking that her client took, and to her amusement, passed a polygraph test.
  17. Saw extended gameplay and it looks like crap. I'd stick with GTA or Saints Row if a guy wants a sandbox game.
  18. I wouldn't either, especially ones claiming the larger public are retards. What metrics are they using? Who are they polling? How rigorous is their approach? Besides, who needs to be a genius to choose between Hillary or Trump?
  19. W1 had underlying turn-based logic that incorporated a ton of automated effects and defensive parameters. It was essentially a hybrid approach to action and turn based combat. W2 was all ARPG up to the player skill I gotta say, I love the butthurt over that game's combat. Not perfect, but brutal, responsive and satisfying with a ton of toys to use against mobs. I still play arena once in a while.
  20. ....She just isn't clever. Hilarious that Trump connected with Farage. I love that guy.
  21. Besides Trump is hated by both Democrats and Republicans, so he would be impeached if he steps out of line. There would be no restrictions on Hilzilla's power. Yeah. How can he say Trump's manchild behavior is worse than Hillary's scandals? Her lying as Secretary of state is somehow less bad?? The worst case scenario: we have a disreputable business man and a disreputable politician. That's a pretty good video, with a clear, well reasoned explanation of who Trump is. Trump is only a troll in the sense of idiot forum posters who write something stupid and then, when challenged on it, turn to the "I'm totally just a troll" defense. In any case, why anyone would want a troll as president is beyond me. But trolling is working for him, He and his advisers understand the internet and the alt right better than Hillary does.
  22. Just give us an Alpha Protocol 2 Obsidian. Seriously, leave these established IPs behind and focus on your own.
  23. I admire Sam Harris to no end. So it's interesting to hear why he thinks Trump is more dangerous than Clinton. I think he totally misses that Trump is trolling like 80% of the time, and the fact our president always has to cooperate with congress.
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