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  1. I'll wait for the actual results, thanks. The internet prognostication has been all over the place.
  2. Post cold war, libs have always been better at propaganda and fear mongering. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ac8_q7-6Bvo We all know she has something. What is it? You don't head bob and pass out in balmy weather for no reason. She has a major medical issue.
  3. All we need is one more bizarre wikileak and it's a clinch.
  4. If Hillary does get elected, and she does indeed have some type of health issue that involves neurological effects and/or seizures, I want to know how that's going to play out on a relentlessly public stage. So far she has regulated her appearances and press conferences very carefully. It's not a stretch to say she's been relatively protected in this regard. Won't be an option when she's pres. She'll constantly be in front of other people and the camera. "You guys have to try the Chai lattes!" isn't going to cut it if she flops to the ground in front of Putin.
  5. The best thing about Hillary and the regressive left: the sheer number of conspiracy theories. Trump is literally Hitler! Putin has mind control over Trump! So much for libs claiming superior education. They're like hillbillies without books.
  6. At the end of the day if Hillary had not run the private server and didn't have a reflexive need to dissemble and obfuscate if not outright lie then none of this would be happening, and the attempted hatchet job on Comey has the exact same method and aim as the "Russian puppet" accusations against Wikileaks. It's all about shifting the conversation and discrediting the source rather than addressing the issue. Shoot the messenger. The Clintons are notorious for it, and they have most major media outlets following suit.
  7. I look forward to Spain and France following the UK's lead. Hope it happens. Borders and independence are what helps a nation maintain its identity.
  8. The Clintons need to be purged from the political landscape just like the Bush family needed to go away after George. We need more outsiders going into the system, and Trump is all we have.
  9. Just dealing with facts son. Like the FBI is. Whether fragile souls like you get triggered or not isn't up to me.
  10. You can basically read this thread on autopilot. "According to pol some sources Clinton has admitted she'll be abolishing income tax and replacing it with racial serfdom". "We just need to go out and vote third party then our broken 2 party system might be able to fix itself by 2020" "x IS A SJW NAZI SCUM. IF YUO SUPPORT x YOU SUPPOPRT RAPE AND EVIL. PERIOD" "c'mon guys you can't really hold this horrible thing Clinton has done against her?? surely you no shes sorry and dont wont trump to winn right?? (◕ᴗ◕✿) "Bourgeois democracy is a sham we're all doomed". Etc. And nary a solution to be found in this post. i just love cynicism, it's so self serving.
  11. It's flamebait journalism. I watched several clips of the asshat baiting people. It's also edited in his favor. Please people, stop falling for this crap. Also, if you voted third party, you threw your vote away when it mattered most. You get to feel smug but your vote counts for nothing.
  12. The Guardian. Yeah I totally trust those libtards.
  13. This is priceless. A sea of patriotism, but the baby is terrified.
  14. Looks that way. Wow. Not what I was expecting. He's cut her loose.
  15. Carlos Danger could have been disseminating national security secrets though his **** pics. Thanks Hillary!
  16. My revised health care bill will be more than I pay for rent, which means I'll have to seriously consider paying the Obama fine instead. That's right: no health care, and I pay a fine.
  17. I'm calling it now: Obama will come out with a statement to defend her. He has her back.
  18. Doubtful a new investigation would have happened if not for the steady wikileaks stream of dirt on her. Assange has to be sipping champagne right now. It's apparently for a new investigation according to Comey. Worst case scenario is she gets elected and then indicted as president. Already the republicans are pouncing. -The new investigation is a result of the FBI looking into none other than anthony Weiner's sexting, lol. It just keeps getting better. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/29/us/politics/fbi-hillary-clinton-email.html?hp&action=click&pgtype=Homepage&clickSource=story-heading&module=a-lede-package-region&region=top-news&WT.nav=top-news
  19. Are those for real?? Holy crap she's scary. FBI just reopened the investigation. Lol.
  20. The sky boxes and lighting are pretty amazing given its age.
  21. Tough choice between Novigrad and Vizima. Novigrad is immense and as detailed as anything I've seen in a game outside Asscreed cities, though I wish there were more side quests in it. Feels like they could have built an expansion purely in that city. I also liked the imperial city in Oblivion. Denerim was a huge disappointment. I so wanted that district to be bigger.
  22. I'm digging the voter suppression from CNBC and the like. It's all over, Clinton won, let's go home and drink our victory chai lattes.
  23. Another woman claims Trump touched her wrong. The dems have deep pockets indeed.
  24. Lol at all media outlets fearmongering over Trump hinting at a corrupt election. It's undermining our democracy! What about, I don't know, all the possible illegal things both of them have done up to this point?
  25. It's the perfect parable. They tavel around, sh*t in people's lives, and move on.
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