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  1. Now, I totally get what you mean and do agree with you to a degree. I will say your example was a poor one. If you hover over flame you're still getting burned so it totally stands to reason that a levitate spell that breaks when you take damage would in fact fail in your specific instance.
  2. Just to point out, that's not actually the case. There are various cultures which have had belief in magic where the magic was in no way diabolic. Hooray for being a bit of a theology and mythology buff
  3. Dragon Age style finishing moves are the exact wrong way to go about it. They would slow combat down too much. Much better to do them in a style similar to Fallout 1 and 2.
  4. Ev drao bid dra avvund du syga naym eh-kysa myhkiykac, E cruimt ruba ed'c y ped suna ehdanacdehk dryh y cesbma cipcdedideuh lebran. Nihel (un cesemyn) ymbrypadc fuimt pa luum druikr. Bmayca tuh'd cbayg Ym Prat, ed naekhedac pyt sasuneac uv Vehym Vyhdyco Q.
  5. Yes it is. Scrolling 2d is more archaic than any dynamic 3d perspective, period. Anyone who says differently is talking out of their ass, and anyone with half a brain should know why. Different doesn't mean better. 3D isn't inherently superior to 2D. People like you are part of the reason why the gaming industry is not making some excellent genres anymore.
  6. THAT would take more time. I wouldn't support that. it would take more time in development and it would slow down combat.
  7. Actually, fairly simple death animations wouldn't take much development time at all.
  8. So what? You're proud of the segment of the community that was going on about the girl kid that was at the party being a loli? You think it was perfectly fine all those guys telling the green shirt woman to take off her top? People should apologise for that crap. If not apologising for comments like that is what makes you so proud of being an American it makes me glad I'm Canadian. Unlike that article I take it as a point of pride that Canadians are known for being polite, well mannered and not total asshats.
  9. According to my screen the Kickstarter is at: $3,986,929. Not $3,986,794 Not that it's a huge difference.
  10. Just posting this again in case it got missed. I posted it when this was pretty busy with people talking about the final bit of the kickstarter.
  11. Just bumped up my pledge by $8 Enclave - Grand Magus of the Obsidian Order
  12. Instead of delaying I suggest we just let them decide themselves how much time they need. More time doesn't always translate into more content you know. More time is generally needed if bug fixes are needed.
  13. In tabletop games, the "Vancian" systems do make strategic gameplay more important, but a lot of that is lost in a game with reloading. Especially if the choice of spells has a dramatic effect on efficacy (e.g. did you memorize dimensional anchor before fighting creatures that are constantly teleporting all over the battlefield), failure to select the "right" ones can result in catastrophic failure. In the absence of information required to make informed decisions, those choices aren't strategic; they're just guesses. After a reload, they're meta-strategic, but I doubt most players feel cle
  14. Uhhuh, doesn't belong eh? Just like it didn't belong in those classic Infinity Engine games that had it via character import? IWD was the only series with a new game+ feature and that was a dungeon crawler. It works for ARPGs that are all about combat. If there is no multiplayer then there is no need for import/export. If you want to start with all the xp, gold, and loot from a previous game you can just cheat it in, or mod it. Baldur's Gate had character import.
  15. Uhhuh, doesn't belong eh? Just like it didn't belong in those classic Infinity Engine games that had it via character import?
  16. Always a fan of being able to import my old character, equipment and all.
  17. Exactly how I want it. Though, I think you should be able to resurrect people regardless of their death animation.
  18. So you'd like the sort of thing I'm suggesting then, correct?
  19. you must use that name and avatar on every board! I recognize it from NF hahaha I do indeed try to, otherwise how would anybody recognise me?
  20. I move that we don't even try to name the game, let the developers name it. They after all will know best what to name it since we don't know anything about the storyline and very little about the setting. It's their baby so we should have no say in the naming of it.
  21. You sound like a hater, DAO is not the "example" of rpg for me. But yes it did things right! and the finishers i think came first from fallout Yeah, Fallout is the first game I can think of off the top of my head to do fun little death animations. Again though, I think they need to be very organic if they are to be there and not very detailed. Just a replacement for the normal death animation and that's all. Don't even change the animation for your characters attack or spell. Say you used a fire spell and killed them with a crit then just have the enemy ignite and leave behin
  22. Pretty much exactly where I am on this. It shouldn't happen every time and it should be seamless, in exchange of their normal death animation. I don't want anything cinematic. I don't want the game to pause so I can watch it. Just exchange their death animation.
  23. Problem with DA:O style would be the fact that this is a fixed perspective isometric game. It's likely not going to be detailed enough to get finishers like some people here are asking. It works in DA:O only because of the cameras perspective and how it can be a fairly cinematic camera. If this game is to get some kind of finishing animation then we likely cannot expect it to be all that much more detailed than the Baldur's Gate gibbing.
  24. The way Baldur's Gate dealt with it was pretty simple. There was no special animation on your attack, just the guy you hit exploded instead of just fell over dead. Like I said, worked well enough. I wouldn't mind something like that. There was no slow down or anything, just occasionally you'd gib your opponent and it was definitely satisfying.
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