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  1. I agree with Posbi's post overall, but I'd note that in terms of fortification the design seems to have a nod towards the "unimposing" fortresses of the early 16th century, designed to deal with both gunpowder weapons and more traditional assaults. Ever since I first saw it, I got the impression of an earlier design that had been hastily modified (eg. walls thickend, tops of towers chopped off) to minimize its profile and maximize resistance against cannon fire. Just noting that not all fortresses look like Krak des Chevaliers. Posbi's overall point is still just as valid, however.
  2. We're short on female warriors so far, and Heaven knows that they've got a long history of terrible weapon and armor design in games. So let's hear it for Scythian warrior maidens:
  3. Not sure if these Warhammer pieces have been posted, kick me in the face if they have: Glorious epicness... And more down to earth.
  4. What? This is the era that included some major political figures who were women, as well as serious acceptance of women on the battlefield. If anything, the professionalization of the Early Modern Period systematically excluded minorities from the new professional military class.
  5. I agree with Zool. I think Firearms Crossbows would have an adverse impact on the game. I can say I have never liked firearms crossbows in a fantasy genre. It unbalances the the range mechanics of casters and secondly it cheapens the mystical feel of the game. Seriously I think there should be vote on this matter if its being considered since I think this a tipping point. Say no to boomsticks arbalests.
  6. ITT: Too many people who haven't read the Crisis design document.
  7. One of the biggest pulls is a setting that's actually thought through, and not regurgitated Generic "Medieval" Fantasy. I also like the inclusion of firearms, as their arbitrary exclusion from the fantasy milieu has always irked me. But in general, everything. That it's a game from Obsidian would be enough for me to back it.
  8. ITT: People who have not read "The Woman Warrior". Boobplate defenders. People who believe in/advocate eternal genders and gender roles. Trolls.
  9. Now we're at people complaining about people criticizing people complaining about people criticizing the complaints thread.
  10. Anyone else getting a kick out of people in the complaints/criticism thread complaining about people criticizing the complaints thread?
  11. Interesting, thanks for the quote. I know what class I'm picking, then.
  12. Renounce the demon of technological determinism and embrace the truth of social construction!
  13. Can I see academic sources supporting this? Because everyone from Hall to Eltis I read is pretty firm on longbows inability to function effectively against even coat-of-plate in battlefield conditions, and that's at least twenty years of historical consensus right there.
  14. The Knight and the Blast Furnace uses a combination of experimental, historical, and theoretical approaches to formulate the joules of energy to defeat armor. By its reckoning, the low quality padded jack and munitions plate of the late 15th and early 16th centuries could be defeated by a steel prod crossbow firing at up to 30m away - well within the distance that shot discharged their weapons, especially 15th century shot. This is consistent with what see in, say, the Battle of Morat where the Burgundian shot managed to maim advancing Swiss pikemen. The Battle of Visby is also a decent exampl
  15. Shot was a combination of crossbowmen with arbalests and arquebusiers, in the period. I can't quite parse this. Is he talking about skirmishers, or what?
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