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  1. With a lot of these games, I don't even bother with trying to pronounce or saying things properly. It's a good thing most of the names (especially character names) start with different letters. For instance, "Elardh Dwr" just becomes "El D" and "Frermas mes Canc Suolias" becomes "F mes something". xD a great idea. A sort of mini-inventory. Derived stats like defenses, concentrations, damage output and anything else to help deliver the information quickly without having to switch over multiple screens would be ideal. that way you can make informed decisions quickly without having to hu
  2. Hmm... I hope the inclusion of numbers in the dialogue means that dialogue will be keyboard navigable? (E.g. Pressing the "2" key will select the second dialogue option). I know the UI is probably not high on the radar yet, but may I suggest font size options? A lot of times, games tie the font size to the resolution size, which just means tiny font for the higher resolutions. This becomes extremely apparent (and straining) when playing Planescape or BG on modern computers with high resolutions.
  3. ^ Agreed. I don't really see how this improves the gaming experience. Just sounds annoying to deal with.
  4. While I don't mind an later release... I would have concerns about funding if it passes the 6-9 month mark. Is the game actually being improved, or are we getting "feature creep"? There's also the issue of funding. I'm not particularly familar with news on Double Fine's Broken Age (aka the Double Fine Adventure that pretty much launched this kickstarter thing) but from what I understand they had to run an indie bundle to fundraise for more money due to their promised features being more costly than what was anticipated. Admittantly, they were sort of the first one to have a larger scale pr
  5. I also wouldn't mind finding out how it starts either. Maybe just to tide me over till release. But other than that, no spoilers!! Sometimes I wish I could forget those games just so I could play them again like the first time.
  6. I find antagonists with a close relationship to the protagonist the most interesting (discounting himself/herself since that kind of dynamic is different). Antagonists are often portrayed as individuals/entities that come from some distant "evil" motive or are rather far removed from the protagonist. This is not necessarily a suggestion to Obsidian, but I always wonder about under what situation, a close friend, relative, or even a lover, that you trust with your life and perhaps known most of your life, would turn against you.
  7. So you're saying people would pirate this game because they can't get ONE in game item? In this case, I call bull**** and say those people weren't going to buy the game anyways. I should also quote from the Kickstarter page:
  8. California USA represent. I also find it interesting that there seems to be more European players here than North American ones. Maybe Europeans are just more vocal and active?
  9. No. I hate dungeon crawls. I was one of those people who hated Watcher's Keep. Sometimes, I even debate whether or not to install Throne of Bhaal when I replay BG because I hated Watcher's Keep that much.
  10. No, too many people. It also devalues the desirably of the beta tiers (to those who really want this game). I don't mind being jealous of our wealthier brethren.
  11. In modern RPGs, you are correct. But traps used to be lethal in the IE games. Very lethal. Durlag's tower (BG1, tales of the sword coast expansion) had dozens of traps that could instantly decimate your entire party several times over if you accidently stepped over them. and that was fun? Yes, yes it was actually. Sure, I was swearing like a sailor when my whole party got decimated, but man, when I got through it, I felt like a boss. It just makes sense for a dungeon or whatever to have tons of traps. Anybody remember the Labyrinth or Irenicus's room in BG2? There are also
  12. I'm either or about it. For some reason, I normally don't continue to play when given the option though.
  13. Used Windows primarily all my life, and I'm too lazy/stupid (dangerous combination, I know) to switch to Linux. That said, I don't mind seeing a Linux version. Based on past Kickstarters I've participated in (totally not scientific), Linux users are a considerable base, both in numbers and cash (and rather vocal). Certainly they're probably not as big as Windows/Mac users, but I think they're great additions to the community. (Who knows, maybe some day I'll finally be able to ditch my conditioning with Windows.)
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