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  1. I'm confused, did we make the 4mil stretch goal, or? Just came home from work and haven't the slightest clue since it doesn't say anywhere (or I didn't search in right places).
  2. I do hope it is more like Planescape, with the pre-generated characters. It leaves a room for more juicier story
  3. Go with the classic style, hell if not, at least like Dragon Age Origins, were the MC doesn't have a voice actor, but more options to pick from.
  4. Wow, I can honestly say, I don't care much for difficulty choices. But obviously, there are people out there that do, so go wild with it. Wonder if they won't add those choices, will the game be easy as hell, or only have like 1 or 2 options to choose from. Would love to see some story update next, I'm a lore freak, and maybe have Chris tell us more, about the world, species/races, characters and hopefully the MC.
  5. Played them, loved them. Would rank PST highest, BG afterwards. IWD, I wasn't a fan of the genre, I've honestly tried a couple of times to get in to them but failed. It's not for me, I'm looking for a character with a story or a background, or I won't last long.
  6. I somewhat agree, wouldn't mind LotR style or arcanum feel though, but sometime less is more. Keep the jRPGs and wRPGs separate please.
  7. 2,2 million $ should be easy, there's plenty of time left, I wonder what else is in store for us, minigames, another engine maybe?
  8. Don't care about romance that much, it's not a bad feature, as long as it is done right and doesn't feel forced like in the newest type of games. I prefer it to be subtle like in Planescape, or none existent at all, because story is usually better that way anyway. Otherwise it will feel like the story is focused on romances. So, forget about the romance, and just write something good like you did in NV, or go for something like AP and PST. It's good either way, in Avelone we trust, no?
  9. UK isn't the only island connected to Europe, just putting it out there, since I am from one of them my self >_>
  10. Any news on the mc, will she/he have a personality, background voice even or is he/she going to be more like a Icewind Dale character, where you create him/her and give the character their own biography?
  11. It's hard to picture a coop in a PS:T game, although it worked alright with BG, but there's going to be a lot of frustration for people that want to enjoy the dialog while others want to get on with the combat or whatever. Also, like others have already stated, resources are limited.
  12. Exactly, what I loved most about PS:T was the dialog and interactions with your companions and how your relationship developed with them. The music score fits in perfectly, and listening to that today feels nostalgic. They brought this dialog system back in KOTOR 2, and I think they got every reason to bring it back here as well. Unique characters like Morte makes the game more interesting, the only complaint I really had with the game was that you couldn't outfit Morte with a skeleton body, and Namelessone couldn't wear any armour, instead he used tattoos.
  13. I wonder if this game will use sprite models or 3d, if they choose to use sprites, I hope that it will be in high resolution and capable to withstand modern monitors, up to 27" at least.
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