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  1. Sorry, the Kerfluffles made me do it. ^^ I will wear the appropriate undergarments from now on, I promise.
  2. ...ummm, I's referred ta it as BG3 since, well, it was announced as BG3...noob... ...WHO LUVS YA, BABY!!... *chuckles*
  3. It's hard to compare figures. Different times. Also FO had talking heads, and IIRC that had some serious costs. The heads were handmade models that were then scanned by hand with a 3D scanner... according to Tim Cain it took months. They actually wanted to have around 20-30 of them but it wasn't possible because of time and money constraints. Tim talks about it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xa5IzHhAdi4
  4. They cancelled BG3 and gave us Dark Alliance 2 instead. I don't know if I should laugh or cry.
  5. Is it a real screenshot? Josh? Feargus?? ^^
  6. And the NWN2 mod is likely not going to be finished anytime soon, if it gets finished at all. Josh cancelled it. It was taking up too much of his personal time.
  7. I am sure that a lot of the ideas from BG3 are going to wind up in PROJECT ETERNITY! yay!
  8. lol pr0n >> Baldur's Gate assets apparently. ^^
  9. Josh and Feargus would know if it is real. Maybe we can get a response from them. The wikipedia page also says that the game was 80% done. Too bad it wasn't finished.
  10. Indeed. I would have made numerous backups and put them in different safes (personal and at the office). It is such a shame that the original assets of one the best games ever created is lost... probably forever. This is rather hard for to believe. I mean, they must have backed the stuff up to tape drives, cds and harddrives... but they still lost every backup? There was a long discussion about this (about 3-4 months ago, and I think it was split between twitter and the message boards). If I'm remembering correctly, the upshot was that the BG1/BG2 art assets (3D models & textures) were backed up -- but they were unable to find the backup after a through search of the Bioware offices. Keep in mind that it has been ~15 years since the last time anyone looked or cared about these assets, so it isn't that hard to believe. Were they stolen by an ex employee or something? Stuff like that just doesn't disappear into thin air.
  11. This is rather hard for to believe. I mean, they must have backed the stuff up to tape drives, cds and harddrives... but they still lost every backup?
  12. No. All they did was port the Inifinity Engine to Android (and added some content, i.e. companions and quests). Other than that it is exactly the same game, the graphics have not changed one bit either (don't they acces to the original assets?). It is interesting for those who have never played Baldur's Gate or want to play it on a tablet... but that is it in my opinion.
  13. Yeah, he would be a good addition to the team in my opinion. But Obsidian knows best.
  14. -New Class: Paladin Compromise --- Paladin AND Undead-summoning anti-paladin variant. Hmmm, a Paladin and an "evil necromancer anti-paladin". That gets my seal of approval. ^^
  15. Sure, it is a joke. It is a damn serious joke. And it will be one until wimps can be paladins again! Good, I'll have it changed then. Guess I'll do mine too then for the sake of a good protest. And Sistergoldring's title also? ^^
  16. Oh, I thought it was just a joke. lol ^^ I'll habe Fionavar update it tommorow then.
  17. I'd also say about 500. A lot of people will probably join during the zerg rush towards the end of the campaign... which will also be their last chance to join.
  18. +Romances +Paladin Class -Explicit child murder. There should at least be a HUGE penalty for killing kids, I would prefer if they are invincible or not included at all though.
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