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  1. Brothers and Sisters of the Obsidian Order! Welcome our newest members! RiceMunk, Sentient Mop of the Obsidian Order redneckdevil, Psycho Hillbilly of the Obsidian Order Rabidlamb, Berk Cutter of the Obsidian Order s_d, Necronaut of the Obsidian Order Inannachan, Kitten Cipher of the Obsidian Order adamsorkin, Mad Alchemist of the Obsidian Order CommonOddity, Oldefahg of the Obsidian Order Angus S, General of the Obsidian Order C2B, Lazy Assistant of the Obsidian Order Dominativus, Blood Reaver of the Obsidian Order And a very special welcome to Alvin Nelson, Deep Gnome of the Obsidian Order. The first Developer to join our Order!!! :D Btw, we now have 340 members - Go Obsidian Order, go!
  2. This is awesome. Welcome aboard George Ziets! (we will of course hit $2,8 million)
  3. Wow fantastic update! George Zeits will also be a fantastic addition to the team! And for all of us paladin lovers out there:
  4. Yes, one should definitely be able to play this game with only one hand. And there should also be modes for color blind people.
  5. Feargus just wrote this in the kickstarter chat: ^^ All Paladin lovers: Join the chat at 10.30am PST and thank Feargus that he saved us a lot of cash.
  6. ALL MEMBERS AND CANDIDATES; PLEASE READ After the Kickstarter has ended we will NOT be accepting any new members. You will also not be able to change your title anymore at this point! So choose your title wisely. Yes, this is official.
  7. @Lordcrash: The video is cool! Upload it to dailymotion (that should work) and post the link.
  8. Welcome! Please choose a title Rabidlamb. Uhm... Is it me or... has dlux not noticed the title given by Rabidlamb? "The Berk Cutter of the Obsidian Order" Even dlux makes a mistake sometimes. ^^
  9. No love for the wimps again? Doch, those are only the new members. Yout title will be changed when Fionavar comes online.
  10. These are the newest members of the Obsidian Order! Gorth, Grinning Skull of the Obsidian Order Jumble Murdersense, Apprentice Candle Dribbler of the Obsidian Order EidolonsFury, Vengeance of the Obsidian Order Remmirath, Obsidian Order's Knight of Chaos diablo169, Vorpal Bunny of the Obsidian Order Welcome! I am now sending the latest update to Fionavar.
  11. You are hopeless dlux. *sigh* Please, go and complain about somebody elses opinion and recommendation.
  12. you did everything right, don't forget the $8 pledge to join the Obsidian Order though!
  13. Awesome Gorth! But at least choose a title for the members list (just like Fionavar did)
  14. Thus speaks a true servant of the Marshmallow god! Dlux your order dictates that any distressed damsels so poorly equipped must immediately be wrapped in warm blankets and provided with soup as a prevention from catching cold! I fear you waver in your commitment and must do penance before the toasting fires of the Marshmallow God immediately! Oh, you ask so much of poor dlux. He is just a wimp paladin.
  15. Wimp Paladins prefer to streak. ^^ Beware Feargussaurus! In nothing but an Obsidian Order symbol painted on your chest... ???? Pretty much. To confuse the Feargussaurus while I save the damsel in distress (see pic).
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