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  1. Tried updating my drivers, patching the game again and playing other content and coming back later, but this bug is persisting. I am running out of content Anyone got any ideas?
  2. Just entered Cliaban Rilag in the entrance past the gap in the bridge and the map won' load properly no matter what I do(screenshot attahced). Any ideas on a fix for this?
  3. DocDoomII: I am sure your post was awesome, but I was so distracted by your awesome sig that I couldn't read it!
  4. Grimoires sound cool. I wonder if as well as varying in size they come with other sorts of enhancements. Grimoire that enhances fire spells, grimoire that gives you a +1 to intelligence when you are holding it or a sentient grimour that chants your spells for you as well as combat taunts - I call that grimoire Morte
  5. Haters going to hate. Just keep spreading the love to balance it out then pity them as they are proven wrong(or when they are proven right) and move on to hating something else.
  6. I will smash a few skulls in favour of your first option, but my heart tells me that the second option is the way to go. I think it is more about them expressing their appreciation to us then us deciding how we should be appreciated.
  7. An order of brewers so prestigious that we need our own Agent, Dark Night, Master Wetboy, Apprentice Wetboys etc. Too me centric?
  8. It is a very cool effect that gets ruined with over use, so the answer is simple. If it is going to be done it should be done specifically for a few really awesome abilities that can only be used once. It might be a lot of effort for a once of effect, but that would just add to the momentousness of it. I am not only thinking combat abilities either.
  9. The only thing a rat should drop is a rat's tail. If you are fighting the god of rats however, it may drop some rat's fangs + 8.
  10. Sorry Particia, Chad already has that title... oh, you actually mean transport mount! As you where.
  11. Wow, well done guys! Dwarven Brewmaster of the Obsidian Order. A round for everyone, on me!
  12. You are welcome guys. I have seen Feargus get into Q&A twice now - I think my work hours are at just the right time. If it happens again and I am not too busy I will give it an update.
  13. *Incomplete* Obsidian have been active on Kickstarter and answering a lot of questions. This is what I pulled from the last few hours. Wes - @Feargus, what do you think about the possibility of Jeremy Soule coming on to write the musical score? Obsidian - @Wes Not really sure at this point. Personally, I was really happy with what our internal audio guy, Justin Bell, did in the video. Not saying that is the choice, but he is itching to give it a shot. Ross - @Obsidian Entertainment (profile manager): Quick shout out to you! You don't have to answer this question now (and I would prefer a more official means because with this volume of regular comments I would never find your answer tomorrow morning ), but would Avellone, Cain, and co. comment as to how much modding your engine might allow? I beta tested with the Sith Lords Restored Content Mod and I remembered how much of a joy it was to the community to insert custom content and tweak the game to their liking. On another note, cheers! Mac OS X version and storyline expansion achieved! Obsidian - @Ross You got me tonight - Feargus. We are really not sure about the modding side of things yet. We will try to have more information out about that before the end of the campaign. Dablue - @Obsidian: How will the playing map be.. like in BG1 where you could walk from one map to the next.. or like in BG2 where you had a map with intrest points? Obsidian @Dablue We are thinking more like BG2, with the caveat that exploration is important so we are making sure the areas have plenty of open-ness about them. Raedwulf - @Obsidian Entertainment Could you give us some information on localization? Which languages will get support? There are would-be-backers who do not speak english at all. Also there is some information lacking about designing an NPC or high level item. A list of detailed questions gets gathered in your forum: http://forums.obsidi...h-level-widget/ Obsidian - @Raedwulf We will start having more coverage on our forums in the coming days. The reception has been pretty staggering and, to be honest, we were unprepared. Darren (co-founder) has been working practically night and day to move all of our hosting over to Amazon so we don't go down anymore. It seems like we are doing better today than we were doing a day or two in that area. Angus - @ Feargus any suggestions on what game to try if i want to get a feel for what PE will be like? Obsidian - @Angus I think your best bet is BG2. Torment is an awesome choice as well, however we were never totally happy with how combat ended up being in Torment. However, it was never the largest focus. Lukasz - @OE: Digital only tier: First, placing it between $65 and $100 is a little steep - Wasteland had at $55 and i think it was ideal. As for the addition to this tier in order of importance: Access to Beta, in game pictures/avatars, additional high res. art, additional copy of a game for friend (especially if the tier will be70+). Additionally, but not sure if this should restrict to any tier: as someone mentioned, DF documentary is great, I'm not saying it has to be movie, maybe some other cheaper digital form, but documenting the creative process, letting us know how step by step the idea becames final product. And letting us know the teazm behind the project better. And about the game content :I'd love as much as possible great art, I believe one or couple of great pictures are better than any cut-scene (I think game-engine generated cut-scenes nowe is the worst that could happen to games). Obsidian - @Lukasz Absolutely on the price, we have gotten a lot of requests in messages about having a medium priced digital tier ($55-ish) and a higher one (~$80-ish). Actually we've gotten requests for ones over $100 as well. Trying to listen and figure out how to make them all make sense and be worth it. Obsidian - @Dablue Special histories are what we did in the IWD games, in particular, where we wrote unique histories for the cool, more unique items that you can find in the game. Onsidian - Fun article on TIME - http://techland.time...ise-10-million/ Wodwo - @OE Has a decision been made about character avatars? Static portraits or customizable slider system? I really enjoy making a unique looking character and spend tons of time playing with sliders. What about camera? Static or rotating? Zoom? Obsidian - @Wodwo I don't want to speak out of turn on what we are doing with portraits just yet. As for the camera, it is going to be static. We are looking at zoom and a zoom that isn't just a blurring of the pixels. Chad -@Feargus What are your thoughts on romance? I know there are a lot of people against it - but I'm one of those people who finds that it humanizes the characters and adds more meaning to the adventure. I don't think romance should be front and centre, but it was great in BG2... Obsidian - @Chad Sorry!!! Totally meant to respond and got sidetracked. Rob (Art Director) just sent me over some new header art for updates. So romances. We are talking about them and seeing how we want to handle them. That's not a great answer I know. I do think that if we get another writer on board that we are talking right now (maybe an announcement soon on that) we will be able to talk about them more. Sam - @Obsidian - A lot of RPGs generally have problems with evil - you're often forced to be really blunt, thuggish and stupid. Will Eternity allow for a more intelligent and cunning evil, and let you plan ahead to do things that aren't obvious, but definitely on the darker side of morality? Obsidian - @Sam Our goal would be more sublime with evil. I don't know if I've every actually used sublime and meant it before. Josh and Avellone are great writers and believe in portraying evil in an interesting way rather than the knocking grandma down and taking her money rather than helping across the street way. However, there can be a place for that here and there as well. Obsidian - @Ronnie Keller - Totally get you and the "role" part of Role Playing is about getting to be someone you are not. So I think we will have your getting to play evil handled. Angus - @Feargus as i have never played any of the games you guys have said you guys have made (i know they are great games though) is this game along the lines of a kinda skyrim feel??? or is there another direction you guys are trying to take Obsidian - @Angus The games are pretty different. Skyrim is really a first person RPG that feels a little like GTA. The IE games are more about tactical combat and story. Now when it comes to lots of characters and deep RPG systems - they have more in common. Adam - @Feargus, I loved how BG was really an epic story stretched over two games and two expansions. I also loved being able to take my character from the goblin clubbing longbeard to the daemon destroying dwarven annihilator he was by the end of Throne of Bhaal. Is that something you would consider replicating for Eternity? i.e multiple games Obsidian - @Adam We would love to make multiple games and we are pretty sure that the first PE game will be a success. So, what we will probably do is launch another Kickstarter after PE is finished to fund the sequel. Getting to move away from publishers is, well, it's hard to explain... Ronnie - @Feargus Will it be possible to play a really evil character and to finish the game with him? Most of the times because of storytelling it is not possible to play the real bad guys. Will there be many different endings for the game? And please finish the game in an epic BG2 like way. I love to read about the rest of the lives about my characters. Obsdian - @Ronnie Keller - Absolutely on the endings, we love doing them that way. As for really evil - that's hard to answer. I don't know if we will go to cutting up children and storing them in your freezer level - but we will let you be pretty not nice person.
  14. Vote option three should have at least one misbehaved character... for, umm, authenticity... yeah.
  15. Legolas > Gimli Therefore Elves > Dwarves. I mean did you see all the orcs Legolas killed in Lord of the Rings? Gimli couldn't come close to being that awesome. Bah! You are assuming a straight up kill count determines awesomeness... lets get them in an ale drinking contest and see who is more awesome then!
  16. Can someone please tell me the next word up from awesome? Sounds awesome v2! On the topic of playing however you want, it would be awesome v3 if the game wasn't skewed towards being good. Balance in all things, especially when opening a path for the maniacally evil
  17. Ahh, but at the same time planning it for one game puts too many limits on what you can do with the story and with the characters - or in other words with how much you are forced to cut out. You can always have player choices culminate over the course of three games into an epic finale... I do see what you mean though. With a single, focused game, you are going to have a more refined experience and a more satisfying(or at least guaranteed) conclusion. Each side has its pros and cons.
  18. I am thinking we might have a shot at it going beyond a single game. The more articles I read, the clearer it becomes that they want to do something a bit more epic and prolonged than what can be done in a single game. http://www.gamebanshee.com/interviews/109456-project-eternity-interview.html http://kotaku.com/5942307/the-people-behind-fallout-and-planescape-are-making-my-dream-rpg The key deciding factors will be fan interest and the success of the first game though.
  19. One of my favourite things about the Baldurs Gate games was that among other things, your characters story, your characters companions, and the abilities of both progressed through multiple titles/expansions. It was not flawless, but it was damn good. So good that there was talk of making trying to make it one seamless adventure for the Baldurs Gate enhanced edition titles - and I believe there are mods for this also. I am very interested in the scope of this project and if it will be developed with future titles in mind. From what I have read, it looks like the devs are taking this into consideration and I thought it would be good to see what other people think. I think it would be crazy not to assume this project will be a success, and then design the game accordingly. Making the game with a sequel or even a trilogy in mind could result in something really special when it comes time to continuing your adventures in Eternity 2 & Eternity 3. - Do you want a stand alone game, or sequels? Would you like a trilogy story arc? Would you like an eternal story? i.e The story finishes, but just leads onto another story - as long as the support is there. - Should character progression be segmented? i.e Eternity 1 low to mid character power level, Eternity 2 mid to high, Eternity 3 high to epic. - Setting exploitation: In a dream universe where everything I want comes to true, Planescape: Torment was one of many titles. There was Planescape: Torment 2, Planescape: Justice and Planescape: Shadows for example. Can we dream that big with this setting?
  20. A fantasy RPG without the option to be a Dwarf would be like a seal without someone to club it! OK, that was maybe a bit too much, but Longknife started it! But seriously, there were no Dwarves in Planescape: Torment... it is time to right that wrong! I will just make one with my Kickstarter reward if I have to Wanna share the wealth? On topic: I love it when Dwarves are right. When they are shallow grunting axe wielding beer drinkers, and thats it, I'm never a fan. But those Dwarves which have a passion for what they believe in, drink beer, and wield axes into the heads of a thousand foes, are incredibly awesome. Also add some spark to them. Like the Warhammer Fantasy Slayer Dwarves were really cool. Trust me Klaleara, there is no wealth. I just had a credit card and suffered through ten years of RPG neglect - minus the time I spent playing DAO. I agree with you completely. When they made the Lord of the Rings movies, they did not show nearly enough Dwarf! Gimli is cool, but he should not be somebodies only exposure to Dwarves. They have a regal side mixed in with their ale swilling skull crushing side. I slapped a friend once for saying "Though shall not toss a Dwarf!" too much. R.A Salvatore's Dwarves are where it's at.
  21. A fantasy RPG without the option to be a Dwarf would be like a seal without someone to club it! OK, that was maybe a bit too much, but Longknife started it! But seriously, there were no Dwarves in Planescape: Torment... it is time to right that wrong! I will just make one with my Kickstarter reward if I have to
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