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  1. Tried updating my drivers, patching the game again and playing other content and coming back later, but this bug is persisting. I am running out of content Anyone got any ideas?
  2. Just entered Cliaban Rilag in the entrance past the gap in the bridge and the map won' load properly no matter what I do(screenshot attahced). Any ideas on a fix for this?
  3. DocDoomII: I am sure your post was awesome, but I was so distracted by your awesome sig that I couldn't read it!
  4. Grimoires sound cool. I wonder if as well as varying in size they come with other sorts of enhancements. Grimoire that enhances fire spells, grimoire that gives you a +1 to intelligence when you are holding it or a sentient grimour that chants your spells for you as well as combat taunts - I call that grimoire Morte
  5. Haters going to hate. Just keep spreading the love to balance it out then pity them as they are proven wrong(or when they are proven right) and move on to hating something else.
  6. I will smash a few skulls in favour of your first option, but my heart tells me that the second option is the way to go. I think it is more about them expressing their appreciation to us then us deciding how we should be appreciated.
  7. An order of brewers so prestigious that we need our own Agent, Dark Night, Master Wetboy, Apprentice Wetboys etc. Too me centric?
  8. It is a very cool effect that gets ruined with over use, so the answer is simple. If it is going to be done it should be done specifically for a few really awesome abilities that can only be used once. It might be a lot of effort for a once of effect, but that would just add to the momentousness of it. I am not only thinking combat abilities either.
  9. The only thing a rat should drop is a rat's tail. If you are fighting the god of rats however, it may drop some rat's fangs + 8.
  10. Sorry Particia, Chad already has that title... oh, you actually mean transport mount! As you where.
  11. Wow, well done guys! Dwarven Brewmaster of the Obsidian Order. A round for everyone, on me!
  12. You are welcome guys. I have seen Feargus get into Q&A twice now - I think my work hours are at just the right time. If it happens again and I am not too busy I will give it an update.
  13. *Incomplete* Obsidian have been active on Kickstarter and answering a lot of questions. This is what I pulled from the last few hours. Wes - @Feargus, what do you think about the possibility of Jeremy Soule coming on to write the musical score? Obsidian - @Wes Not really sure at this point. Personally, I was really happy with what our internal audio guy, Justin Bell, did in the video. Not saying that is the choice, but he is itching to give it a shot. Ross - @Obsidian Entertainment (profile manager): Quick shout out to you! You don't have to answer this question now (and I wou
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