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  1. There's character model files in the game (or at least there was in the beta) for Devil of Caroc, and there was also a portrait. I think he evolved into Thaos, but I may be wrong.
  2. Yes, the technical side of the game is clearly the best thing about it IMO. I deduct a couple of points for overusing procedural blur behind lights in the environment art (thus blurring the art) and for the poor performance with lots of units. Combat and Narrative were both massive let downs for me though.
  3. Unfortunately this doco is more aimed at people that didn't follow the game I guess. I did, so there were only a few bits in there that were 'new'. The recording of the trailer music bit with the mini-orchestra in the foyer was a nice touch. Was cool to see some of the people that were more in the shadows during the development cycle as well (Dimitri, Hector, Antonio etc).
  4. I know the IE mod lets you reduce the autosaves, but any workaround for #2 (i.e. replacing the images or something)? Nah. Areas are already compressed with DXT1.
  5. There are three things that cause long load times. #1 - Autosaves #2 - Size of area art image (on disk) #3 - Resources for the area (units, 3D models, textures etc etc etc) The largest area in the game by size on disc is Sun in Shadow Level 1 or something (312 MB), smallest is like 8MB (small interior). Larger areas generally mean more content and thus resources. Autosaves adding heaps of time to level loads can be rectified and loading resources can be optimized. The IE games also loaded slowly back in the day as well, but load times got better with patches/new titles and as machines got faster.
  6. I challenge you to find the post, because I have not been mentioned by name anywhere except in one Kickstarter update where it says Sensuki, coffeetable and Tagomika asked questions about outsourcing ... so here's an update about outsourcing (Environment Art). They changed the 'core system' (I think you mean Attribute system?) after feedback from Internal QA. One of the internal QA guys (Nick Carver) is now a Junior System Designer for Pillars of Eternity. If you want to know who influenced the design - that might be a place to start. Yes, interrupts now end engagement. This was not something I had anything to do with. If you wanted them to not end engagement it wouldn't be very difficult to edit, you could submit a request for an option in the IE mod which is now being overseen by BWallace if you wanted it removed. Do you mean from D&D? I prefer natural 20 crits as well, but they were never in Pillars of Eternity. Can you be more specific? Once again, homogenization of classes is not something I like either. Once again, please elaborate. What number of attacks from where? Interrupt builds have always been 'useless' in Pillars of Eternity IMO because they don't do anything except interrupt. And once again, it was not my idea to remove accuracy from attributes, I hated that change. All of these 'changes' from D&D - no natural die roll crits, homogenized class design, attack speed system and attributes are all decisions made by Obsidian. These are all things that I don't like. Yes, we made a paper on Attributes and it may have said some things that you didn't like but none of our designs were ever used or even remotely influenced what they did with the design. There's only one mechanic in the game that I may have had some impact on and that is recovery time no longer being completely paused while moving. Otherwise most 'design' changes I have talked about have been actively ignored. Your quarrel is elsewhere.
  7. None of that is true man. You're using a couple of facts from different places and eras but twisting them to make up your own story either out of delusion or for the purpose of intentional smearing, or possibly both. I was not mentioned in any dev stream. I've never heard Josh mention any specific backer in an interview OR a stream. The bit where you say they 'were moving away from taking board user feedback' you have twisted up. This statement is taken from something they said on the forums (and probably somewhere else), and they did state that they were trying to avoid taking any suggestions or feedback when they did their internal playthrough because they wanted to focus on fixing the stuff that they found when they did it. There are tons of bits of feedback that they took all the way up to release. One thing they did do was stop to drastically change gameplay features. You have no idea what I think. By the way, if you haven't realized yet bro, the only thing different between the Perception Attribute now and the v257 Attribute system which you loved so much is that the Attribute now gives +1 Deflection as well as some interrupt. Once again, you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Neither of us said anything about removing Accuracy, anywhere, ever. I was vocally angry about it, actually. They did not remove it because of anything we did. Plus, I'm not even sure you could explain how the attack resolution system worked as you seem to have a completely imaginary view of the game systems. All of the blame, actually. The only person making vast sweeping generalizations is you. I don't believe there is a single person on this forum other than yourself that believes that we had any influence on the attribute system. Most people will say that they actively ignored our feedback on it.
  8. We have nothing to do with the attribute system used for the game. Thankyou very much. Yes it sucks, but it has nothing to do with either me or Matt516. Everything we've said regarding it has been completely ignored, so you can blame Josh Sawyer/Obsidian for it, thankyou very much.
  9. single most important feature in a rpg, also make sure to be inclusive and make everyone bisexual
  10. Yes, there are lots of text and font bugs in this game. There's also a bug when you use anything that scrolls, font kerning will completely screw up and text will begin to blur in some places.
  11. Anyone interested in a sealed signed Collector's Edition, Guidebook Vol. 1, Audio CD and Playing cards when my DRM free disc ever does arrive?
  12. Ohioastro prefers Morrowind to the Infinity Engine games and has played a lot of Oblivion, Skyrim and MMOs. Don't confuse what they want with what he wants.
  13. The posts I am referring to was during the beta, when I was a "productive member of society" . The fact that the game is not very mod friendly on the area modding front is no longer a concern of mine, I am simply informing the people who were discussing the subject in the thread. I'd like to hear more about this losing credibility though, please enlighten me suck a d1ck f4ggot lol
  14. Regarding modding, there are two ways to pack scenes (areas) in Unity. Assetbundles and Sharedassets. Assetbundles are mod-friendly, as *.unity3d files can be edited with a Unity 4.6 Pro custom plug-in. Obsidian chose to use Sharedassets instead, which are not mod friendly and there is no current way to get into those files on the data side. You can only do stuff through C# scripting on level load. We asked them to change their file format and asked for an answer, all we got was silence, and no change - which I take as "No we're not going to change our format, but we're better off not telling you to avoid being flamed".
  15. It's also the same two or three one word greetings for each sex over and over again. Some of the VO was very poorly recorded as well (GM for example) - I have not seen that in a game of this caliber before.
  16. This game is going in the opposite direction of my preferences but I thought the amount of VO in the game as a total number of lines was fine, but the distribution of that VO was geared more towards feeling AAA than replicating the VO style of the Infinity Engine games. Personally I thought there was too much companion VO and too much plot-critical NPC VO. There could have been more/better opening lines for other NPCs and way better/more companion voice sets, which were extremely disappointing / not even good. I also think less VO with better actors would have also been preferable.
  17. influence of change does not have to be direct. The mod increased the amount of people talking about changing companion builds. It was a function talked about everywhere, and people said they liked it. Back in the very early beta before Bester's mod tools. I modded the Inventory to be 16 slots (used to be 8 ). Everyone thought that 16 was better, so they changed it back to 16. People were already asking for more inventory slots but the mod increased the chatter.
  18. I see gromnir is still arguing about "back in the bis board days this were the general consensus and it is the holy word"
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