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  1. Not at all actually. It would have probably saved time on the project trying it earlier though. Rather than going through all the previous (not as good, even statistically) implementations. There was some resistance to our idea by them based on some rather silly things like "Deflection feeling wrong on Resolve" - which ended up happening anyway, and Accuracy and Interrupt's overlap being a "dead end design wise". Looks like they changed their mind about both of those things though, hahah. I must admit it's been a while since I've even bothered to check developer posts but I used to read them every day during the beta and I never saw any posts like that and even if they thought that it's not something they would say in public. Regardless, they did implement stuff I suggested. I'm also not upset about anything that I suggested not making it into the game because I don't believe anything I suggested would have changed my opinion on the full game. I was hoping that the problems I was having in the beta wouldn't be as big of a deal in the full game (the devs also kinda backed up that outlook), but unfortunately it turned out to be the opposite. Instead the problems were magnified, and there were more of them My theory was (during v435-v492 days) that after the multiplicative calculation was changed to an additive one that +1 Accuracy and +3 or 6% Interrupt would actually be quite good, balance wise. A good choice for any class as everyone needs accuracy and the accuracy augments the Interrupt (as the Deflection indirectly augments the Concentration), so those that don't really need the Interrupt get something out of it as well. I thought it would be better for caster classes that focus on duration-based effects. For those types of classes there's not really that much of a reason to choose Perception because they don't really get anything out of it. With accuracy, now there would be a very good reason to choose it. I also recall Josh stating that they would have another look at Attributes after the game was released because they needed to focus on bug-fixing.
  2. This may sound very "Bah Humbug", but which combat stats are tied to which attributes is such a minor problem compared to the rest of the issues with the game that I didn't even end up bothering to release it as a mod/part of the IE Mod (I did make it and test it though, in v492). I'm probably going to include my expansion keys in the sale of my phyiscal CE of the game when I sell it.
  3. You're probably right. He set Shevek loose on SA as well, that thread is on fire about it. Anyway, that's enough from me on this topic.
  4. You are free to make up whatever delusions about it that you like I'm not the one complaining about it on multiple forums because the Codex isn't paying attention
  5. (I may like the tag, but if it's ugly, I don't see Dark Underlord beating me in a UT 1v1 )
  6. I took a stand based on the quality of Codexian content (which has become a controversial topic as of late), which was backed by some of the staff members (including one who was also privy to the PM until he ejected from it) and many of the forum members. I did so with the consultation of around 15 other Codexers. As a result, we got Vault Dweller and Grunker's (partial) review which offers a more measured outlook and doesn't give a free pass on various obvious faults with the game, and does not serve as an advertisement or propaganda piece. I'm content with the outcome (and the fallout) and I've never been afraid to be in the line of fire. As to publishing the review Shevek - go right ahead. I wanted to expose what you guys were doing, TBH I was actually surprised that it was not published.
  7. You can all band together and try and revert my bug reports if you like I like how you still play the 'didn't listen' card Shevek. What didn't they listen to me about that would have made any difference to my enjoyment of the game [taking into account the IE Mod] ?
  8. Are you going to participate in the beta? Should be fun toe-to-toeing with Irenaeus.
  9. I suppose so, although personally I found it humorous both times. If anything, it makes my posts more noticeable although I only really check that forum once every now and again and generally only reply to posts related to myself or the Codex. I only came here today because this thread was linked in my Codex thread. Anyway, nice to see you Sarex. ciao
  10. That's just the Codex. Most of the posts in that thread are sarcastic. That's also the second custom avatar I've had on SA I got that one for posting negative impressions about the game and calling out the combat for not being tactical.
  11. http://www.rpgcodex.net/forums/index.php?threads/the-shill-brigade-pillars-of-eternity-propaganda-review.100012/
  12. Looks like Sean Dunny got his wish to work on some snow-based environments. If nothing else, I bet the environment art will be really nice.
  13. Good luck on your future endeavors and may your good ideas be held back no longer.
  14. Sometimes, yes If you read the comments though, most people thought the review was really bad quality and belongs on Eurogamer or IGN
  15. As long as the Something Awful and badgame forums support the mechanic (which they do) it will not be removed. Those are Sawyer's home forums and the mechanic was designed for their preferences.
  16. This review exists solely to defend the game (actually not kidding), rather than to review it. Therefore it is no surprise that the content of the review is quite weak. As TheisEjsing noted. Nah it's just increasing Infinitron influence
  17. Anyone want to buy my Signed Collector's Edition? Still sealed, new in box!
  18. The files are in the Unity file system. You'll need disunity or Unity Studio to extract them.
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