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  1. I can't remember where the faster movement stuff came from, but it definitely wasn't me. I even tried to slow down movement speed before I enlisted Bester's aid.
  2. Predicted this over a year ago lol It is the wishes of the majority of the Something Awful and badgame crowd
  3. Yeah WTF o_O Aren't Karkarov's the default? They're *WAY* better than those.
  4. The first game didn't exactly run very well ... (That is, when unit count in areas was high, FPS dropped into the 20s - which is very poor)
  5. ah, cool. I liked all the pre-release stuff you did last game. Hope you'll do some of that again. I won't be backing this I don't think, as I didn't enjoy the original and I highly doubt I'll enjoy the sequel either (even though I'm sure it will be an improvement). The change to the design team may make some difference, but I'm not sure. I also now have a lot less free time than I did during the Pillars 1 Kickstarter. Full-time work and a 3 hour return commute. I do testing on the Copper Dreams Kickstarter though, and I did some for Expeditions Viking.
  6. Well I recall Feargus saying that sequels usually don't sell as well as the first game, and are often done at a reduced budget. Whether or not this is the case for PE2 is yet to be seen.
  7. According to Infinitron, it is true (at least, that's what I gather from this post: http://www.rpgcodex.net/forums/index.php?threads/obsidian-general-discussion-thread.84849/page-145#post-4760711)
  8. Bit of an update to this one: http://www.rpgcodex.net/forums/index.php?threads/codex-torment-gamescom-appointment-cancelled.110327/page-83#post-4717147
  9. Good UX doesn't coincide with year released IMO, but it was bad, I agree. The Director's Cut made it even worse.
  10. The PR agency stated in their first email to the interviewers "don't worry we haven't blacklisted you guys". My interpretation is they were referring to their own company's future events.
  11. The reception of the beta was not negative, from memory. I don't really think it had much to do with what the Codex thought of the PC version of the game. It could have been largely Techland's doing and this is the first title they have published. If it was them, they're showing their clear inexperience at it, that's for sure. However inXile also did not intervene either, so as tuluse said on their official forums - "message received". As for you gromnir, you're just up to your usual tricks and are selectively ignoring information. Anyone can see through that, and I'm not replying to you further in this thread.
  12. I know you know better than that. I highly doubt they asked for all RPGWatch editor personal information
  13. Articles can and are 'published' by a number of staff. It's besides the point/focusing on wrong detail. I'm sure people would love the satisfaction of hearing that from a developer's mouth, but most aren't so careless.
  14. They asked for the personal information of the person who made the posts after they cancelled the Gamescom interview. Infinitron had nothing to do with the Gamescom interview. Nah I pledged more, but apparently since I redeemed my Torment Alpha and Beta keys they were unable to re-imburse those.
  15. I think you might be misinterpreting something here.
  16. Yeah, thread is here: http://www.rpgcodex.net/forums/index.php?threads/codex-torment-gamescom-appointment-cancelled.110327/ Summary: Bubbles and JarlFrank (who wrote excellent pieces from last year's GamesCom) had their appointment cancelled by inXile/Techland on August 11th because of some posts Infinitron made on the forums on July 19th, stating that there would be a Torment presentation at Gamescom, possibly featuring new areas. inXile announced they were attending Gamescom some days after the posts were made, but the cancellation came about 3 weeks later, a few days before Gamescom. The PR agency also asked for Infinitron's personal information - name, email address etc, Codex staff declined to give it. As far as we are aware, the information that there was going to be a Torment presentation at Gamescom was not confidential / under NDA. The information they received stated that the information about the console release was strictly confidential / under NDA and said nothing about the presentation itself. I posted something worse than that about the Pillars of Eternity pre-release press version, and merely was asked to remove some information from a post on NEOGaf by Brandon Adler. That was it. Staff members have tried to contact inXile, Techland and the PR Agency further to try and clarify the issue, but all three parties have been completely silent. Posts asking about it on their facebook pages have been deleted. I complained and asked for a refund because of it and was given one, but the support staff member who answered my email didn't mention why, just that it was approved. It either seems like a really bad PR failure on inXile's behalf or they may have invented the reason to stonewall the Codex due to the poor reception of the console release announcement on our forums. It's a very strange occurrence though because their peers Obsidian and (in particular) Larian are very receptive to our community, despite moderate negativity towards their games. It is true that Infinitron probably shouldn't have said anything, but is it worth cancelling an interview and stonewalling (possibly blacklisting?) our entire community over?
  17. I was offered a refund for my complaint about the Console release and cancellation of the RPGCodex Interview at Gamescom.
  18. I think that's just a sample model for the PC (who you can customize). My first thought was 80's.
  19. Nice Copper Dreams update including Stealth Systems detail and Experience system detail: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1649838104/copper-dreams/posts/1591538 Also a cool updated character art gif
  20. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1649838104/copper-dreams/posts/1578885
  21. The last update on that was last year I think, when it was delayed from 2015 to 2016 ?
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