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  1. I'm not playing solo but you obviously understand the game a lot so I hope you can offer insight. Is it possible to build a viable dual wielding rogue that doesn't have a ton of might? I'm playing an elven female rogue and for RP purposes I just don't want to get a ton of might. Can I make do with say 13? I was thinking along these lines: Might: 13 Con: 6 Dex: 18 Per: 16 Int: 12 Res: 13 I was thinking that relatively high deflection from Per and Res would balance out low Con. And obviously I'll be putting my tank(s) front and center. I'm barely ~1 hour into the game so I can restart if needed. (already have twice hah)
  2. Is there any reason to? This is often something I wonder about in RPGs, what is the point of being able to use scrolls on a spellcaster if he can already, you know, cast the same spells them sans scrolls?
  3. Anyone want to post your rogue builds? I'm about to restart and I would love to get some ideas.
  4. I hope you guys can buy a yacht off of this.
  5. I'm not min-maxing or anything, but I would like to know before I get too far if I can "make it work". (without spoiling me on any specifics) Might: 9 Con: 8 Dex: 18 Per: 18 Intellect: 14 Res: 12 I'm playing an elf and choose my stats more from a RPing perspective, but if this is going to kill me late game I'd like to know. I'm on hard ATM but considering restarting on the hardest difficulty - probably not the best idea since I just .
  6. Playing on hard - I started with expert mode but quickly turned it off as I find the various combat tooltips, AOE display etc. super useful. Also - as much as I would like to turn off the dialogue display that tells you what emotion it's expressing, sometimes it's ambiguous so I feel the need to have it on.
  7. I'm very early in - but I'm reminded just how awesome good writing is playing this game. I enjoy the modern action-RPGs of today (Mass Effect etc.), but frankly I find myself far more immersed by a well written description of a character's reaction/features in this game than anything I've played in the last few years. Combined with the nice modern UI touches (UI is seriously awesome I love how easy it is to see what various gameplay mechanics do) it's just killer.
  8. Just wondering if I should bother downloading before getting my new PC . EDIT: Yes I know it says Vista is required but a lot of games on steam/elsewhere will run on XP even though it lists Vista or 7 as a requirement.
  9. Your sig is awesome ^ I wish I could steal that but I'd feel lame doing so.
  10. I wonder how many sales are actually happening to make something go #1? Like what kind of numbers are we talking per minute? I've been impressed when such relatively niche titles as Valkyria Chronicles hit #1 for even a day or two.
  11. This sounds so much like me ... I work 4PM-1AM shift at work and rather than going to bed when I get home like a normal human being I like to stay up till 6 or 7 and then wake up at 3 in the afternoon. Fun stuff.
  12. How do I pre-load if I pre-ordered the DRM free version? ("Digital Download Plus")
  13. I thought Avellone hated Star Wars? Hopefully this will be another twist on it like KOTOR 2.
  14. Rob is the guy who was showing off all his vodka during the stream right?
  15. Just started playing this for the first time and it's so nice to see some grayness and ambiguity and GOOD DIALOGUE in a Star Wars related thing. Combat is still kind of a chore but meh. I'm still waiting to find a game with this kind of writing paired with ToEE combat system...
  16. I'm only about 5 hours into BG2 (first time) so maybe my opinion isn't worth much but I haven't been that impressed with Minsc as a comic relief character thusfar. I think Shale from DA:O is much more interesting and humorous. Minsc just seems kinda cheezy and trying too hard to me. And just not funny frankly. People have different senses of humor though. Shale though---solid.
  17. Been playing Tome4 lately, it got a new release. Man this game is ridiculously fun and brutally challenging. It really makes the "difficulty" in other games seem laughable. But it makes it so much more satisfying when you finally annihilate some insane boss. (it's hard but fair, when you die it's usually because you made a clear mistake) It also has the best classes I've seen in an RPG ever. Check it out if you have any interest in roguelikes or RPGs (this one happens to have solid tile graphics and an amazing interface to boot)
  18. +1. I regret posting in this thread, wish I could delete it. Oh well. It's there for all eternity now
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