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  1. Russel Crowe didn't really show up in that many episodes. I'm surprised that Towelie didn't make it in(except loading screens, those don't count). No idea if they are planning to make any DLC or not but if they do I think Towelie is an absolute must.
  2. You don't have to keep them alive the entire game. They just have to be alive every time combat ends. There are more than enough revive potions and the perk that makes all revives be at full health helps. It's ok if they die, just make sure you bring them back before you finish off the last enemy. It's very easy to get this trophy, you just have to pay attention.
  3. I wrapped up the platinum trophy about a week or two ago. Finished everything on 5th playthrough but I didn't start hunting for trophies until the 3rd playthrough.
  4. Just that tank MMO they announced that nobody here cares about.
  5. Expansion packs, DLC, sequels and generally more South Park to play would be amazing, Obsidian you have my full support in this. But multiplayer, **** NO!!! This game just like every other truly great game worth playing is single player and that should be where it stays. Any form of multiplayer is an enormous waste of resources, time and money that amount to nothing more than greatly diminishing a game's potential.
  6. You can't skip that one and it is annoying as hell but he will finish....eventually. Just wait it out.
  7. Make sure you are wearing the full goth outfit or the goth kids won't talk to you. I usually put some real armor on for when I go to do the PTA mission and then to fight the nazi zombies but you have to put the goth outfit back on before the goth kids will acknowledge that you have the picture and you can continue with the mission.
  8. Maybe it's just me, but I put F2P MMO's in the same quality rank as 'mobile games'... you aren't? Larian seems to do fine on making only non-AAA projects? Larian do good work. They don't make the kind of RPGs that entail a lot of moral choices(at least not choices that provide the kind of deep and far reaching consequences that Obsidian do) but they do awesome work nonetheless. Their games may not be AAA from the budget perspective but they are a lot better than 99.99% of AAA games out there.
  9. So, you want them to downsize and make less games? What? Pillars of Eternity won't bring in enough money to go fully indepenendent and suddenly produce big AAA titles. There's people that are fans of Obsidian's AAA titles as well. That would be an argument if Obsidian wasn't doing RPG's anymore. They are. They currently have the most rpgy project in production they EVER did. No, I understand they need to do what projects they can but I'd rather them do more RPGs instead of MMOs. On one hand I'm tempted to buy this MMO and not play it just to help them have a successful launch and hopefully the project will be a success for them but on the other hand I'm afraid that if it's really successful they might turn around and say: "Hey, MMOs work great for us, so you know what? F*** RPGs, let's turn everything into an MMO!!" and then all the games from them that I love would have MMO sequels in which case I would be horribly upset to see a sudden end to any excitement or desire I would have for Obsidian games.
  10. I agree with the OP, MMOs are a no go for me and my final faith in the future of RPGs is with Obsidian, inXile and CDPR.....this is it, the last three, if these fail RPGs will be no more. I hope that Pillars of Eternity sells big time and brings enough profits that Obsidian will then be able to go fully independent. After that I'd want to see a true core RPG find greater success than all the GTA games combined.
  11. A tank MMO? That is completely new territory for Obsidian. I don't play multiplayer or MMOs but I might give it a shot since it's FTP iirc, we'll see. I wasn't expecting them to announce such a drastic deviation from what they usually do. A Stick of Truth sequel or DLC would be welcome though.
  12. Oh....I forgot people can....like, not side with Kyle or something.....ooops? My bad. I only fought Kyle once for the relevant trophy, beyond that siding with Wizard Fatass is inconceivable to me. I don't so much care that he's fat, it's just that he's an egotistical sociopath.....but the game doesn't really show the worst of Cartman.
  13. I have farted on the main door, and my friends have entered. Now I'm just stuck. You can't go through the doors by where the catapult is? The door Butters escaped through?
  14. Critic scores were great, I just hope the sales are insanely high too so we can really get huge DLC and sequels.
  15. A lot of things made me laugh hysterically.....hard to pick a favorite but being named Douchebag is definitely at the very top. And Butters trying to hurry you up to save Princess Kenny at the Giggling Donkey: "Yes, make sure to check every little cranny Douchebag, Princess Kenny is just being raped."....I'm just paraphrasing here and he has other lines about it but the whole thing is insanely funny especially because your name is Douchebag. At one point Kyle refers to Cartman as "Wizard Fatass" and Jimmy having the power to open pathways reserved for the handicapped and a lot more.
  16. You can take it however you like but it's the truth. As for bugs....you can go into the support forums of any recent game and you'll find a similar or larger amount of topics and issues. It's next to impossible to account for all variations and possibilities when it comes to what players can do. Even the best QA in the world won't be able to test every object with every possible interaction in all possible places in the game with all possible companion and enemy and NPC.....etc, etc, etc. The variations are nearly infinite.....it's the freedom and interaction that makes games amazing but occasionally something unpredictable or unforeseen happens and something breaks. It's the nature of the game industry. I've been playing games for a couple of decades now so I certainly know what it feels like to run into a game breaking issue. Not much one can do, either wait for a patch, try to identify the cause and avoid it in a new playthrough or just play again at the risk of running into the same issue. At some point I've done all three of these with some game or another. For example at the PTA building when you take the conformist protest sign what happens when a player(*cough* me *cough*) is distracted and didn't pay attention and after the cutscene doesn't approach the table and gets instructed to go to the bathroom? Could something break if I just go into the bathroom before Randy says for me to go there? I did that, still carrying the sign in my hands and when I picked up the chinpokomon no pop-up on the screen or noise saying I got it so was it added to my inventory? Not sure I reloaded. What happens if i go to Mr. Mackey and leave the building to do his quest and then do other crazy things and return there who knows when? Does it break something if I'm gone for four hours but not if I'm gone three hours and fifty nine minutes? Game code is complex and really not straight forward. If the case of this scenario I think it had something to do with one of the tutorial actions I was supposed to do with Randy getting bugged, I'm not sure. Eventually I got past but the point stands....it's easy to get angry and frustrated and place blame but expecting a 100% bug free game is not exactly reasonable. These forums are nearly dead, hardly anyone posts and there are hours and hours inbetween....given how well received this game was and how popular South Park and Obsidian are this game is doing pretty good.
  17. Have you looked under your collectibles tab to see if the witch outfit says 3/3? Have you checked every other item under the collectible to ensure nothing is blacked out with "???" for an name and that every outfit says 3/3? There is a bug to where even after you pick up everything in the game the map still thinks there are 3 pieces of equipment in the school and six pieces of equipment in Kyle's yard but this won't keep the trophies from popping. There are quite a few hidden treasure chests in Kyle's yard too, you have to be gnome size to reach two and two are hidden in the tents there. Have you got all those? On your map, select to display treasure and all it should show are 3 pieces at the school and 6 at Kyle's house(these are bugs) and nothing else. If any other place says there's treasure then you're missing something and some items can only be obtained during a certain mission, for example when you have to choose to fight Kyle or Cartman there's treasure in that room, including a sword that you must pick up before you start the fight or you'll never have another chance to get it.
  18. Look at the back of the room and you'll see the catapult Butters was using to launch fire balls at you with some stuff on fire.....go next to it and press the interaction button(X on PS3, A on 360 or whatever it is PC players use as an alternative), this will launch the fire balls at the main door and set some stuff on fire. Then you can fart on that fire to blast it open so that your friends can enter and they'll unlock the door Butters escaped through.
  19. Patches need to go through a certification period after they are complete iirc and even then it takes time to release a patch because they won't put one out for a single issue....they'll fix dozens of issues at a minimum in a patch though hundreds is more common so it'll probably be a month or two before you see them. I have a disc copy of Stick of Truth on the PS3 and only experienced annoyances, nothing serious or terminal in the five playthroughs it took me to wrap up the platinum. Though I have noticed that in Canada it's easier for the game to get framerate drops though saving, quitting out of the game completely and rebooting it solved those for me. Beyond that I just had common issues, not all of which were bugs like the difficult button mashing sequences and such. In the words of cartman ' yar breaking my balls man' 1-2 months.... thats unacceptable to release a game with underlying issues, even people who dont have game hampering bugs, a lot of my friends have felt the frame rates dip randomly (Though saving and rebooting does the trick). I basically paid £50 quid for a broken product. I want to restart and play again with a different character but imagine playing another 10 hours only for it to glitch again......... not taking the risk for my TV's sake I find it surprisingly well polished for a game, all games have some issues......this is normal, expecting a bug free game is not exactly reasonable. As for the patch taking months....that's quite normal and not really under Obsidian's control. The certification process for a finished patch takes weeks and is quite expensive so they really can't be popping patches every other day. The game is definitely worth the wait though.
  20. agree. This is taking way too long to get fixed. Not really, it's taking a normal amount of time to get fixed. Patches take time to develop, it's too costly and too time consuming for them to put out a patch for every individual issue as is for any game. This is why patches are few and months apart but usually each patch will solve a large variety of issues, usually hundreds. This certainly is an annoyance and I can understand how it can be a game stopper for many and that's a pity but the fact is we aren't likely to see a patch for at least a month or two and it's not really possible for Obsidian to get one out to us any sooner. All that can really be said here is that this game is amazing and definitely worth the pain to get past this sequence or the wait for the patch if this really is a game stopper for you.
  21. This^^^ Yep, the sequence is too difficult to complete normally. I had to adapt as well to survive this sequence....the thumb is too inaccurate and too slow for me to get this because you have to press the button really fast and you really cannot afford to miss any button press or to have your finger slip.
  22. I read about this too, worth a try. But I can't attest to the accuracy of it because I got the "Chinpokolypse"(collect all chinpokomon), "Full Arsenal"(all clothes and weapons) and "For the Hoarder"(sell nothing until you finish the game) trophies on the same playthrough. I didn't hold back on picking up junk either, looted every corner and looked under every rock and left nothing behind.
  23. It is great but personally I don't like mixing up costume pieces. I get free attacks by killing enemies with specific powers, beyond that I just stack negative status effects on most enemies. Broken bottle+fire upgrade = grossed out + bleeding + burning on four enemies after one action and even the bosses will suffer A LOT of damage at the end of every turn. Thousands upon thousands of damage which is basically like me getting a lot of free super-attacks every single turn. Then if you get the perks to deal extra damage on enemies that are bleeding, grossed out and burning plus the perk that increase your melee damage(not the one when you are in critically low health, just the ones that say you do more damage with melee).....you do the math. The results are devastating.
  24. Try pushing the right stick down, rotate it and hold it in the up position(don't release it or push it straight up) and then rotate the left stick around slowly until the ball starts to shake. Once the ball shakes hold both sticks in their respective positions until it breaks. Or at least that's how it should work, just using the right stick won't work. EDIT: good to see you managed it, these things aren't particularly difficult though I think Obsidian did a poor job explaining them in the game and the tutorials aren't always as helpful as they should be.
  25. A good review and from what I've been reading around the PC version definitely suffers from being just a console port. The game is absolutely fantastic but I would caution anyone unfamiliar with South Park to go watch a few seasons of the show before even thinking of touching the game for the simple fact that it's designed to offend.....that's what South Park is all about, what lines they can possibly cross and then going for it. Beyond that the game is remarkably well polished and all I really suffered from on PS3 were some minor annoyances and the fact that I can't seem to find Towelie anywhere other than on load screens, this will deffinitely need DLC.
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