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  1. You both make valid points and I never expect any game to be bug free as someone will always find something. But this game is pretty linear compared to any open world games and a lot of these bugs are from just progressing in the main story. The fact is I paid for a triple A game and shouldn't just be told like the numerous others here with problems 'just wait ..could take a month'. I appreciate things take time, I actually went to Sony for a refund as ill buy the game again when it works. I had to contact the publisher to get a reference then call Sony again.. who basically tried give me the cold shoulder and said they will call me under 10 days 'Couldn't guarantee a refund' after they make their assessment. Absolutely sickening ... I should have a right to a refund if something I got does not work. I don't mind waiting a little but if a patch going take over a month then we should all be entitled for refunds
  2. Patches need to go through a certification period after they are complete iirc and even then it takes time to release a patch because they won't put one out for a single issue....they'll fix dozens of issues at a minimum in a patch though hundreds is more common so it'll probably be a month or two before you see them. I have a disc copy of Stick of Truth on the PS3 and only experienced annoyances, nothing serious or terminal in the five playthroughs it took me to wrap up the platinum. Though I have noticed that in Canada it's easier for the game to get framerate drops though saving, quitting out of the game completely and rebooting it solved those for me. Beyond that I just had common issues, not all of which were bugs like the difficult button mashing sequences and such. In the words of cartman ' yar breaking my balls man' 1-2 months.... thats unacceptable to release a game with underlying issues, even people who dont have game hampering bugs, a lot of my friends have felt the frame rates dip randomly (Though saving and rebooting does the trick). I basically paid £50 quid for a broken product. I want to restart and play again with a different character but imagine playing another 10 hours only for it to glitch again......... not taking the risk for my TV's sake
  3. Hi South park fans, Hoping anyone could shed some light as nothing has been posted by the devs for a while on this. The cut scene wont activiate to get permission to fight the dire bears so am stuck. I tried all my recent check points but didnt find out about the glitch until i had trolled for a while. I have a save file but its like 6 hours back and personally dont want to play again if the same issue is to occur. Plus, generally the performance issues seem to be getting worse further into the game; stuttering frame rates and battle music completely mute. Shame as I was enjoying it, but seems a lot of people have had issues with DD copies on PSN. Can you get a refund from PSN download? as paying 50 quid for a game where I am not at least able to finish it is quite unacceptable. Regards llama
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