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  1. If you're playing it through Steam, it's actually a Steam bug that can usually be fixed by opening the ingame Steam interface and then closing it.
  2. 100% positive I'm wearing all the goth pieces I can. I just restarted from the beginning, twice now. Randy won't even give me the quest "PTA Problems" at this point. I uninstalled and reinstalled after the first complete restart failed, and still, the same bug. Repeated the same content three times in a row and got the same result, and my recorded game time is 20 hours. 20 hours wasted. I'm just about burned out, I have maybe one more go and then I'm calling it quits. I'll wait until a solution is proposed.
  3. I am currently stuck on the objective "You've taken a picture that proves you're a non-conformist. Bring it back to the goths" under the Quest titled "Nonconformist". It is incomplete, indicated by the exclamation point beside it as opposed to a check mark. I just returned from the Taco Bell and completed the Quest for Randy, titled "PTA Problems". I skipped the cutscene that triggered when I gave Randy the recording device, and he didn't take the picture for me. When I talk to him he just says the same NPC line over and over. I cannot progress unless he takes the picture. I'm assuming because I skipped the cut scene, it also skipped Randy taking the picture. I know for a fact he hasn't taken it because in the Home tab, he hasn't sent it to me. So this is a bug report. But also, I need help. Besides figuring out how to fix this bug, the only other option I know of is restarting with a new game. I REALLY don't want to do that. If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this bug I would be extremely grateful.
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