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  1. Meh....I'm sure their in-house artists can do just fine and then the in-game portraits are a small part of it. I'd much rather they use stretch marks for more significant additions.....this just seems like a waste. It's not like I'll sit there admiring portraits or something, no, I'll see them, maybe think they're neat or not and move on out as I go about my business. Don't get me wrong this Justin dude is great and all I just think Obsidian can make much better use of the kickstarter money.
  2. Definitions in things like common dictionaries especially internet ones are adjusted as people change the usage of a word....I had a college psychology class that spent a major portion on the topic of cults and cultism which is far more accurate than any online dictionary I'm aware of. I know how the word is used but it's wrong....do I REALLY need to clarify that no I won't go killing the world's equivalent of the "cult" of Elvis or the small religious band that believe in the second coming of the candy pooping rainbow unicorn or something? For all intents and purposes the word "cult" has no place in a CRPG outside its proper meaning of a malevolent group. And no I don't need to go investigating the group of teen punk rockers that dress crazy and call themselves a cult....please get serious.
  3. Magic items for warriors and rogues should indeed be very rare but magic items for mages should be quite common(they are mages after all) but the really good/epic mage magic items should be rare and hard to find. Just because an item is magic doesn't have to mean it's good or even all that special and since mages don't usually wear armor enchanted protective items tend to make up for it.
  4. I see that the word "Cult" has raised quite a few misconception. Some of you are thinking this is a typical bwa-ha-ha, I am a member of an evil Cult that is wanted by the authorities and hated by everybody. The Cult based on my idea is more or less like a secretive religious organization that does a lot of good work on the surface. If it's based on such a scenario, your decision is going straight into the Cult HQ and start massacring their followers will have grave repercussions. What's your justification? Without any investigation, you are just going to start killing old men, women, children also just because they happen to be in the Cult HQ? Perhaps, let me change the Cult HQ to say, a Learning Centre or a Temple. Are you going to kill them just because they happen to have different beliefs? I think the authorities will also come after you if you do anything like that. What you describe is not a cult....by definition the group has to be harmful to others(human sacrifices, violence towards outsiders, brutal initiations or other such things) to actually be categorized as such. As I said the word has been misused for all kinds of things from different religious groups to small and dedicated niche groups of fans but those are NOT cults though they may fancy themselves as such.
  5. 1. Only if you could find their hidden HQ in the first place. Unless you're going undercover or spy on them, how are you going to do that? They wouldn't announce this.... 2. You'd be surprised how easily cults can mushroom again given the right conditions. If there's a trodden underclass, a charismatic evil NPC can easily recruit large numbers provided he has cash and influence. Anyways, the cult is just an example. There could be a lot of different other cases that Obsidian can use. Do what? I plan to do nothing unless they come after me in which case the finding them is very easy. With their followers wiped out I don't figure people would exactly line-up to join and go chase the guy that wiped them out in the first place....that would be idiotic and suicidal. If it really came down to it fresh recruits should be far easier to extract information out of but I seriously doubt it would come to that.
  6. With their entire cult wiped out the leaders would either disappear or they would come at me seeking revenge, presuming they got away.....either way they'd be of no concern.
  7. I could potentially enjoy investigating something on a grand scale....a missable/optional line of side quests that if completed ties back into the main plot in a major way. It's all in how it's done I suppose. As for cults....well a group has to be harmful to others or preach hate to earn the classification. The term has been misused quite a bit where it didn't really apply to niche groups but that's the definition more or less.
  8. We have different definitions of "boring" - slaughtering people does't entertain me. It's all in how you do it. I enjoy noncombat means as much as combat depending on circumstances but I really see nothing else to do with a cult unless I could persuade them to worship me and investigating it seems redundant....they're a cult....what do you expect they're into, baking cookies?
  9. I rather not, I'd much rather be thrown in an epic struggle for power over the world not unlike in Fallout New Vegas but with magic, far more epic conflicts and a grand end where you can potentially(depending on choices) become emperor or perhaps even become an immortal/invulnerable deity(mage class should be required for such ah ending imo). Investigating petty cults seems meh...I rather go right to exterminating them, you know, skip the boring parts.
  10. YES, absolutely. I think it is imperative to see Project Eternity participate in this because I believe this can become the greatest selling game of all time and even 1% of the profits it makes may fund many AAA titles independent from the jaws of publishers. This might help get us one step closer to living in a world where game developers are free from the oppression and tyranny of publishers.
  11. Have they already started taking paypal donations? In one of the updates they said they'd look at it and I never really looked to check afterwards. Also we won't really have any means of seeing or knowing how much paypal rises towards Infinity so it'll be up to obsidian if they want to declare those donations towards achieving stretch marks that may be left pending when the kickstarter stops....I hope they do, I want to see this game get as big as it possibly can.
  12. They said they will add at least one dungeon like IWD, not that the entire game will be a dungeon crawl. And how will XP work in that bit? We need a dev to give us a clue. I don't want every little action to be a scripted objective. lol I seriously doubt they will annotate everything in your journal. That would be a waste of their development time and resources to implement.... killed bandit unlocked door stealth kill No, but I am relatively sure you will get xp from each action that requires some kind of skill(including combat). I am fairly sure it will work like Fallout New Vegas where you don't get journal entries but you get xp for every action that takes skill from persuades to lockpicking and hacking and so on.
  13. Anything can be a goal, even self imposed goals....such as not dying in the fight you just picked or going to the bottom of that unmarked dungeon. I seriously think you are blowing this way out of proportion....I'm pretty sure you'll get xp for nearly every action that requires some kind of skill. Beyond that you have GOT to stop saying we only get xp for quests...that is NOT what the update says,
  14. If XP is awarded to me for overcoming obstacles, how does the game know that I've done that? That's my concern. How does the game know you beat a monster? Simple....hp got down to 0 and it's reward bag opened up giving you some xp and some gold or a shiny new item or something that's how. Is that even a serious question? Not all actions are marked in the logbook but the game certainly tracks everything.
  15. NOT quest...goals. Anything can be a goal, even actions not marked in the logbook. There are goals you give yourself as the player such as beating that tough beast up ahead even if it's not marked in the log book. I think you are reading way too much into it. The update never says you only get xp from quests and anything can be a goal....hell beating the two bandits that just ambushed you and not dying is a goal though it may not be marked in your logbook as such. I really think everything will be ok with xp awards.
  16. Basically a Nightblade or Arcane Trickster? Pretty much almost any RPG class you can think of is a cliche because it's been done before. Some have been done a whole lot more than others. Your templar, classic mage and quickblade have been done to death. Beyond that creativity can also come in the form of powers and abilities. There's plenty of room for innovation.
  17. Indeed...xp for accomplishing non-combat tasks to that those less bent on rushing through the front door of the enemy fortress and more sneaky/diplomatic in approach can still level up just as fast as the brutes cutting through the hordes.
  18. This seems ridiculous. Impossible to please everyone I suppose....there will always be the one that cries outrage over the lack of rainbow-colored unicorns.
  19. Those are all fine and well but they have been a bit overused I think, your basic cliche specializations that have been around forever. I would not mind them but I rather they reinvent the classes and explore new grounds. Perhaps a class that is half mage, half rogue....a stealth mage I guess, someone that can get really good at infiltrating and striking from the shadows but instead of traps, daggers and arrows there would be an array mage powers specific to that class. That's just an idea, there are plenty of other more creative ways when going about class specializations than your basic rogue, mage, warrior and going about the age old paths of templar knight, staff&robes&beard&hat mage and your quicknife/arrow sniper rogue. This is a new ip, new world and completely new lore so it really shouldn't feel like a remake of the old.
  20. It's an in game location(usually a house/apartment/camp/castle) marked as being the property of the player character where you can go and store loot you cannot or do not want to carry around, talk to companions, rest and heal and sometimes do other things like repair/create weapons at workbenches and so on.
  21. Oooooooooooook op.....you start of reasonable, great to own a house in game, want some customization and such all fine....then you go into crazy land and start ranting about all games being like the sims 3 nonsense. I play RPGs to enjoy the story NOT to spend 99.99% of the in game time doing garbage like taking my character to the bathroom, making sure he brushes his teeth, petting the dog and on and on and on and on. If you want that go play the sims....seriously. I am still amazed at how and why people would pay for and play a game where all you ever do is mundane garbage. Now don't get me wrong, I'd love me a house/stronghold that I can customize in depth with useful features like blacksmiths, workbenches, healing stations and maybe even a bar or something you know but I am absolutely NOT going to start catering to the garden or something unless I get something useful out of it like alchemy ingredients or something like in the elder scrolls game and even then I never catered to the gardens anyway because for the most part alchemy isn't my thing so I simply contended myself with trampling it every time I didn't feel like taking the long way to the door via the paved walkway.
  22. I think we should have the option to either kill or not recruit companions when we first meet them but not all....say you must recruit at least 4 for example but which ones is completely up to you and you can either miss/refuse/kill/recruit the rest. Additionally there should be story driven conflicts scenes where certain choices lead to confrontations to the death with certain party members.
  23. The reality of the matter is that there is no comparrison or vs. when talking about story and choice....they compliment each other to the extent that neither means much without the other. A story that you have no choice in or very minimal choice or fake choices(***cough*** BioWare ***cough***) you are far less likely to care as much about as opposed to a truly epic story that is largely determined by your choices. In games like Alpha Protocol and Fallout New Vegas, Obsidian proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that no story can be more epic than one that is shaped by the player and that nobody other than Obsidian has ever mastered the skills of epic storytelling and grand choices.
  24. Ooooo....now I can't wait to find out what new and amazing thing, deserving of its own update, will be added to the 2.2 mil stretch mark.
  25. but the baldur's gate multiplayer and iwd mutilplayers were great and ofc did not make any difference to the single player experience. soemthign along the lines of them but easier to access would be perfect. The game development budgets and the diffficulty of creating games from the days of Baldur's Gate to the days of now have shifted lightyears. The ammount of work that goes into games now has greatly increased. Implementing any sort of MP/coop is likely to cost just as much if not more than it takes to make the SP campaign and it would be an absolute waste, if they had that kind of money I'd rather have them create a lot more for the SP campaign....larger maps, more locations, factions, quests....etc. etc. etc.
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