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  1. I heard good things about Prey and decided to try it out and hated every minute of it, the game isn't bad but i just thought it was repetitive and boring to play plus the story didn't grab so i quit and watched the rest on youtube. Then i went back to Mount and Blade Warband while i wait for Bannerlord which will hopefully be good to scratch that itch.
  2. one part of me wants something similar to crpg classics like Wizardry 6,7 and 8 because i really like these types of games or Ultima VII which is one of my favourite games as well. But on the other hand i would welcome some sci/fi themed games as well and tbh it doesn't matter too much for me, what matter is the quality of the game.
  3. Currently playing Divinity Original Sin, i've had it since beta and first now playing the full game and i love it, good to see a kickstarter done right and that they delivered what they promised. And after the few hours that are left i will go on to Shovel Knight, i look forward to that one.
  4. Hmm seeing there's some positive comments i guess i'll try it again, better go in with zero expectations to Reaper of Souls, i really hope it's better now.
  5. Hi, welcome to a better forum :)

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      Lol, thanks - Still need approval from the mods before I can actually join the discussions.

  6. Teslagrad GoG version, it's a surprisingly fun platformer ! nearly on par with Spelunky and Rogue Legacy.
  7. Brutal Legend on PC, never played it before so i thought i should pick it up and i have to say i enjoy it thus far, been far too long since i actually had really fun in a game.
  8. I really liked Amnesia The Dark Descent like most people here and like @ Star Wars i'm kinda worried for the sequel mostly because i hate dev changes in middle of a series and that it might ruin the atmosphere of the original game but that said it does look good from what i've seen so i'm not going to condemn the game before it's out, let's hope for the best.
  9. 1-2 times a week, i do the same since there are no point in going on forums more, you will know enough about PE anyway.
  10. PE opposite from DA, well if wasn't i wouldn't even have thought about pledging so far so good, can't say i liked DAO or DA2 to be honest.
  11. My fav and the game i hope it plays like is Torment, no game have blown me away with the story/deep characters like Torment so any inspiration from it can only be a good thing imo and i still play it even today and will for many years to come, second i've also been a long time supporter of D&D combat some may dislike it for being slow but i generally prefer the slower more tactical type of combat old school game had so if PE is anything remotely like it i'm sure i'm going to love it.
  12. Minsc invites himself to the party through awesomess, let's just say he needs new adventures but for real i would want a Ranger (no party is complete without one) especially godlike ranger.
  13. Paladin dual wielding greatswords assuming eternity will have something similar to NWN 2 monkey grip feat (who doesn't like that) otherwise probably going to be a melee class of some sort.
  14. Don't really matter but unless there's skills and abilities for unlimited amount of leveling i don't see the point, just tedious leveling without any sort incentive don't hold any appeal to me.
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