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  1. So, right now I have an HP laptop that only has half a gig of RAM. I am planning on upgrading but don't know if there are any limitations on how I can do it. My main question is can I mix how much memory is in each slot. I have the 512 in one slot so does that mean I can only put another 512 in the second spot or can I put in a full gig or a two gig stick.
  2. Bear hugs are for commies. If you were a real American you'd give eagle hugs. No, if he was a real American he wouldn't be able to give his own stomach a hug; forget another person. Edit: I don't think I have ever added anything constructive to a topic.
  3. *breaks down and cries* I have been living a false life..... I am neither a ninja or a pirate..... I am a knight *cries some more*
  4. "What is the most popular sport in the world? Soccer, takes so much more skill, far better. If Rugby was any good it would be played on a worldwide scale like soccer, who wants to watch fat men in short shorts falling over each other. ****ing ****." Football players are wimps point made. Yes and those rugby players are such hard asses. Look at them get dragged down by the shirt, it almost looks like it hurts. Don't judge soccer by the way the Spanish, Italians, etc. play it. Watch the good ol' English battle it out.
  5. I myself prefer Visual Basic but that could just be because it was my first. C++ hasn't really done it for me yet but I have only just started using it.
  6. And that is exactly why you are a moderator and a bigger person than the rest of us.
  7. All I got to say is you Canadians with your thinking games are way to difficult for me and my fellow Americans. *drools* We prefer games where you inflict the most pain on the opponent.
  8. We used to spend over a dollar a day buying fortune cookies (10 cents ea.). They were the cheapest thing on the ala carte and the fortunes were fun to read. Most of the time the fortunes were the regular bull until one day we got "You will buy new clothes." We just had no idea what to say to that.
  9. You're a high elf! You love the finery of life, hate humans and the other races. You love nature and care deeply for all life. Everything neds to be orderly and pretty. You're really, sort of a snob. At least.. you're race is. The can perform magc, though they stick to White Magic and being Clerics. You're race is one of beauty. hmmm.... don't really see this in me, especially orderly, pretty, snob, and hating people.
  10. Too many options make me angry...
  11. My calculus teacher decided to go to a computer store and ask how many copies of vista they sold, the answer was 0.
  12. Of course not, right now vista has to have more holes than George Bush's why we invaded Iraq story.
  13. Our soccer coach always told us we would make a kick ass hand ball team. This was because most of the team was so poor we had to learn tactics this way. :">
  14. After you buy new hardware, how about you send the old hardware to me. What are you expecting to run on this?
  15. Liverpool (Maybe I should change my sig, it's a little old.) Nurnberg Buccaneers (Go Glazer Go!)
  16. You should have noticed by the fact they are doing Fallout 4 not 3 that it was a joke.
  17. My name is Cory, I am 16 and live in a small town in Ohio surrounded by MANY cornfields. I love science, running track, and playing the real football.
  18. I think that Kumquatq would win this one on pure intelligence. It this was a wrestling match Kumquatq would certainly get his ass handed to him. I can just picture Kumquatq running from the chimp then turning around and predending that the chimps head is a kick ball. But the key part of this is will Kumquatq scream and wet his pants like a little girl or not (most likely he would chimps are scary).
  19. I have had a picture of a silver Porsche 944 for a couple months.
  20. The relationship is that they are good pals and Bioware wanted them to do good so they handed them some sequels so they could start off successful. Since there is less risk developing a squel than a new game Obsidian of course took the chance to develop the two games.
  21. They should just find a spot in the frozen tundra of Alaska. Use a spot they already stripped for oil.
  22. Thanks for the spoiler ****head. edit:added spoiler tags
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