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  1. Politicians and the media lied to us...........NO NEVER Pretty good article though
  2. The idea is a pretty good one, but not all that worthwhile and I think once you have choosen your saber colour it stays that way for the game unless you go LS-DS or vice versa
  3. Im pretty sure, you have been told before that no one like your spam song, and the fact you keep bringing it up is spam
  4. Why ask for the cheats for the PC version???? when you have the x-box version.
  5. It's amazing this thread has gone from, are the moon landings fake to global warming.... I wonder what it will be when i come back tomorrow
  6. His wife Wendy plans to send the Scotty's ashes into space, The couple had long ago agreed his ashes would be launched into the final frontier. They are to use Space Services, a Texas-based company that rocketed the remains of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and 1960s drug guru Timothy Leary into the firmament.
  7. I think this belongs in WoT...... But I'll take the falcon all the way
  8. Evidence on both sides? I can't think of any evidence that supports the moon landing as a hoax. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I watched 2 shows in Aus in a relativley short period of time, one was saying the moon landings were fake and the other saying they were real. Both had pretty covincing arguements.
  9. Don't forget Calex with the spam song
  10. You're probably right, although it shouldn't be. This thread isn't spam, provided it stays as a discussion on general moderation policy and its implementation, and doesn't spiral off into complaints about individual decisions or personal attacks. There's a chance Fionavar will close it and tell us to direct comments about moderation to himself or the Guildmaster via PM. On the other hand, general moderation policy should be a valid topic for discussion. I think the main problem we have that we rely on the mods, mainly Fionavar, too much. I'm forever reading threads where people post "F
  11. Why not? I agree that KoTOR 2 was not the best game in the world, KoTOR3 in my eyes will be a whole different cattle of fish. And with the whole trilogy thing in SW it is more than likely that it will be made one day more than likely being some time next year.
  12. And what were the other 2? And I have caught a few episodes didn't think it was to bad but I think I will wait for the DVD
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