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  1. They probably could since it's estimated that there's over 100 million extra males in those countries by the time they hit adulthood. Chinas ratio is 1,17 males per female and India it's 1,13. That's more males then all the deaths in both world wars. Many parts of the africa are in constant state of warfare because of the so called youth bulge. It's bad enough by itself, but when there's huge difference in male female sex ratio, it's chaos. Rape statistics got thru the roof, riots and gang warfare.
  2. Multiplayer component is nearly certain as EA CEO said they want that in all games. Multiplayer component could mean just co-op (or something like semi-persistent worlds as in NWN series). Pure deathmatch for all games is unlikely.
  3. I was hoping that there would be some other feature that would explain the results but I guess that's now over. Ultimate fate of our universe is probably so called Big Rip because of unlimited dark energy acceletation. Universe have about 22 billion more years to go but after that it start to break down in the ways that might be from Half-Life or something. 60 million years before the end galaxies cannot hold stars rotating supermassive blackholes in the middle. All stars start to distance 'em from all other starts, same way as galactical superstructures now. Few months before the end solar systems can't hold planets in their orbits. In last few minutes gravity is no longer strong enough to hold stars and planets togather and they break down in molecular level. Just before the universe ends, atoms are annihilated as electromagnetic and strong nuclear force are defeated. This basically means that universe is back into singularity as there's no longer spacetime.
  4. Or don't if you have older rig. I saw my friend play with similar system that I use and it was barely playable. We tested the game at work on our very powerful rigs and it was like a whole new experience. Looks great but it definately need a lot of juice. I'll wait untill I upgrade my rig... I said I'd wait till Ivy Bridge, but not sure if I have will to wait at least 6 more months.
  5. I like CD Projects style Sorry about the spoiler tag but original probably wouldn't be allowed on US based boards. I like redesign of the Trish.
  6. Denis Dyack After the "Too Human", I bet this guy points to magnetic wrong on just about everything. Why would social gaming fail? Social gamers outnumber us hardcore gamers at least ten times over and games are really cheap to develop for 'em. If individual social games go belly up, there's always some new Angry Birds or Farmville type of game around the corner.
  7. If you have active subscribtion, type /played into chat. You have to go thru all your characters (or at least that how it used to be) and then manually add up total time.
  8. Internet is full of random lists. I'll add one more list. Torment All Rockstar games MotB
  9. No need to worry if you don't play MMOGs... in top guilds. I think my total played time (all characters included) in World of Warcraft was over 150 days (that's played time, not how long subcription was active). That's like 3600+ hours played and roughly 2 hours per day over the 4 and
  10. Playing NWN2, Chaotic Stupid run. Main character real oddball Spirit Shaman / Stormlord build with spear (yes, that gimpy 3,5 version) as main weapon. Character graphics were really ugly at the time and they are even uglier now. But that don't matter since conversation choices like no.4 in picture bellow make it all worth while. And of course MotB later on. Such megalomanic arrogance, humour and wits in one simpy reply
  11. No, our deal was about sold copies (no matter if retailers still have 'em and are forced to sell lower then full price and thus take smaller profit, no profit or in some cases even possible loss in order to draw customers in or to make room). Personally I don't care who those copies were sold to or how much was bought at full price, because such knowledge can't be found. Like it or not (and trust me, I don't like it), EA managed to move rather respectale number of Dragon Age 2 units and if retailers are stuck with 'em... well, suck to be them Maybe they can do the same as they did with Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa
  12. Yes, delay is extremely good thing. But... From todays EA Q4 press release "Crysis 2, Dragon Age 2, Dead Space 2 have each sold in more then 2 million units". So quality, lack of content nor any other factor (including low metacritic scores... there goes that theory out of window) seem to have much impact on sales. Thus I can't figure any reason why EA chose to give developers more time on Mass Effect 3. Now excuse me, I lost a bet and I have to go pay up (I figured that Dragon Age 2 would sell only 1,5 million units). My friend got 2 million correctly and now own pre-paid copy of Mass Effect 3
  13. It's true that from PC gamer perspective (who also need relatively modern PC for work purposes) the whole "save from component costs when ever possible" idea is bit alien. For same reason long console generations don't make sense as components are designed to break down before generation is over (again, because cheaper components to push price down). Most bizarre thing is how hostile some console gamers are against any upgrade because of financial reasons. Consoles are dirt cheap to begin with and something like saving 0,40
  14. I wonder why they choose to go with such tiny storage. 32 Gb SDHC card cost about 40
  15. Lack of urgency is almost hardcoded gameplay design choice because players in general absolutely hate timed missions. Original Fallout (and this was back when games still could use punishing mechanism to disencourage players) got a lot of negative feedback from how they designed waterchip quest. FPS Stalker used timers on some of the optional missions. But for offical missions they used only brief, encounter based timers if any at all (same way the Mass Effect used in some of the optional missions like in defusing missile). I have to admit that I'm not fan of strict time limits, because usually it means that game ends if you fail it. But then again, I'd definately would prefer to see 'em, if you could fail (mission, objective, NPC killed) and still continue the game... but only to live with (negative) consequences of your failure. We'll see if any of the dead NPCs have even the slightest impact on ME3 (I think on my first run I lost at least yeoman Kelly and those 2 red shirts from engineering bay).
  16. Heh... I can stop the game in the middle of the fight if needed. Or whenever I last hit the quicksave button (generally once per minute or something like that). Then of course quicksave get corrupted, game has no multiple quicksave slots, autosave was 4 hours ago and my last regular save was 1 hour ago... and then I'll go... I loathe repeating anything right after I already did it few minutes / hours ago in games.
  17. Ain't that kind of problem little outdated. Maybe it could have happen in Ultima 7, but these days you have auto journal entries with full details where you need to go and what to do, big signs above questgivers heads, non-interactive NPCs if they don't have quest or have something meaningful to say ect ect... Early days of CRPG you did need pen and paper for notes and maps
  18. No need, the ending I got was perfect It's right there with Bloodlines "submerged into ocean" or "blown to pieces". Just the type the ending I like.
  19. Just finished S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl - Really loved the ending "I want to be rich" This game has been on hiatus for years - I bought this game in 2007, but my PC back then couldn't handle the graphics with good enough framerate. I did upgrade my machine later in 2007, but World of Warcraft took most of my gaming time. So Stalker was buried deep into game boxes bag and moved to attic... untill I bought it again from the Steam holiday sales (yes, I have two copies of this game). Shame I didn't get a chance to finish this game few days earlier, as it's been 25 years (how time flies fast) since the disaster (26th april 1986). I still remember the event vididly. Glad I finished the the game after all these years. Other then early part of the game gimpy weapons, few bugs and poor voice acting, I don't have much to criticize.
  20. http://www.gametrailers.com/video/prison-b...-witcher/705285 is great video. Geralt is shirtless all the time in that video and is probably flogged way worse then male or the female prisoner. I really love the the jab at Bioware too - "we have TWO unreliable narrators"
  21. No it wouldn't have. With fully supported mod tools - easily. But why give mod tools when you can sell low quality crap instead Modern tools like Zbrush make it really easy to create items, weapons and armor. Features like subtools and mesh extract will speed up the workflow, no matter if you're amateur or professional.
  22. Battle lines were drawn early on and I happend to be on home computer side. This means that all my friends and relatives had c64 and none had any console. NES, or any console after that don't mean anything to me Actually that's not entirely true. I had few Nintendo Game & Watch portables like I could play that over and over again. I think my record was few hours without death. Too bad scores just went back to zero at some point
  23. I think it's brilliant move from EA. To release crappy items as DLC pack (that would have been free 2 years ago) takes balls of steel. I bet those who bought Dragon Age 2 full priced will be more then happy to give more cash to EA Dragon Age 2 is
  24. Not really, since our economic system is based on impossible idea of infinite growth. One result of this idea is that nation states and national banks fight inflation and deflation all the time. Fiscal policies try to target around 2-3% yearly inflation and anything you own should be inflation + x% in order for it to keep value or increase value. At first look it doesn't seem that hard to do, year in year out 4-6% increase of value can be tricky. Of course if you always make the right moves
  25. In ME it was relatively easy to cool down guns faster then shooting could heat 'em. Even sniper rifles (as they fire rather slow anyway) with infiltrator class talents. This allowed player to choose if they go for more power or special ammo type or uninterrupted shooting. Personally I don't mind ammo management for pure gameplay reasons in ME2, but retcons always annoy me.
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