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  1. Now I just have to hope Rockstar will make exception and release it for PCs too. Missing the best game of this generation (aka Red Dead Redemption) still hurts like mad. My personal fav is GTA4 expansion - The Ballad of Gay Tony. If GTA5 is anything like it... /drools
  2. 70% of World of Warcraft player never make it to level 10. Only a minority of players ever make it to end-game, but those are the players who are most likely to spend years with your game. To reach level 10 takes few hours. This means that person don't play the game at all but keep account open, is a mule character or extremely low level alt, is a trial based character or character is made only for reserving certain name (that might be later used or not). I had bit under 20 characters in different servers (including normal PvE, RP and PvP) and only 8 of those were above lvl 10.
  3. He might be one of those ultra-casual players who keep account open for years but never play more then few hours a week. Most of my time in WoW I was in raiding guild that allowed so called social members too. For example about 10 days played in early WoW to reach level 60... Took for some of 'em over a year (roughly 4 hours played per week). It's possible, but generally even they spend most of the time in max level, unless they quit because they can't handle any group instances (normal difficulty 5 man groups), don't bother finishing max level singleplayer quests (for coins) or doing daily quests... or just socializing with friends or guildies.
  4. Given that character /played times reach months in MMOGs, there's no way that significant portion of the game would be different depending on your class or the choices you make. To reach max level takes only tiny bit to total time (unless you treat it as single player game and quit).
  5. Blizzard tries... extremely hard to keep subscribers. Then again while I had good run with WoW, I wouldn't come back even if they'd make game free to play (but require certain amount of log-in time and actions) and still offer Diablo 3. Enough is enough. I didn't play too much online Warcraft 3, so Pandas mean very little to me. Brewmaster was sort of fun gimmicky unit but that's about it.
  6. Hopefully they give Sasha Gray bit more lines then Rockstar gave for Jenna Jameson in GTA Vice City Maybe I'm being unfair here. Sasha Gray has done some mainstream work... but for some reason I can't think her as voice actress iD has definately lost it's mojo. They don't really "get" what modern gamers nor old skool want. New players don't even know about Doom or Quake (it's all about Modern Warfare now) and iD's last good old skool game was Quake (Quake 2, Quake 3 or Doom 3 were average at best). It might as well be the end for the iD and they'll merge with parent company. I'm certain at that point original iD members would leave the company.
  7. Dragon Age brand is damaged goods for players like me so I guess from their perspective it'd make sense to continue where they left with Dragon Age 2. By that I mean try to gather "mythical" dudebro shooter fans who for some unexplained reason want to try action RPG. Quick rip off just like with Dragon Age 2, then bury the brand in the pile of dead EA brands like Wing Commander or Ultima.
  8. we felt compelled to google "tsundere." ... dorks. HA! Good Fun! Better just visit TVtropes
  9. I haven't followed the development of this game for a good while and most of the news I've heard have been negative (like retcon of the KotOR 2 storyline). I also avoid EA's origin service. Hopefully it's possible to buy and install without origin service. If it's available from Steam and can be played in solo mode (at least untill end game), I'll probably going to buy it right away. Otherwise I'm going to skip this one.
  10. Great news, I loved his work in Fallout 3 and Planescape Torment !
  11. Character inspired by John Woo films is poster child of all action heroes. Also Max killing small army worth of enemies in previous 2 games should make it bit easier to accept. Rockstar + RAGE + Euphoria + Max Payne should be fun.
  12. Your friend seem to be even more extreme pack rat then me. In Fallout New Vegas, Fallout 3, Oblivion and Morrowind I literally stole / looted everything. But I used saveral places to stash my crap. Safehouses, crates in various strategic locations... and always making sure that local vendor was out of no weight items and gold / caps. Yes, I loot bend tin cans, worthless spoons and forks... all kind of crap. I avoid spoilers so I lie to myself that I can't be sure if those items are nneded or not. That's complitely opposite what I'm like in real life. I hate having useless crap. I recently moved and it was very much fun to throw away all kinds of (semi)-useless junk. Of course there can be some bad choices to be made. I think I threw away at least 500
  13. Oh yeah. I've been saying same for years... except I actually liked it but players in general hate it That feature certainly don't have place in modern game design.
  14. "Good" news for the gaming industry. Worst month for retail video game sales since October 2006. Yeah, ain't it fun that nearly all 2nd half games are released in november. And all get crushed by two FPS
  15. Yes Saw blade weapons could be useful in fantasy world as denizens often possess superhero level strength and speed. And weapons have durability much higher then many real world materials. Thus with enough power, that inpractical saw blade weapon could cut thru full plate armor, flash and bone with relative ease. Just try it (or don't if you're inexperienced with those powertools) with your table saw or angle grinder - Start with extremely low rotation speed and see at what speed you can cut thru various materials. Remember to use Safety gloves and goggles That was complitely offtopic, sorry abou that. I'll probably wait untill next years QuakeCon Steam deal untill I buy Skyrim. It don't interest me nearly enough to buy at the full price.
  16. LOL at that price. That's some quality trolling from Bethesda. $150 PVC dragon... At that price it should have been made out of copper and weight at least 10kg
  17. That's good news. Universal justice Hopefully developers demand more rights in the future.
  18. I had Rambo - First Blood part II for the c64. It wasn't as good as Commando but I don't remember it sucking. Also Rambo III for Amiga was ok time waster. Heh, found this from the depths of the internet
  19. Always online huh ? Don't have to buy this game then as I don't care about multiplayer at all (several years in WoW were enough and I did enjoy that ride). Always online for singleplayer game is something that I just can't support.
  20. Have to double dip on that one. I've done about ten complite runs already over the years but I definately want it for my Steam collection.
  21. There are just way too many FPS and Bulletstorm is part of the problem, rather then solution like FPS hybrids like Stalker, Mass Effect series or Fallout 3 / NV. FPS are the most popular genre but that don't mean everyone can replicate the Call of Duty success and Bulletstorms gimmicks like harsh language or short singleplayer campaign wasn't enough. Heck, I like FPS but I still wouldn't buy Bulletstorm unless it's under $10 (or ?7 ). But I do love the funny dialogue like "dicktits" (google it ).
  22. Original SWG is (was) 2nd best sandbox MMOG (EVE has since passed it) in the history of the MMOGs (not counting pure social games like Second Life or Habbo Hotel). It was actually so good in the sand box element that game forgot to put "wars" in Star Wars. You could be cantina dancer, droid builder, hairdresser... yes, you could also be bounty hunter or commando but there were definately huge focus on "alternative" playstyles. Personally while I was always more combat oriented, I loved the fact that people could play almost like The Sims in the same MMOG with us combat characters. Players created weapons, vehicles, armor, vendors, buildings and shops. And even towns... It had real (virtual) economy going on with players mining, gathering monster parts or junky NPC drops... I loved the fact that newbie player could start to make profit right away, just by playing and exploring. Of course good things like this don't last and NGE changed just about everything. I had already moved to other games at that point but that's one of the worst moves done in any MMOG.. ever. Game never really recovered from that. Jedi / Dark Jedi (Sith) issue was definately one of those things that created a lot of problems from canon point of view. SWG was set in the time perioid where nearly all force sensitives should have been dead. KotOR Online dodges that bullet like a (pazzak) champ.
  23. Don't have numbers from 2002, but I was only of the unfortunate bastards who bought the game right away. Damn I was pissed off how bad it was (this was when games on trails were not as common as nowadays). Back in the day I liked Total Annihilation and expected something else... shame on me Anyway, thankfully internet remembers positions at least. This was when The Sims and it's expansions sold stupidly well and PC gaming was going strong. Best-selling games for the month of March 2002: Rank This Month / Rank Last Month / Title / Publisher / Average Price 1 / * / The Sims: Vacation / Electronic Arts / $30 2 / 4 / The Sims / Electronic Arts / $42 3 / 1 / Medal of Honor: Allied Assault / Electronic Arts / $44 4 / * / Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast / LucasArts / $47 5 / 3 / The Sims: Hot Date / Electronic Arts / $28 6 / 2 / Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone / Electronic Arts / $27 7 / 18 / Command & Conquer Renegade / Electronic Arts / $42 8 / * / Dungeon Siege / Microsoft / $49 9 / 5 / RollerCoaster Tycoon / Infogrames / $21 10 / 7 / The Sims: Livin' Large / Electronic Arts / $28 11 / 6 / Zoo Tycoon / Microsoft / $26 12 / * / Starcraft: Battle Chest / Vivendi Universal / $22 13 / * / Heroes of Might and Magic IV / 3DO / $45 14 / 11 / The Sims: House Party / Electronic Arts / $29 15 / 12 / Backyard Basketball / Infogrames / $19 16 / 13 / Diablo II: Lord of Destruction / Vivendi Universal / $29 17 / 10 / NASCAR Racing 2002 Season / Vivendi Universal / $43 18 / 9 / Civilization III / Infogrames / $47 19 / 19 / SimTheme Park / Electronic Arts / $18 20 / 14 / Empire Earth / Vivendi Universal / $47 Best-selling PC games for the month of April 2002: Rank This Month / Rank Last Month / Title / Publisher / Average Price 1 / 1 / The Sims: Vacation / Electronic Arts / $29 2 / 8 / Dungeon Siege / Microsoft / $42 3 / 2 / The Sims / Electronic Arts / $42 4 / 4 / Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast / LucasArts / $47 5 / 3 / Medal of Honor: Allied Assault / Electronic Arts / $45 6 / 5 / The Sims: Hot Date / Electronic Arts / $28 7 / 6 / Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone / Electronic Arts / $28 8 / 10 / The Sims: Livin' Large / Electronic Arts / $28 9 / 13 / Heroes of Might and Magic IV / 3DO / $43 10 / 9 / RollerCoaster Tycoon / Infogrames / $21 11 / * / The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind / Bethesda / $49 12 / 12 / Starcraft: Battle Chest / Vivendi Universal / $21 13 / 11 / Zoo Tycoon / Microsoft / $27 14 / * / Freedom Force / Electronic Arts and Crave / $39 15 / 16 / Diablo II: Lord of Destruction / Vivendi Universal / $31 16 / 14 / The Sims: House Party / Electronic Arts / $29 17 / * / SimTheme Park / Electronic Arts / $17 18 / * / Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Desert Siege / Ubi Soft / $20 19 / 18 / Civilization III / Infogrames / $47 20 / * / Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings / Microsoft / $30 So it sold only bit less then Neverwinter Nights or Jedi Outcast (both million+ unit sellers). Also sold more then Morrowind (that didn't make it to top 20). Argh.. this painful - Dungeon Sige shouldnt' have sold as much as it did
  24. I wouldn't go that far. Also that 100K is it just for 360. When you get NPD data (leaked, offical or whatever) - It's always 1 month (4-5 weeks of sales data), combines Xbox360 / PS3 / PC retail data for US only, but no handhelds unless specifically say so (as games rarely are 1 to 1 between consoles and handhelds). They have no real way to get DL data from services like Steam or similar.
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