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  1. There certainly are not many and even Rakel Liekki is retired (I've met her as civilian person, I think her real name is Tiina). All Finnish porn is more or less amatour stuff, no matter if those (often unfortunate) women and men call themself as pornstars. Compared to just about any european nation, we have very little native prostitution or pornstars (probably has something to do with relatively good social safety net from goverments side). Sometimes you see girl in various sites tagged as finnish, but often they are from some ex eastern block country. Other way happens too, especially if one of the parents is from another country or if person is moved to another country at some point. ie Puma Swede real name is Johanna Jussinniemi. And to the topic. I'm still playing Shogun 2 - Campaign has finally started to pick up the pace. I think I was for the first 50 round just defending my pathtic 2-3 areas agaist enemies from all sides. For the first time in Total War games ally actually helped me to solve the situation. Only to betray me later on but that was alright, as by that time I had conqured or made peace with all other factions.
  2. I find it ironic I don't think it's even ironic as lipstick lesbians (and bisexuals) read softcore adult magazines as much as men do. And to the complitely other news. I didn't see Dungeon Siege 3 in the last NPD top 10 list. And it was pathetic month anyway with L.A. Noire at the top with (only) 419.000 units sold. To be outside top 10 this week mean about 100k sales (one non-confirmed number game 90k units sold). Too bad for Obsidian but Dungeon Siege really is a crappy IP.
  3. Hmmm... Single console system ? I guess it could be some gimped PC for the masses, like Xbox360. I just wish they'd upgrade systems way faster then they do now. I'm REALLY frustrated with console generation lasting this long. Freaking Xbox360 is late 2004 tech I really hope that current development speed for the new smart phones and tablets continue. Maybe they'll force console manufacturers to upgrade more often.
  4. Assassin's Creed II: Deluxe Edition ?10,20 Total War: Shogun 2 ?23,99 Torchlight ?2,99 Singularity ?7,49 S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat ?3,49 Beat Hazard Complete ?2,49 Universe Sandbox ?4,99 The Longest Journey + Dreamfall ?6,24 = ?61,88 Bit over one full priced game. Good haul, I'm happy with the sales. Looking forward of next holiday sales.
  5. Bought Shogun 2 from Steam sales. Difficulty seem to be higher then in previous Total War games (and I'm only playing Very Hard difficulty, not Legendary). Checked some of Steam stats and only 0,6% of all Shogun 2 players have managed to beat game on Legendary. I'm not sure if there's even "Let's Play" on youtube on that difficulty... I really like the game but there seem to be nasty memory leak. I can only play like 20-30 minutes (or 2-3 turns) and game crashes. Task manager show no.1 prosessor at full force and memory to the max Oh well, I've been rather lucky with previous Total War games. Had to experince "Creative Assembly" quality sooner or later.
  6. Hmmm... GTA4 + Episodes from Liberty City price is almost low enough for me to double dip. I hate how loud my DVD-drive get when I play 'em. Then again, GTA 4 use GFWL system and I'm certainly don't need to possible conflictions between 2 different version of the same game and I have no desire to create another account. Too bad that The Sims 3 for ?15 include only base game and I already have that. Don't want to buy another copy of The Sims 3 just to get all the expasions.. almost ?70 is way too much.
  7. Same. I buy too many FPS but ?7,50 is so damn chaep... something like 6-8 FPS for the price of one full priced game.
  8. Not all linear games are the same. To other extreme there's something like interactive movie (ie some Black Ops maps where you don't even have to shoot mobs and you can just follow NPCs till the end) or railshooters and other end there's something like Half-Life where you really can't skip certain pathways, but there's still some optional content. I still play a lot of FPS (but not as many as in the 90's) and while there are some sandboxy games, linear (in the Black ops way) are more numerous by large margin. Sometimes I wonder why I bother... I just can't resist cheapo games from Steam holiday sales.
  9. So, another tale of horror from the video game industry. It's prime example what happens without strong unions and rules to protect workers from the exploitation. It's so bizarre that highly educated and skilled workforce don't do anything and is content to be treated like slaves.
  10. Yeah, I have to say I don't get your idea of Windows 8 and GFWL either. MS have done it's best to kill PC gaming to the point where it already hurt their OS biz. People could easily buy Mac OS, iPhone/iPad, Android system, Playstation/Nintendo handheld/console and leave windows PC (and Xbox) forever. Those are much bigger threats to MS then Linux (or various apps) ever was. Even if for some odd reason MS goes balls to the wall with Windows 8 and GFWL, they still have to actually sell games much cheaper then Steam and that is difficult task. MS has barely any exclusive games for PC, some Xbox ports and tons of Kinetic crap. I don't belive that's enough to hurt Steam, even if MS pull all their games from that service. What MS can't do is to disable Steam from Windows 8. EU already fined 'em for not allowing people to choose what browser to use when OS is first installed. That was much more insignificant issue then actually restricting some legal DD service. That would go against so many trade agreements that not even MS is stupid enough to pull something like that.
  11. I never got lost in old FPS, but then again I played 'em like madman. I wonder how many % of all FPS released in the 90's I complited at least twice. Heck, there are even some obscure ones like Blake Stone - Aliens of Gold Shadow Warrior Klingon Honor Guard (and I freaking hate Star Trek) Often a full price no less Thank to Steam holiday sales I spend under 10
  12. Basic issue is that Greece cooked their books and managed to get into euro. Thus their whole economic structure was based on a lie and in that kind of situation several wealthy banks and bankers (and major investors and institutions) saw the great potential for the profit. And profit they did. Zero risk (moral hazard), profits are private, losses are socialized. Why not just let Greece default? Bacause big banks and investors still have money in Greece bonds and banks. If Greece would have defaulted year ago, it would have meant that several big banks in Germany, France, Spain, England and US would have lost billions. In that case bankruptcy and eventually nationalization would have been only option for the big banks. Then nation states of these banks would have to finance 'em WITHOUT the help of all euro nations. Bad deal for the Germany and others. Investors and banks have got about 50-65% of their assets out of Greece in one year, reaping pure profit all the time of course as euro nations and European Cenral Bank buy garbage rated bonds. The goal is to let Greece default after most of the banks and investor assets are safe in some other location. Those who still think that Greece could survive without leaving the euro and/or defaulting, it's impossible. Right now Greece 10 year bond almost 17% , when safe limits for the nation states are under 5%. There ain't way out... cuts, hope for increased growth or voodoo economics can't bring back the market confidence. And that is if people wouldn't riot on the streets. They certainly deserve to riot and (try to) make the fat cats suffer. Whatif situation Greece tries to cook their books in order to get in the euro. Rather then corrupt official, they get one of the few good guys in euro zone to do the inspections. They don't get into euro. They still have their drachma... years later, at the financial downturn hit 2008, they devaluate drachma for about 30% (bit more then what Sweden did... they devaluated krona about 20-25% bit later in the crisis). Sweden krone is now revaluated back and even higher vs. euro and it's highly likely that in Greece it would have been similar story. Debt would be in manageable levels, structural problems like tax evasion and too high public sector benefits still there, but they still could get loan for the private markets.
  13. True. So efficent design and cheap instrument that they might as well sell 'em with every booze bottle. Brilliant move from the Swedes I remember in army just about everyone had one, even when better quality (including handcrafted) knives were available. We had few games with Mora knives. We used to throw 'em near opponents feet - Objective was to hit as near as possible, without hitting the feet. More dangerous version was done with hand axes. Other game was bit more dangerous. In that game person would stand next to wooden wall, trees or closet door (or something like that). Then we'd throw knife so that it would get stuck to background without hitting the person. If person got hit, it was ok as long as no bloody wounds. Knife bounces rather easily even from basic military jacket. Something like scrapnel vests actually made it more dangerous as people would throw knives faster. Naturally Mora knives were not balanced for the throwing purposes but it made things more interesting. Mora knives tip chipped away easily, but it didn't matter as now it worked ok as a spare screwdriver.
  14. Yeah, I was bit inaccurate with the list. Estonian language belong to finnic language tree like finnish language. Finnic belong to larger uralic classification. 100% accurate stereotype
  15. Look who's talking. There's only about 6 million finnish language speakers and it being part of the Uralic (with such "popular" languages as Hungarian, Khanty, Mansi, Mari, Mordvinic, Permic, Sami, Samoyedic) language tree, it might very well be the most hideous language for those who ain't native speakers... if they happen to hear it somewhere. I see and hear the world from the other side of the coin, where proto-indo-europen language tree is the odd one. And german happens the be ugliest out of all those indo-europen languages that I know. I'm sure that something like proto-tocharian language might be even more ugly
  16. Germany is one of ugliest languages I know (and speak.. a bit), but that probably because of those 80's german porn films (for some reason those were much more common then US films). In EU Germany is sill extremely important. I'd argue that if your nation is in the euro, german politics mean much more then your local politics. What Germany choose to do, the rest of us have to follow. Like right now currently we loan money to PIIGS, but we first have to loan it for our nation, in order to save german (and english, US) banks. After the banks are saved, we can let nation states to default and yet pay some more... a lot more Germany, especially those who own stocks of the german companies, benefit greatly from the surrounding "free" market zones. They export their good all over the EU (and beyond), almost singlehandedly keep euro strong (too strong for just about everyone else in the monetary union) and force interest rates higher, even when (southen) half of the euro zone would still need low interest rates. German goods (in general) are really high quality too and their workers real wages have dived about 1% in last 10 years (meaning that in inflation adjusted, they earn less then 10 years ago), raised minium retirement age and did other moves that gave 'em competative advantage. It's all good for 'em, but unfortunately because they are so important in europe, rest of the EU nations have to follow 'em and thus creating situation known as "race to the bottom". Germany is still important - Too important IMO.
  17. I liked that level. Generally I dislike respawn mechanics but Half-Life 2 allow save anywhere feature, thus I don't have to repeat any sections of the game. Also in this case platforming (like accurate jumps or building pathways) is enjoyable experience, rather then something you have to do again and again. I don't remember if I've actually died in that level, but it would have been significantly worse under your usual consolization "save point" system.
  18. They got hacked - http://social.bioware.com/forum/1/topic/6/index/7653193
  19. It's Dungeon Siege brand, it deserves all the hatred in the world Trolls make messageboard life interesting. I have no interest of Obsidians take on Dungeon Siege, but trolling in various boards could be epic (to read).
  20. FPS are dime in dosen. DNF is just one of those under $5 game from Steam holiday sales. I probably played Duke Nukem 3D over 200 hours when it was released and followed it's development for the few years after I first saw . Then the development limbo and the whole unfortunate story of the 3d realms. I've been FPS fan for about 20 years but I still think there are way too many FPS released each year. I buy 'em cheap from Steam sales but overall quality is rather bad. The influence of the mage brands like Call of Duty and consolization have not been kind to the FPS genre (from a oldskool hardcore PC gamer perspective).
  21. They said Skyrims lead platform was console. I think lulzboat had some problem with horse armor... but didn't we all Anyway, I think I made few posts in Bethesda boards in the beginning of Fallout 3 development, so there goes that data. I wonder if I still use PW that old in some places. I think maybe in IGN or maybe old Bioboards. Haven't visited those places in years. Speaking of Bethesda, some bad news about iD's Tech5. http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/35125/E...e_Licensing.php Ain't that a kick to the nutsack! Time to kill that "but id tech5 will replace Gamebryo and Bethesda animations and character models won't suck anymore" utopia.
  22. Character personality and beautiful (for pixel art) portraits were great in previous Jagged Alliance games. Like... Conrad "obviously I didn't train 'em" with cheesy french accent or how certain NPCs don't get along. JA2 had a long list of NPCs and I think I would have liked to see more about those characters in "real" tactical CRPG. JA2 had that same flair as original Baldur's Gate. Characters barely said anything (or had interaction with each other )and player had to fill the gaps. Thus often leading better characters then developers actually created New Jagged Alliance.. maybe from the Steam holiday sales.
  23. Sony US boss (talking to that GTTV guy) said something like - Agent is still in production, but most likely is not exclusive to PS3 anymore. I think Xbox360 version is nearly certain, Wii (on) U possible and no chance for PC version. But you're right, no offical word from Rockstar on any possible new games - no new GTA, Bully 2, Red Dead Redemption sequel, Agent... No way it's coming to 360, Sony and R* had an exclusive deal. Unless you care to provide me with a link where they Sony boss mentioned that. managed to find it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sClfZSdpkQ around 5:50 onwards I think it's been discussed in other places too, but that was the video where I saw it. It could be that beancounters at Rockstar or Take2 calculated that it'd better to pay back Sony the money for exclusive rights and do multi-platform release. IIRC Red Dead Redemption sold like 1,6 Xbox 360 copies per 1 PS3 copy.
  24. I think he hit the nerve with some of the design choices of The Witcher 2. Modern gamers (in general), can't handle the simple things like reading the manual, inventory management, difficulty curve, length, non-standard pacing... CD Projekt know this but still they chose to release The Witcher 2 as it is. Hopefully the sales of The Witcher 2 are at least 1,5 million units so that it'll send a clear signal to the developers that there are still enough niche for this kind of game. It won't be the game for everyone but hopefully it'll be a good game for target segment.
  25. Sony US boss (talking to that GTTV guy) said something like - Agent is still in production, but most likely is not exclusive to PS3 anymore. I think Xbox360 version is nearly certain, Wii (on) U possible and no chance for PC version. But you're right, no offical word from Rockstar on any possible new games - no new GTA, Bully 2, Red Dead Redemption sequel, Agent...
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