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  1. at least the temple had a real dragon (which I failed to kill with a straight-forward approach...)
  2. I think Obsidian usually writes romances better than Bio. not that I cared about those while playing NWN2 or KOTOR2, but it was more subtle.
  3. Chris Avellone? or maybe Chris Taylor
  4. exactly! god, it pisses me off
  5. well, TW romances were more like bonuses, an extra dialogue line triggered to appear at predefined points, then you'd get a card and that's it, moving on. maybe it's the same in Bio games, but whenever I play them, getting the romance options feels like grinding. Biowarians have gotten quite good at making you believe everything you do in game builds up to a certain point where you finally get your reward. and it makes me sick. in TW you'd storm through locations, humping local beauties occasionally. yhis is how I like my games
  6. seems like I'm in minority here, but it was her voice...
  7. oh yes it did, I played both ME and ME2 with male and female chars, female was horrible. it's very subjective really, a matter of personal preference and whatnot, to me it makes a little more sense to give players another Gordon Freeman, than to make it seem like players actually have a choice when there's none. take away the possibility to pick a race but leave - sex? puh-lease
  8. I'd wait for actual figures on sales. this isn't a movie, where you can just read a Roger Ebert review and be done with it
  9. this is actually what bugs me, doesn't seem right to make Hawke anything but male, since Bio is pedaling the male Hawke looks so much. they'd probably be better off concentrating on a male Hawke story and scratching the female option entirely. no it didn't thank god. every time you met a female NPC, critical to the plot, you had the possibility to sleep with her and get her card, and that was that. it was completely optional, I intentionally missed most of it to save time. I guess it's pretty much the same in DA:O, only you get absolutely nothing for seducing members of your party. and in ME2 it was even worse. god, to think Bio would put it into each and every one of their games... I'd rather have a well-written love story inside the main story, maybe intertwined with the plot, involving a single character, preferably not in your party. there are other ways to make a good RPG, w/o giving the player these godawful minigames and miniquests.
  10. this game looks more and more like "The Witcher" to me, even the both games' main characters look alike, and it could be a good thing. I just hope they ditch the romance and let Hawke be a womanizer, collecting medieval era panties or something...
  11. check out the 4th track on Fugazi's "Repeater", you'll get your answer
  12. you could always bring a bunch of ammo crates. besides, there are ways to conserve ammo. moving constantly, using turrets, welding doors, my favorite is melee combos, can take out up to three bugs simultaneously if done right.
  13. figures ) a gunslinger with two gauss pistols?
  14. In my library it's just "Portal", looks like a full game to me, already left the testing grounds, "there is no cake", all that jazz. anyway, Steam seems to add games to the library on it's own. I only used steam once 2 years ago to play L4D, and I'm sure I hadn't bought anything back then. my guess is it was a giveaway complimentary to L4D retail. to get back to the thread and the game in question, have been playing Alien Swarm for 2 days now, pretty addictive. only 7 missions in the official campaign. 4 levels of difficulty. every time you hit lvl 27 you can get a promotion. each promotion resets your lvl to 1 (and all unlockables get locked again). but with every promotion you get power-ups (like bigger ammo capacity, heavier damage etc.). all in all it's a pretty fun game (maybe because it relies so heavily on the "Aliens" plot), depending on your team every mission can be a unique experience, blah blah blah. the only downfall is (are) unstable servers. I get kicked out of games very often, sometimes the game freezes at the title screen. It could really use a patch
  15. oh? but wait, with a usual build you'd have small guns at 150+% by the time you hit Den for the first time (using F2 only as an example, can't remember the last time I played F1). and that means 90% of the time you one-shot your enemies with any weapon at it's optimal range if you aim for the eyes. and I mean any enemy (save for Frank, but who fights him anyway?). I don't remember head shots working that way
  16. oh, I don't remember Morrigan saying that I approach quests from a more pragmatical point of view, and killing Flemeth rewarded more XP than letting her live
  17. oh, right you are. anyway, I killed Flemeth as soon as I had the chance, Bioware should've done the same
  18. erm, maybe, but I seem to remember kicking Ultimecia's ass a few times, and she was red-haired. the one I'm talking about had black hair and used to be the wife of Balamb's principal
  19. she looks like that witch from final fantasy 8, the name escapes me. but, yeah, I'd have to agree, these screenshots remind me of Square's CGIs a lot
  20. just logged in to say that I was able to DL Portal for free 2 days ago. prior to this I only had Left 4 Dead installed on my steam account. maybe that's the reason. Portal actually was in my games library prompting me to DL it, when I logged in to look for Alien Swarm. go figure
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