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  1. Don't know about the first GoW, but about a year ago I played a little bit of the second game at my friend's house (which was fun), and I just watched the first 15 minutes (2 videos) of the third one. Looks like an epic interactive movie, can't say for sure without playing, of course... Guess you don't like hack & slash...
  2. I'm a customer. I care. By caring I mean I doubt any customers are happy about the exclusive concept. Oh, you mean the customers who do get the exclusive content / games don't care for it... My bad then...
  3. Just in case you're referring to me, I never said "no fair" and I sure as hell didn't whine about it... I mean, what's the point? Now we got that out of the way, the rest is pretty much like Tigranes said. Businesses have to be fair if they want to "stay in the business". I'm the target audience, because I'm +1 customer. Yes, on my own I may be worth, say, $40 for that company? $50 maybe? But the more customers they shoo off with their DRM stick, thinking they're repelling pirates, the more this number grows. I'm not even going to talk about company image. And finally, yes, I want that game. Hell yeah I want it. I have no doubt it's an awesome game and I'm a sucker for stealth games. But I'm not going to buy it because of their DRM. If Ubisoft managed to lose a definite customer like me, good job then. Like I said over and over again, it's their loss. If they remove the DRM, I'll buy it; if not, I'm not going to cry over it. Simple as that.
  4. Hmm good point, but otoh, I've seen my share of games which looked much better on PC (during both PS2 and PS3 periods, PS2 was even better in that regard, I think). When a game looks (and performs) better on consoles, it's usually due to the game being designed specifically for consoles and/or poor/rushed PC ports. Doesn't seem like enough of a reason on it's own, but thanks for pointing it out.
  5. And I said it's them losing / pissing off customers. Just to be clear, that's not the same. You see, if we were talking about a multiplayer-only game, then a stable connection would be a requirement. What you're they're saying is like this: A game (read: DRM) wants you to have DX 11, but it actually runs on DX 9.0c. - Then why do I need DX 11? - Because we say so. If you don't have (stable) DX 11, you're not worthy of playing our awesome DX 9 game. Go f*** yourself. *evil laughter* Seriously, I can't respect that.
  6. Yes. YES. It was awesome fun to kick reborn in the face and send them plumetting to their death in JK2... a Q3A-powered game from 2002. It's ridiculous that this isn't a viable strategy in action games anymore. In some games (like RtCW) at least you could kick doors open, or something... Don't have 75 Lockpick skill? No worries! Got 7 STR and/or 60 Unarmed skill? Kick it open! Oh, is that a safe and not a door? Fear not! If you have 40 Explosives skill, you can set a basic mechanism to blast open those small safes! Both at the cost of exposing yourself to nearby bad (or good) guys, of course. Now that would be sweet.* *Results may vary.
  7. I'm a customer. I care. I mean, my limit is, something like what Rockstar does with the GTA games. It's annoying the games are console exclusive for a while, but at least PC gamers get them eventually. There are quite a few great games (most of them of Japanese origin) that I couldn't play because of this exclusive thing. Well, what can I say? That was the case back then, I guess. But nowadays both the gaming industry and community are bigger and making pretty much the same game compatible with different platforms is easier (as evident from the sheer numbers of multiplatform games). These days I think the only real reason for developers to make console exclusive games is their mutual agreements with the console producers (yes, I'm looking at you, Sony). Exchanging more profit (sometimes even short-term profit) for their possible PC audience may be a perfectly reasonable strategy for business, but I hate it nevertheless. Not that I think they care about my feelings, though.
  8. Well, this loss is hardly because of the DRM method, as lame as it is. I doubt they'll see it that way. They could (hopefully not!) still conclude it worked based upon their PC sales targets for those games. But the console sales is where the $$$ is. Yeah, I know all that. But if they go to the trouble of making a PC version anyway, why hinder their own sales with the annoying stuff? It's almost like whenever a potential customer complains about their DRM, they plug their ears and go "LALALALALALA" Their loss, I guess... And a sad fact is that they'll only lose "customers". Pirates will keep piratin' (and enjoying) the game, anyway.
  9. OK, don't take this the wrong way, because I'm just curious as a PC gamer: Does any of the console / multiplatform gamers here actually like this "[console name] exclusive" concept? I know, we could find lots of reasons to justify it, but I simply want to know your thoughts about it. And like I said, I'm just a PC gamer who wants to play MGS 3 & 4 and the like, without having to buy a whole new system for them.
  10. I don't know about that. I think FO:NV will be a proper enough sequel and I loved critical failures as well. "Jinxed", anyone? But yeah, the "fan" reaction would be quite awesome. Quite awesome indeed. edit: @ Irrelevant Some of your ideas are pretty good, but I think most of them are not "compatible" with the game (FO3). Like long hair (hair always acted "weird" in FO3, especially with sunglasses and/or headgear; and long hair would mean actual "hair" animation making things even more complicated) or going prone (there was only crouching in FO3 and even that wasn't exactly "crouching"; it doubled as stealth mode and you couldn't go through narrow spaces, etc.). But most of them, I'd like to see in the game myself. Especially "cooking" grenades and pushing people from high places would be pretty cool. In V.A.T.S., grenades simply "hit the spot". When you throw manually, by the time it explodes the super mutant is already beating me to a pulp with a super sledge...
  11. OMG this is good news. Not that I have a problem with Ubisoft or their games, mind you. I just can't feel sympathy for them because I'm glad they'll see their little "experiment" didn't work out as they planned, so their customer-abusing DRM can finally go away. I hope. Actually, one of the comments in that article mentioned something about a "GOTY edition with the DRM removed". I would be all over it, if it happens. I doubt it though. I'd like the answer to that as well, preferably from a console gamer who has the game.
  12. "Super Mutant Behemoth Left Leg Crippled" Awesome.
  13. *starts looking for mini-nukes & bottlecap mines under the bed* edit: 40 mines and 1 old man It works. Even with the measly frag mines.
  14. Did the same sort of thing affect the Protectrons? Its was always a bit unsettling the way pieces of them would bounce all around, including way up into the sky, before settling to the ground. This seemed to happen a lot when a new area loaded. I remember once killing the super mutant master with the rocket launcher who is stationed in that unreachable balcony in Georgetown. His body went flying so high that I lost sight of it and was unable to find it. IIRC, and this seems totally weird so maybe not, I seemed to stumble across his body in an entire other map, Pennsylvania Ave, lying by the subway entrance. Is that even possible? Maybe it was another body from when the Brotherhood dudes blew up the bus. I used to quicksave the game whenever a protectron ragdoll started acting weird, quickload over and over again, and every time it went higher and higher. It was hilarious, but gets old pretty quickly. As for the super mutant, I have no idea how you managed to do that. They're so heavy even the nastiest explosions took their feet barely off the ground in my case. Yours must have been a rare bug or something.
  15. I don't particularly remember having a problem with dead bodies / carcasses, but I do remember problems with severed limbs, especially heads. Ahh the heads... A supermutant, being the super-duper-heavy critter that he is, collapses like a sack of potatoes once he's dead. But the head...... The head goes flying to oblivion (no pun intended), even with a laser beam. p.s.: After watching my friend's game for a while (who had the perk), I deliberately didn't pick Bloody Mess in my second playthrough (even though it gave a damage bonus, and I was going for my "perfect" build, and it was my single favorite trait from FO 1&2). It was absurd, ridiculous, blasphemous... Supermutant shot in the chest with hunting rifle, critical shot, all limbs "blasted" to different corners of the general area. Nothing remotely amusing as in previous games, just... ridiculous...
  16. We asked the industry for more realism because we wanyted to pretend we were soldiers. Then we discovered that real war is . :lol: And I gotta say as long as real war is about "capturing the flag", and when you're dead simply saying "oh s*** I'm dead." and "respawning" 5 seconds later, I see nothing boring / terrifying / incomprehensible about it... edit: Something similar, if not the same, goes for single player campaigns.
  17. OK, if it was a bit cheaper, I would recommend MW2 for a single player experience. And not only "single player" in the traditional sense, but also as a one-man game (for MP purposes). Also, you only need two players for the co-op mode which I hear is pretty good. SP campaign is really good; with decent story, lots of twists, and interactive cut-scenes . The problem is, like I said, the SP would be overpriced on it's own. But if you're looking for a SP FPS, and you liked Crysis, then Half-Life games (all of them) are definitely a safe bet. And they're great value:price. Seriously, why didn't I think of it earlier? Get the Orange Box. More high-quality FPS than you need. You'll be a happy man/gal. Highly recommended if you haven't had the pleasure yet.
  18. Right, Google (and in this case, Wikipedia) is your friend. But I think in this discussion (and in general) it stands for "any and all types of copy protection, especially the annoying ones" All you need to know: Some of them limit your usage of the product you just BOUGHT, in one way or another, and some of them are simply minor nuisances. For the legit customers, that is. Pirates don't suffer from it. Now you decide if that's a beneficial business strategy.
  19. (teeny-tiny spoiler)After a battle I was rearming and looking for new guns lying around*, then the squad started talking. About random stuff in their lives. Started throwing lame jokes at each other. They just wouldn't shut up. And it was awesome. Very ordinary, but very life-like dialog. Even better than in the cutscenes. (/teeny-tiny spoiler) But of course I still say it's definitely not worth the price only for the SP. My point exactly. And the "spot" function simply CANNOT be stressed enough. I remind people about it almost everytime I join a new server. Well, my team of course... *Does anyone know what the heck those collectibles (guns & M-COM stations) in SP do? I mean you get access to those weapons in-game but what's up with them being "collectibles"? Especially those annoying M-COM things... I collected all of them except one weapon in my first playthrough and I'm starting to feel a bit stupid...
  20. Don't know how developers could connect those dots. Take2 tell us that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has sold over 21.5 million units and only for PS2 it has sold more then 17 million units. EVERYTHING in GTA: SA has been successful. Like Mkreku said, even the skill development system worked better then in most of the CRPGs. While I loved GTA 4 and especially Episodes from Liberty City, I think skill system (even optional) would have made 'em even better. I don't know how to explain it exactly... Like I said it wasn't... smooth, perhaps? Tbh I'm just looking for a way to justify the fact they didn't use that system in GTAIV. I guess it may have to do with GTA games giving you more freedom and needing less abstractions than an RPG. "You wanna drive better? How about we (try to) implement a driving mechanic as realistic as possible, and you get better at that by way of your own skills, not your character's?" Stuff like that. Not for us PC only gamers Bleh. I have a lot of games I need to play in the meantime. If that's the way they want to do it, let them do their console thing. *shrug* I just feel it's unfair. When (if) it comes out for the PC, they could justify it by maybe a better price etc. e.g. The Episodes from Liberty City is great value for the price. (on Steam, that is. it's ridiculously expensive on retail where I live.) Something along those lines, maybe?
  21. Battlefield Tip of the Day: At the start of a round, select Recon / Sniper as your class, plant C4s on an ATV, rush to the enemy tank which is now probably at the first capture point, drive headfirst into it, bail, detonate C4. Works wonders especially in maps with two tanks on each side rushing to each other and the tank battle ending in a stalemate. Turns the tide. The only downside is not the fact that you'll probably die in the following 5 seconds, it's that you can't see the expression on their faces.
  22. No the game recounts the harshness of surviving in a vagina in a manner much as this: "Captain's Log" We lost 10 men and our fort yesterday to the attack of the one eyed worm, it's imperative that we rebuild our fortress before the red tide comes. Seriously, this game is a horrible idea. Does it really say that? Not good. Not good at all. If they actually said that, only then it would be game worth playing. For the humor. Maybe. I doubt it though.
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