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  1. Again; Hamas is not a state. It's an extremist group, believing in whatever they believe, doing whatever they do. No one, except for Hamas, can be held responsible for Hamas' actions. Does it matter if their goal was to breach the blockade, and they were willing to risk a scuffle, instead of leaving their cargo in Israel's hands? I'm not sure if they were willing to die, however...
  2. Torchlight (it's a decent Diablo clone, in case you don't know) had this ancestor/descendant mechanic (after your first playthrough, iirc), altough it felt more like a trial of a new idea rather than a well-implemented mechanic. About playing dad; I remember reading Heavy Rain had this "rocking the baby to sleep" mini-game/cut-scene thingy, and that it was quite enjoyable, even for a computer game. Both cases go to show they're doable in certain contexts.
  3. ...Sooo everyone is waiting for the E3 to talk about NV, I guess...
  4. For the best result, I recommend Borderlands when (if) it becomes really cheap or when you find a good sale/bargain, and definitely with 2-3 friends buying with you.
  5. Though it might seem blunt answering a question that wasn't directed to me, it means no offense. (...) No, not at all. I appreciate it. Doesn't really give much background for the "why"s and "how"s, only the "who"s and "when"s but it's more than I hoped for.
  6. I never said they were "peace activists", mind you. I said they were an "aid convoy" headed for Gaza. Without the muscle, they return home. Like it happened / will happen with other boats. If your sole goal is to help people in Gaza, you need to get your cargo through that blockade. It's that simple. Don't get me wrong, I don't necessarily agree with their methods, but I can't condemn them for trying to help people either.
  7. Monte, I respect your open-mindedness, if I read your post correctly. But if we dig up the past, and dig it up thoroughly, we'll eventually find how Israel settled on that soil in the first place, which as far as I know was Palestinian/Arabic land originally; that's why I can't justify anything Israel is doing in the area. That's also the reason I was trying to stay on the topic (this single event, the deaths in the convoy/flotilla). If I'm mistaken, i.e. if that land is rightfully Israel's soil, I'm also open to sources that you might point me towards. I'm quite interested in this subject.
  8. Infiltrated! Yeah right! Either those civilians are extremely stupid to let them on board, or they weren't even given a choice. I'm not sure what to think... I sure hope for the second though. At least you have a sense of humor. Sort of. They weren't given a choice, -OR- They accepted the extremists on board as the "muscle" in case something like this happens, instead of the extremists dragging them along as human shield. Of course, there's always the chance they hid their "weapons" instead of waving them around, you know. Honestly, I don't know what to make of this either. edit: Dis not peace aktivist. You are mistake.
  9. Yes, they were warned. And yes, they didn't listen. Because like quite a few people mentioned, the convoy's intention was to get through the blockade. Israel's blockade. A multinational aid convoy intentionally tried to breach Israel's blockade, and some of them got killed instead. Am I the only one seeing a problem here? Seriously? Members of an extremist group were on board and they had knives/pipes and they used them in self-defense, and this justifies Israel's action... how, exactly? You guys make the extremists sound like the victim. And they didn't bring innocent civilians to use as human shield, they infiltrated/joined a civilian aid group. These two are ridiculously different.
  10. O.K. maybe not tasers, but I'm pretty sure, being one of the best equipped armies in the world, they could come up with something better than paintball guns and switching to their live ammunition sidearms at the sight of *gasp* a knife. Like it's totally unpredictable. In a crowd.
  11. I wouldn't think I could smile reading through this thread. Thanks for that. Economist? Not by a long shot. Though I thought I was one of the few here who were talking about what happened, instead of hypothetical scenarios... Sure you haven't confused me with someone else?
  12. Which comes down to what I said; we can easily overlook the fact that (say with me) the boat was boarded in international waters, by illegal means, and the people on the boat who weren't tied to / bound by any government except their nationality simply defended themselves, by reducing the whole affair to a "soldiers did what they had to do" argument.
  13. Ahh, but that's how it goes, isn't it? Once the government plays its part (boarding the ship) then it's all on the soldiers' shoulders, who in turn can always play the "self-defense" card. Then even the individuals with the best of intentions and the best of judgement can easily overlook the fact that it's a "bad political decision". Additionally, in this case it doesn't even qualify as self-defense, imo. It was at best "bad crowd control". Very bad. At best. This would be spot on IF both sides of the incident were trained & equipped soldiers. The end result gives a pretty good idea about the "danger levels" for both sides (injuries vs. deaths).
  14. Isn't most of the information surrounding this incident controlled by Israel? That could be the reason for the confusion. Sadly, true.
  15. Maybe Hamas should fire some more rockets into Israeli schoolyards. Oh wait... they do that every day. Uhh... I meant diplomatically "get away with it". Bad joke man, bad joke.
  16. What I don't get is how Israel's planning to get away with it this time. I hope they won't, but I fear they will...
  17. *gets his ass off the chair, goes to watch the news*
  18. You, sir, are a genius but sadly too clever ever to make it in the games industry. No kidding, that suggestion would kill 50% of the problem stone dead. I find your comment to be disturbing, since I am trying to get into the industry. Lots of this ---> Also, best of luck.
  19. Strangely, ATM, while SoC is $20, the other (more recent) two are $10 each, on Steam. Thanks for the info. I'll HAVE to check out this Christmas sale thing on Steam. I've been hearing awesome things about it from pretty much everyone...
  20. I'll definitely give this one a try, shame I still haven't played it. I was thinking of buying when one of my friends said he has the first game. Depending on the result I may have to hunt for the others... You're playing the first game (Shadow of Chernobyl), right? Do you know anything about the 2nd and 3rd? Worth buying all three of them? I have this general obsession for playing/watching/reading a whole series, or not bothering at all, especially if the stories are connected/continued. If I can find any of them for 3 bucks, I'll get it anyway... You lucky [censored]...
  21. I'm still playing Bad Company 2 and having a blast. Definitely a squad game. Trying to recruit more friends (i.e. convincing them to buy the game). About an hour ago, me and my friend were both playing as Medic, and we survived an ambush by repeatedly reviving each other (clear!) and retreating a bit every 3 seconds. Then, once safe, we spent the next 30 seconds laughing. Oh, and with the recent improved graphics update (along the same lines as Episode Two's graphics, I guess) and the achievements and whatnot, I finally couldn't resist a re-play of Half-Life 2. Because apparently, I didn't have enough on my hands.
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