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  1. Ugh. My feed is acting up. At least it's just Nintendo exclusive stuff.
  2. "...and now, our kids will grow up with Mickey." Yeah, maybe not.
  3. We don't expect a bug free game Wals. But you must admit there's quite a difference between the level of polish usually provided by, say, Bioware, and that provided by Bethesda and Obsidian. Well.. that and the fact that I was half-joking Also bugs DO actually come out in FPS too, just look at S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and all its iteration. From what I've heard so far, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is a game full of ambitious ideas, almost on par with RPGs. Doom 3 otoh, had NOTHING new except awesum graphics, and it had little to no bugs, correct? I'd take an interesting buggy game over a smooth "pew pew pew" game any day of the week as well; if I had to choose. Call me greedy, but I want both. A well-polished game that actually brings something new to the table. Everything I've read about JE Sawyer so far has been in favor of this, especially the part about him having "good planning skills" or something. I think they have enough goodies in the game (for now) to keep everyone happy and they know it. So, yeah. Polish pls.
  4. 5 times? Just going by the posts here, btw.
  5. Anyone happen to know the artist/song? Like I said, it was in the GNR mod for Fallout 3. But it was a 100 song archive and I have no idea which one was this song... Look it up in the Nexus, if you like. ...Scratch that, all of that. I opened up the page to provide a link, and it hit me in the face: "Jingle, Jangle, Jingle" by Kay Kyser and His Orchestra This must be it... Aaanyway, the mod...
  6. That's exactly the kind of info I DON'T want to know before playing the game. But not everyone minds spoilers as much as I do, I guess...
  7. Looks are important. We are role playing, aren't we?
  8. It has the double potential of being boring and spoiler-y, so no thanks Alpha Protocol's trailers managed to hide the spoilers in a pretty good way.. well, except for the 'Shaheed spoiler'. tutorial + 3 missions THEN you get to that point of the story. And yet they've used it as a premise to market the game. I don't know about AP, but I'm against any kind of plot spoilers, be it minor or major. In these "splosh" and "kaboom" videos at least you get a good look at graphics & gameplay without spoiling anything too much. On that note, for example, I'm O.K. with videos showing some boring dialogue for the sake of showing the dialogue system. Even if it's a non-story related piece of unique dialogue (like a joke), it makes a big difference to see it in-game or in some trailer/preview for the first time, imo. edit: Love the video. And the music. It was also in the Fallout 3 GNR Mod, iirc. edit 2: The eyebot's bumper sticker: "My child is an HONOR STUDENT at Roosevelt Academy" First in a series of references to FO3?
  9. No they're not. That's why it is called Half Life 2: Episode #. AFAIK, Episode 3 will be the end of the franchise (at least, the story they begun in HL1). Link, anyone? Some kind of official statement on that, maybe?
  10. Yeah, I read that too. Made me smile grin. This.
  11. Why am I reminded of Morrowind? http://img265.imageshack.us/img265/6581/morrowindiseasytobreak.jpg @ the actual one coin in his hand. Cracked me up for some reason.
  12. Considering the 100 skill point cap (for medicine), I don't think we'll see that much detail in the game... Also, before anyone mentions it, when I said "a free way to heal", I wasn't thinking of *GASP* "hand-holding", I was thinking of a safety switch.
  13. Doctor's bags are the items you need in hardcore mode for healing crippled limbs. I'm not sure what will be their role if you don't use hardcore mode, maybe they will heal more than one crippled limb at the same time... or maybe a gif of angry Sawyer's face will appear scolding you for not playing the game in hardcore mode. Heh. Nice. So, in normal mode (like in FO3), we can heal the broken limbs simply by sleeping in a bed or even using stimpaks; and in hardcore, we need to see a doctor or be our own doctor? I think they'll keep some kind of "free" way to heal in the game, hardcore or not. It probably should be there too, but that's also the thing bugging me... Maybe you have to sleep in your own house / bed (like the well-rested bonus) to heal limbs... "Time" in Fallout is great in concept, but its related balancing problems are going to kill me someday. Or rather, the designers. Meh, maybe not.
  14. -- So Super Stimpaks will heal more quickly in Hardcore Mode? -- Much like repair kits, it's good awesome to see doctor's bags are making a comeback. Simply using stimpaks on broken limbs pretty much destroyed the purpose of broken limbs for me. Having compared the two pictures, I think they didn't want it to look EXACTLY like the Blastmaster raider armor; you know, the one in Fallout 3? Along with the awesome leather armor and awesome armored vault suit... edit: BTW, I remember reading that in FO2, because there was no time limit, the doctor skill became useless; you could just rest for a long time and you would heal eventually. I wonder how they're handling doctor's bags in NV... Hmm......
  15. That one started out as news, moved on to become a (more or less) mature discussion, and got locked because of personal attacks. I hope this one won't suffer the same fate.
  16. Have you been on the internet in the last 6 months? Yes! That must be it. Thanks dude.
  17. Agreed 100% I used an Asian female base too, and it looked decent after minutes (hell, hours) of intense tweaking. And still it wasn't anywhere near my pathetic excuse of an "attempt" at a female model in Dragon Age. I read that as the preorder just starts you out with four repair kits vs starting with zero repair kits. I cant imagine that would be the only four reapir kits in the entire game. Yeah, if we're going by that "Caravan Pack" picture, I'd say the same thing. For binoculars, too. Mind the "Exclusive" for the armor and shotgun. I wouldn't expect them to make an addition as awesome as "repair kits" exclusive to a pre-order pack, anyway. +1
  18. Now, where did I hear this?......
  19. @ J.E. Sawyer Care to comment on Survival vs. Medicine? At least a leeetle bit? Pretty please?
  20. If I knew this was going to be a global warming discussion, I'd be following the topic from the beginning. Oh well... edit: Neatly put. +1
  21. - I appreciate the spoiler tags, so it's not directed towards you: I just don't understand why this kind of info is leaked / disclosed in the first place. I mean, the people who buy a game for a good story & solid quest design don't want to know the details about them (do they?), and those who buy a game for the "blingz" and the "kaboomz" don't care for this stuff. So, what's the point? - Both Survival skill and this "crafting" stuff gets more and more interesting. BTW if Survival will affect food & medicine effectiveness, where does that put "Medicine" skill? Is Survival taking it's place in entirety, or is it going to have a different use? (iirc Medicine's only use in FO3 was either this stuff, or some quest / side mission stuff) - Neutral creatures ftw. Every animal in FO3 (actually, in every FO game) wanted a piece of my a**. Even the ones inherently friendly and/or domestic (like dogs). Brahmin was a notable exception, but there was this Mad Cows kind of encounter and..... Oh, nevermind. Anyway, thanks for putting all the old & new info in one convenient place.
  22. Hmm... We may have unintentionally proved it with our little control group.
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