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  1. Pretty much this. Then again, it's the whole point of a Kickstarter project (especially in the case of a well-known developer, like Double Fine or Obsidian). Anyway, they have my full support as long as they promise two things: 1) Solid, satisfying combat (whatever style, and only if the game has combat) 2) Proper QA / bug hunting These are usually the glaring issues that plague their otherwise brilliant games.
  2. I thought it was the New Vegas thread. Now I have the urge to buy that Fallout Trilogy pack... How did that happen? BTW if anyone here knows a mod or something to make FO1&2 inventory more user-friendly (kinda like Tactics) I'd be all over it.
  3. Didn't have much time to play Alien Swarm yet, just the tutorial thing. Might try it out more seriously with a few friends when we have the time. What I especially like is the supposedly easy moddability* of it. This game could be my chance to start modding in Source Engine. I like the idea. * Probably not an actual word.
  4. You must have "bought" it (i.e. added it to your Steam account) during the free period. After that, you own the game; doesn't really matter when you DL the data. Either that, or you're looking up the wrong Portal, the demo. It was called Portal: The First Slice, or something.
  5. Just finished Tales of Monkey Island. Good puzzles, some great laugh-out-loud moments, and WAY too many references to the previous games. I mean, it's always been the thing with MI games, but this time they took it just a leeetle bit too far; respect to the original developers and all that, I guess... Overall, highly recommended to any MI fan (that enjoyed the 3rd and 4th games). Now, I'm thinking of going back to Fallout 3 and finally playing the DLCs.
  6. Just in case someone didn't notice, a last-day-best-sellers-discount kind of thing is going on. 7.5 hours left. About half of those games I have, others I'm curious about / don't have the money to buy atm. Highly recommended to at least check out.
  7. I played Deadly Shadows on a friend's x64 Vista, but haven't installed it on my x64 Win7 yet. The only problem I remember having (on a 16:10 monitor) was something about resolution, which I got around by changing the aspect ratio to 4:3 manually (from the monitor controls). T:DS is a must have at $3 imo.
  8. I actually liked it. ...Once I got used to it. I've played through four times and only just got the hang of the architecture. The only thing I would have liked is to be able to spraypaint so I could keep track actually in the game. I wonder if the engine would allow it... That'd be a nice little addition. On that note, I wonder what kind of flexibility id Tech 5 would have... Mmmmm Obsidian RPG on an id engine... *drool*
  9. Finished GTA The Lost And Damned, played a bit of The Ballad of Gay Tony, now moving on to Tales of Monkey Island. Talk about mood change. I'm starting to question my sanity...
  10. The 5 episode pack (yesterday's special sale), or the remake of the original? I bought the pack and just started playing, so I can't say much about it. Seems nice so far... (the prologue ) But the original was awesome. And I heard / saw nothing but good things about the remake. Bought Bioshock and Thief: Deadly Shadows today. Precisely.
  11. Basically any and all save corrupting bugs. Especially in games that don't allow you to save freely, anytime, in multiple save slots. I can deal with most bugs. AS LONG AS YOU DON'T F*** WITH MY SAVES. *calms down*
  12. @Boo: Missing the whole point AND insulting. Well done. In Civ 4 (I'm not sure about the other Civ games) any wonder can be built by any civilization, and wonders are represented in an "as is" fashion. Oh wait, I feel like I've done this before... Again, you're talking about historical accuracy. And your favorite civilization. I couldn't resist: JUST FTR, yes, the need for those support columns is something that would go unnoticed by any other civ. Ottomans had kind of a genius architect at the time (Sinan) that saw flaws in the design / stability of the building. No, it doesn't give Ottomans any credit for building / creating that building, but for giving it its most recent form. Which was the point. Can we drop it now, please? I know I will...
  13. Well, if you want to get technical about it... It also stood as a mosque for about 500 years. They also added these support column thingies which are the reason Hagia Sophia is still standing to this day, AFAIK. No point in arguing about it though... Like I said it's just a computer game which doesn't even care about being historically correct. We are talking about the game, aren't we?
  14. Bought Tales of Monkey Island pack and Oddworld pack yesterday. Will probably buy X-COM and Commandos packs today. Somebody stop me.
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