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  1. TOTY wow, that trailer is so messed up, i got slightly emotional watching that. It is a mixture of disgust and fascination. So well done, yet seeing what happens to that family... I am definitely going to keep my eye on this game, unless i start hearing horrible things, so far looks like something i will want to get.
  2. Awesome, i picked it up and installing it now, sheesh it is getting to the point that i now only buy my games on steam...when they are on sale Thank you all for your comments
  3. Hey, wanted to ask some opinions, Steam now has King Author The Role Playing Wargame on sale now for $2.99 alone and the complete pack for $11.99, have other people played this game? I want to know what people think about it, it looks a little bit like the total war series and I love Rome Total War though i haven't played the games after that. I have been hankering for a game similar to Rome Total War, i am wondering people think this game is worth it?
  4. You can get a quest that will get you inside. ED-E's quest line will get you in, something will happen and you will be given access
  5. Well i am not mourning my lack of inventory space with my warlock. I pop him on today to redo his talents and i have almost an entire bag free! The only thing i dislike about my warlock now is that due to the change in the talent tree my 64 warlock no longer can get that spell which gives you health in the same amount of it damaging the enemy. I am having a brain fart and cannot remember the name of the spell.
  6. Alright i admit i haven't been keeping up with DA2 and perhaps this has been asked and answered so I apologize....but after watching that video one thing kept on nagging me....why does it seem to be a third person hack and slash game? Not that i dislike hack and slash games, i do enjoy them. But if I want Dynasty Warriors i will buy dynasty warriors. Not that I am writing off DA2, it might end up being great, but i did enjoy the combat from the first game.
  7. Well i am annoyed as a healing druid. My precious tree form is now a 30 second ability! It enhances 5 spells or so and it has a 3 minute cool down. So basically it is a spell you bring out during boss fights when you foresee a need to be able to heal well. Otherwise you have to use your regular form. This is annoying since apparently since balance and feral can keep their forms all they want yet healers got penalized. Besides the massive lag i have had to deal with so far, besides my precious druid being nerfed the patch is nice enough. I will have to get used to the new paladin changes a
  8. i am excited for the new patch, though i am not sure about the changes to Paladins. I guess i will just have to get used to it. Though i like the new Justice point system.
  9. I am an active player and I am greatly looking forward to cataclysm. I really want maps to the old dungeons like they have for the northrend dungeons. Also the fly anywhere and more flight paths are something i have wanted or a long time
  10. I downloaded it, had massive amounts of trouble find a game to play without being disconnected. Finally got into one game, i was the medic, the officer and heavy weapons guy leaves the tech guy and me behind, and despite my efforts the tech guy gets killed and we lose. Then i disconnected. Maybe another day i will have a functioning group and have more fun.
  11. Crazy people... Allowing to spy on them, because it's convenient? lol... and they are crying loud how communism is depriving another people of their human rights... I am allowing a business to look at the programs on my computer, now if Steam steals my identity then I will come back and join the anti steam crowd and say they were all right. I said that communism deprives people of their human rights? There has never been a real communist state so it is impossible for that statement to be true. Don't include me with fictitious comments
  12. Yeah you can have several hero based characters and they could die....frequently . I like the book series, so i am curious to see how they get this to work. Who wants to bet that the game comes out before the next book does?
  13. I will get it for PC, i like Steam. I find it incredibly convenient, there are games that i was able to get on steam that i couldn't play anymore. My game disc of Sacrifice was scratched and wouldn't install anymore, i couldn't find any copies on line that weren't grossly overpriced. I managed to get it on steam for like 6 dollars thanks to a steam sale. Games like Dawn of War 2 and its expansion i would never have gotten at full price at a store but when they were on sale on steam i couldn't resist. I am always worried that with new technology my old games won't work, if i can get them throug
  14. Even if you get it to work, it is the Mask of Eternity, that should be a red flag already. I personally hated that game. Maybe it was because it was called Kings Quest and the only thing it had in common with the previous games was that it was set in the same world. I was bitter about the game play changes and the fact that you are playing a tanner.
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