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  1. I actually dropped something yesterday and realised five minutes later that I hadn't picked it up because I figured it would only persist for so long before disappearing! And if it was a quest item, it'll probably respawn in your inventory, anyway!
  2. Not pedals....treadmills! Still doesn't do any good for the upper body, and I think it would affect your performance / efficiency in action games (gotta love the irony). Yes, I seriously considered this setup for a moment. I'm getting bigger, and I ain't growing up, if you know what I mean. We need more actively involved controllers, that's what. Aim with a replica gun, run on a treadmill to move in the game. Why not.
  3. Yeah me too. Even if it wasn't scientifically proven (is it now? ) one would notice that computer games change the way you think & react in strange ways...
  4. Same here. Pretty much the same. And I don't even live in the U.S. (not exposed to the TV channel). And he says he's odd...
  5. I stressed that "just in this one case" Hamas is not to blame, while Israel is the one preventing any kind of industrial / commercial process, and so, putting people out of jobs. It's like you don't read the posts you're answering to. Kamikaze is a thing of the past. It was last seen in WW2, if I'm not completely mistaken. We're talking about the recent (post-WW2) era, aren't we? And I meant that whole countries don't commit / approve of suicide bombings. Hamas is still an extremist group, even if they're "democratically" elected (we discussed before how democratic the situation could possibly be). Nope. I didn't assume you're one thing or another. You, otoh, seem to overlook the fact that NO BODY here gave Hamas a free pass about anything. I for one have repeatedly said "I don't approve of their actions", or something along those lines. You really should read the posts thoroughly. It seems to me that YOU are the one forgetting about the Holocaust... Could it be the western world gave their heartfelt support to Israel all this time BECAUSE they were the victim of a mass genocide? And could it be now that Israel is the bad guy and Palestinians are the victims, western sympathy is shifting from Jews to Gazans? Just a thought... Oh, and if you think Israel wouldn't wipe out Palestine if the whole world wasn't watching, then you're being either naive, or biased. I mentioned suicide bombings as an exception and told you the reasoning behind it being an exception. Yes, they both need to come to an understanding and make some sacrifices. But considering Israel (obviously) has the upper hand, if they make some kind of compromise, it's a compromise for peace. If Palestine (insert Hamas if you wish) makes a compromise, it's surrender / game over, which is unlikely for them to accept, and which is why I think Israel should be the one taking the first step. But as people suggested, they had a few good opportunities in the past, but...
  6. No offense, but it lacks clarity. Are you suggesting my point is correct, or are you saying that it's actually Israel that has gone through economical & psychological oppression? Which one do you think I'm justifying? Assuming it's the latter, lol. Considering Israel had the western world's support from the very beginning, and considering their economical & military strenght, I doubt they recieved any kind of psychological trauma, suicide bombings aside (because countries don't take part in suicide bombings, extremist groups do). I disagree. Hamas is less then innocent, but in this case, it's simply an organization looking to fill it's coffers; you can't put the blame on them for putting people out of jobs & hurting econony. You can, however, put the blame on Israel for blocking their traffic of commercial products and/or industry materials (as mentioned in an earlier post).
  7. That's it. I want smokable (?) cigarettes in New Vegas! With short term benefits and long term drawbacks, like drugs! Oops. Wrong topic.
  8. Please, don't go there; don't use that argument. Because when you use that argument, it's like saying, for example, Jerusalem (a holy city for three major religions) belongs rightfully to Israel, and only Israel, simply because Judaism was the first major Abrahamic religion. I seriously doubt that anyone here thinks "religion has nothing to do with this war", but regardless, I used Jerusalem only as an example. As someone already mentioned, if you look back in time far enough (in a world history full of wars & conquests), you can always find something to disagree on which particular part of the Earth originally belongs to who. But we're talking about "modern times" and "modern warfare" here. Modern times, as in "here I am, sitting in my house, going to school, going to work etc. without fear of an all-out war that I'll at some point get sucked into" times. Modern warfare, as in "a war that is not considered normal in the said modern times". In the 21st (and late 20th) century, destroying people's homes and taking their lands for your own people is not considered the norm. It is considered outrageous and out of the question. And yet Israel did that. And now they're destroying Gaza's economy in an attempt at psychological warfare hoping they'll just give up and leave. Which is also why I lol @ "zomg bazaar full of goodies!!1!". If you don't have a job, you don't have money. If you don't have money, you can just stare at the goods mentioned above. Add to that you're not allowed to recieve outside help, and you starve. Or go through garbage. Or whatever "homeless" (see what I did there?) people do, which would not be my choice of lifestyle.
  9. Laser Minigun in Fo1&2 = Gatling Gun in Fo3 ??? If I'm not mistaken. And if I'm not, it'll be nice to see it under EW instead of BG. Grenades (all) count as "Explosives" and I'm still not too comfortable with Flamer being an EW, but this list could work imo. I think it depends on whether or not different damage types will be available (burn damage for EW?). And if there's different ammo types then I guess they'll do something about EW too.
  10. What I mean is, when (if) I invest in the energy weapons skill, I'll be using A) Plasma Rifle and B) Laser Rifle, if they're the only ones available (of course, I'll completely ignore pistols once rifles are available, this is inevitable). When I do this for a big portion of the game, I'll eventually get bored. Like I said, it's a computer game, it's sole reason for existence is to entertain. I'm talking about variety not just for balance's sake, but also for variety's sake. My point was that just because we can finish the game with a much less number of weapons, it doesn't mean we should have to. Not a new weapon for everyday, but come on...
  11. It's not a matter of realism though. Just that it sounds kind of like NV is getting more guns just to have MOAR GUNZ, if you get what I mean. FO3 already had enough guns and probably half that list could be cut without noticeably affecting gameplay options. "MOAR GUNZ" ...So? I'm sure you realize that it's not only about the gameplay options. If it was, considering we now have weapon mods and different ammo types for further customization, one pistol, one rifle, one energy weapon etc. would be more than enough. Let's say.... 5-6 weapons total, customize them to fit your needs, and you're good to go. But let's not forget it's a computer game, after all. And that it's an FPS, as well as an RPG. Personally, I can (and will) buy the game simply because it's a Fallout game developed by original Fallout developers, or because it has great dialogue and C&C. Most people won't. Most people (customers) want moar new stuff to justify their purchase of a new Fallout 3 (and this is probably their pov). This is why we'll have moar gunz in NV. Even I want some new stuff in the game. Especially energy weapons. Is that wrong?
  12. It makes sense this one might be the base value, but IIRC in Fallout 3 what you saw on the PIPBoy was the value after the skill modification and it was the same price all merchants gave you. Nope. The "value" you saw on your PIPBoy was in fact the base value, in Fallout 3. The rest is what Ausir said.
  13. I've never said Hamas was the defender of anybody, and I sure as hell didn't say they were doing a great job. I simply wanted to point out that the people caught in the middle of all this (i.e. Palestinians) might think differently, and might not have much of a choice. And I really wish they had a better alternative.
  14. LOL at "babies as inventory items" Wuh? How does that work?
  15. The fact that Hamas is the only armed force actively standing up against Israel army tells a different story. I mean, sure, we can play politics on another side of the world, in the safety of our homes, all we can; but like I said we can't know for sure what's going on in Palestinian people's minds, or if Hamas is actually helping them or not. And I say again, it's no reason to call each other names. Yes, I saw their deadly weapons, and I made fun of them in an earlier post. As for firearms, I don't remember seeing (in the videos) anyone taking a gun from the soldiers. But I don't remember seeing how the hell nine (?) people ended up dead either, so...
  16. Damn! I'm the only one left out... (STALKER) *calls his friend to cough up the game already*
  17. A) Not when they're dealing with terrorists. B) My point exactly. C, D) Also my point. E) I'm pretty sure they bombed the s*** out of Palestine. But if you mean "erase them all from the face of the Earth" by mass bombing, I guess they're afraid someone might mention "genocide". F) Maybe. G) Ok boss, whatever you say. A note about the people that did vote for Hamas: Maybe out of fear? I mean out of fear of Hamas, OR Israel. When someone starts bombing your neighborhood and killing people you know, I think you simply want them to go away, you don't think about "how". You vote for whoever seems more able to protect you, and has the guns to prove it. Or, they could always intimidate you into voting for them with said guns... But of course it's all just speculation. I can't know for sure because nobody bombed my house, thank God.
  18. I just watched a similar thing on the news. Activists and their awesome weapons. It would even be funny if there weren't 9 dead people. Nine, according to Israeli sources. Because they're the only "official" source for the incident.
  19. That would indeed be awesome. Isn't the whole point of this "continuous game/char/save system" to deliver a much deeper experience and far-reaching consequences? I'll definitely play the whole trilogy at some point, but I'm already curious as to what other "opportunities" they missed.
  20. I haven't played the Mass Effect games (yet) but don't they have this "continuous" story? Even the option to continue your save/character from the previous game? (Correct me if I'm wrong.) If the child mechanic doesn't work in this series, I don't know where it can. Although I don't know the timeline of the games, maybe they're each one day...
  21. I don't know how much of a choice they were given, so I can't answer you on that. But still, does it mean "they got what they deserved"? And besides, if it was "Gaza = Palestine = Hamas = Terrorist" then nations around the world would bomb them all to hell instead of sending them aid, and get it over with. Obviously, it's not that simple.
  22. Harsh, but true. I like the idea of supporting those companies in need instead of my money going to fat cats who don't need it. But a game needs to "earn" its customers somehow, be it indie or AAA.
  23. 1) AFAIK, "Gaza" is a group of civilians living in desperate conditions, being bossed around by both Hamas and Israel. The aid convoy was bringing supplies to those civilians, not Hamas. It was humanitarian aid, not political or military aid. 2) Sorry. Now I see what's been bugging you about the white flag. Like everyone else here, I don't know the exact details, but isn't it possible that the ship had Turkish flag (not intended to stop) and some people (or even one guy) waved a white flag, meaning "ok, that's it for me." ? Like I said, it's too blurry to discuss if you ask me.
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