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  1. I wholeheartly agree with this gentleman. Obey him.
  2. Beyond Good and Evil is like Deus Ex and AP? Oh, i'm so buying it off GOG.
  3. It'd be kind of ironic for the developers of a game about weapon trafficking and evil PMCs to actually pay gun manufacturers for licenses
  4. Probably. I think Deus Ex did a better job at that, even if it most Deus Ex was spent jumping from mission to mission. And no one' saying there were plotholes (at least not right now), it's just hard to follow it when there's so much going on and so little time spent on developing the unfolding of each particular event. The overall plot in fact is very basic regardless of what you do, but the way it's told and the amount of secret agendas and sometimes lack of proper explanation (as in, who's the Gelato Guy, what's the real deal with Heck, etc...) turns out making appear more complex than it is. It's all in-character with the game's context and style but it gets difficult to track.
  5. I got more of a feeling that Mike knows more than me rather than i don't understand what forces are in motion here. Exactly. It was kind of predictable that Halbech was trying to build up global tensions (in fact, i think Mike says it around the beginning of the game) but how what you were doing in each place relates to that is sometimes lost.
  6. I had something-something with Madison, Mina and Scarlet on my first time around. Was gonna do SIE too but i left her for my aggressive playthrough (i did play it and reload, though :D)
  7. Well, Deus Ex was pretty hard to sneak by without having some points on sniper rifles. I thought it was a pretty fair review. I must confess the plot lost me as well sometimes. I felt like you didn't spend enough time at each hub to fully understand the nature and purpose of each mission besides trying to stop Halbech.
  8. Haven't watched it but poorly balanced sounds about right :D
  9. Wow. That Darth Nuke debacle thread was um, interesting, he. I think we can all agree no one's buying AP2 until we see shaved beard pictures.
  10. Loved Brayko's death line. "I guess this is end credits for me" or something
  11. Remote is an active ability that you get, IIRC, in higher levels of sabotage. Basically you select it, point towards what you want to hack and activate it. It doesn't get activated if it isn't a hackeable object, i think. I thought it was pretty useless to the point i forgot i even had it
  12. I just want Alpha Protocol 2. No DLC, no spiritual successor, just a proper, sequel. More of that beautiful reactivity and more Deus Ex nostalgia.
  13. Just pointing Bioware's explanation of the name. They purposedly said it was Baldur's Gate instead of NWN's spiritual succesor. I'm betting that's because they want to make a separate NWN3. It's easier to create a "new IP", tell fans that it's the spiritual succesor of a beloved game of theirs and at the same time avoid discouraging newcomers that "wouldn't understand the story". Naming it NWN3 would be better for sales, so why mask it? In any case, i doubt Obsidian's bad luck with AP will end up with them risking it on making a "new IP" like Beta Protocol or Alpha Procedure or Super Spy Dragon Space Marine Sword whatever
  14. Uh, Dragon Age: Origins is the "spiritual succesor" to Baldur's Gate, not NWN. They prolly named it differently because Baldur's Gate is an old game, doesn't have the most approacheable title and Bioware's audience these days already forgot there was a golden age of CRPGs. Dragon Age: Origins is just as marketeable as a name gets... So i wouldn't be so fast with the betting I doubt there'll be an AP2 with a different name. There's either an AP2 or there isn't. I don't know why there wouldn't be a sequel, sales don't seem so terrible and all complaints are fixeable. Like Kane & Lynch. What would be troublesome is a dumbed down ME2-like sequel.
  15. I think Mass Effect's hardly reference worthy
  16. But ME's audience's a lot more mainstream. Mainstream gamers never bother to tangle with modding. I'm hoping MCA will launch an Alpha Protocol bible or something like that for mods to fill the cut content :D It's impossible, i know, but one's allowed to dream.
  17. It's made by Obsidian. No chance in hell i'm caring for what IGN or anyone else has to say. Fortunately, because AP's made of win.
  18. How about adding cut content? There's a post with cut dossier pages and such. Maybe there's a way to add all those things. Anyways, awesome work MarteenDee. Your amount of comittment is inspiring.
  19. There's one email in which you can ask her to look up on Westridge, Parker or Darcy. Asking her to look up on Westridge netted me a normal dossier. I think the same counted for Parker (can't remember) and i'm pretty sure it does for Darcy. That would mean that 100% dossier isn't achievable on a single playthrough...
  20. I'm not saying that (though i'd love TBS AP :D). It's just far from even good, though not as disgustingly awful as MGS4's. But it's fixable.
  21. No. Some games are do cover well (R6:V), some don't (MGS4). Nothing should be all games. Period.
  22. Biggest problem with AP's cover system is that it's unpredictable. You're never quite sure what's cover and what isn't and sometimes inexplicably you can't jump from cover to cover, etc. Also, almost every time you try to exit cover by pressing the "enter cover button" (spacebar in PC) it's done non-silently. I would say cover is pretty flawed, since it's usually better to stay out of cover (since you can get hit while hidden under cover) and charge the critical hit. I would never prefer a non-sticky cover system, though. I hate holding buttons. AP's cover system's fixable enough.
  23. Tried the settings you posted earlier and i do feel the game going a lot smoother. With about the same settings (i put 2048 as my ram since i have 3.25 and i didn't know how much that amounted ) it doesn't drop from 60 while i was getting 30-45 before. The texture popping is still pretty noticeable and i've noticed that the lockpicking minigame now moves a lot faster, which was kind of hard to get used to but now it's a definite improvement since with some practice it makes lockpicking somewhat easier/riskier.
  24. I wonder how much time it'll take to get a romanceable Sis I'm gonna try MarteenDee's settings tonight and post some feedback.
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